WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Pax Vapes and UPENDS Reviews & Coupon Codes

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Vaping can be a better alternative to smoking when used appropriately. The vape devices are sleek, attractive and stylish and more people are using it as an alternative mode of nicotine administration in their bodies. According to the American Heart association, the use of vape device does not include tobacco smoke contaminants, which makes it a little safer compared to the use of cigarettes. When vaping, you should always understand that nicotine is a highly addictive substance.

Pax Vapes

Pax is top brand that focuses on quality products for exceptional cannabis experiences. Pax has best curated pods and devices that allows you to enjoy cannabis safely. It gives you a simple, yet fun ways of enjoying cannabis.

The vaping devices by Pax are of exceptional with enduring quality and innovative designs and smart tech features. The Pax is a leading cannabis brand with NPS scores.

The Pax App

The best part of Pax vapes is the mobile application that enhances your vaping experience. You can use the Pax App on your Android and iPhone device. The application allows you to have a special personalized vaping experience. When you connect your device to the Pax App, you will get an easier and perfect vaping experience. It enables you to pick the perfect pods, the appropriate dose, ingredients and helps you to customize your flavor.

The App helps to keep your Vape system safe as it is easy to track it if you misplace it. In addition, the app allows you to check the ingredients before use to ensure your safety. Also, it enables you to set up the right doses of your vaping ingredients.

The Pax devices that are compatible with this app is the Era, Era 3, and the Pax 3.

The Pax Collection

The Pax collection has signature devices of the Pax. The devices in this collection are Pax 3, Pax 2, and Pax accessories.

Pax 3

Pax 3 is the best vaporizer for flower and waxy extracts. It comes with a long lasting battery which long use without the need to charge it every now and then. The Pax 3 allows for dual-use which allows you to use loose leaf and concentrates. The Pax 3 supports the Pax Application to allow you enjoy a customized vaping experience.

Pax 2

The Pax 2 is another vaporizer in the Pax collection. It has a high-quality build which ensures durability and comes with a two-year warranty. The Pax has a minimalist design with ease of use. It has one easy to use button interface with LED lights. In addition, the Pax 2 is equipped with a powerful oven with four power adjusting settings. It heat is evenly distributed and ensures great vapor output quickly.

The Era Collection

The Era collection boasts of top quality top-notch cannabis oil vaporizer devices. The Era collection allows you to enjoy natural flavors of cannabis.

The vaporizers on Era collection are easy to use with a sleek design. Era has high-quality build to guarantee safe experience when vaping.

In addition, the Era collection is made with food grade high-quality material to safety and that the vaporizer is free from contaminants.

Era Life

The Era Life is one of the easiest oil vaporizer. Era life is designed to deliver the goodness of cannabis oil easily and quickly. It is sleek for easy usage while on the go.

Era Pro

Era Pro gives the user the latest innovations, with advanced controls and intuitive notifications. It allows you to fully enjoy the cannabis art for unforgettable vaping experiences.

Shipping Pax Vapes

How long does it take to ship Pax Vapes?

It takes approximately 3-7 days to complete shipping to the customers in the USA and Canada. Timely and successful age verification helps to speed up the shipping process. However, you should note that sometimes delivery of orders might get affected by weather, public holidays or geographic locations.

Are There Refunds?

Refunds are only available for new and unused products that have been purchased within 14 days only. However, for a successful return, you should ensure that the tamper proof seal is not broken.

Pax 3 Vape Review

The Pax 3 has become one of the bestselling vapes from Pax. It has sleek and impressive feminine figure. It has three temperatures presets and it heats up in less than 30 seconds. In addition, it supports Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to customize your settings through the Pax app. The temperature mode increases the temperature by one degree while still using the standard temperature mode.

The vapor quality from Pax 3 is high quality and smooth just like in Pax 2. You further modify the temperature by modifying the temperatures and heating modes.

For the price of 200-250$, the Pax 3 is worth the price and more. It utilizes great technology, produces great vapor, and a sleek design for easy portability.


 What is UPENDS Vapes?

The UPENDS is a vaping brand that specializes in making high-quality vaping products. It is the first brand to produce an anti-bacterial vape pen. UPENDS specializes in delivering high-quality and safe vape products to help you transition easily from using tobacco.

UPENDS Disposable Vapes

The disposable vapes are specially made for people who do not want to deal with the cleaning, maintenance and refilling of vape pens. Disposable vapes are easy to use and convenient especially when travelling. The UPONE by UPENDS is a top-quality and great value disposable vape pen.

It is made with high grade material which is approved by the GMP pharmaceutical grade manufacturing environment. The mouthpiece is carefully crafted to prevent spitting and condensing problems.

The cotton used in this vape is top quality and organic. The thick cotton ensures you have a strong vapor from every puff. 

It has a large capacity tank 4.5 ml which allows you to vape for long. With Upone, it allows you to vape three times more compared to 3 regular 1.5 ml pens. It comes in six different flavors.

UPENDS Pod System

The UPENDS pod systems are easy to use, fashionable, and quite functional.


The UpOX pod system is a great value mini open pod with a beast mode performance.  It has a beautiful minimalist design. It has minimalist features which makes it easy to use and easy portability. This Pod system is durable and comes at an affordable price.

The UpOX is a great pod system for people who are looking for an alternative of tobacco. It utilizes specially selected pure cotton which is organically grown and pesticide free. The thick cotton offers a good balance of liquid absorption and fiber density. UpOX comes in different colors such as Sapphire blue, Devil Black, Chili red, and Astral silver.

Uppen Plus

A pod system with a unique style. It utilizes the Etchip 2.0 coil for extreme pleasure in vaping. It has versatile and sleek style which enables you to carry around.

The Uppen plus has a cap to enhance hygiene by preventing dirt and dust from settling on the mouthpiece.


The Upcott vape system is a high-value prefilled pod system with a great price. It has a simple, yet innovative structure and for a fantastic price. It is filled with an organic pure cotton that helps to eliminate spitting, leakage, and popping issues.


Uppen Pod system is described as an indispensable open pod system. A flavor master, freshness protector, and hygiene guardian. It utilizes the Etchip coil to give you great satisfaction from the very first draw to the last one. It has an enlarged heating area for improved heating efficiency. The versatile coil allows you vape on different types of juices.

UPENDS Devices

Uppen Pod

The Uppen Pod is a flavor master which gives you ultimate satisfaction. It gives you a fulfilling vapor from the very first puff thanks, to the innovative Etchip coil. The enlarged heating area improves the heating efficiency from the first to last puff.

It is equipped with an Etchip Coil which enables you have dry hits popping, spitting, and leakage. It is easy to refill and maintain.

Upcott Pod

The Upcott Pod has a thick organic cotton which gives you an original flavor and thick clouds. The thick cotton prevents leakage, spitting, and popping that is experienced from regular systems. It is easy to use and refill.

The UPENDS vapes gives you are great for your money and an extremely enjoyable vaping experience. The brand is focused on delivering top-quality vape products to aid in safe, efficient, and enjoyable transitioning from traditional cigarettes to vapes.