WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ozone Vape Pen. All You Need to Know About Ozone Vape Pen

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What is an ozone vape pen?

Ozone smoke is a portable e-cigarette that is used for purposes of vaporizing cannabis products. In the vape industry, many underrated vape pens are not well known.

The ozone vape pen is one of these almost forgotten vape pens in the vaping scene. The vape pen has started making a good presence in the market and their sale is shooting up to higher levels. 

The ozone vape pen was built by the ozone company that was founded in 2010. Even though there is little information about the company and what they do, we can attest that the development of this product was a combined effort of medical professionals, engineers, and scientists.

From the product's name, we can see that ozone smoke is dedicated to saving the environment by selling products that are non-emitting of carbon monoxide and a large number of cigarette butts that fill our streets.

Ozone smoke build and design

From its packaging, the ozone smoke vape pen comes with a magnet-top cardboard box. The magnetic clasp is designed to protect your e-cigs and the upper padded level has slots that can hold the long and short batteries and the cartridge.

This box includes all the necessary components that will get you vaping. You can get a deluxe kit that comes with a regular-sized battery and one cartomizer, a USB charger, a wall mount adapter, and a manual for users. 

The e-cigarettes are sized like the normal vape pens, equipped with a green LED for the tip and two-piece construction. The cartridge style uses the cartomizer design which means that you will enjoy flavored nicotine solutions with disposable atomizers.

One amazing feature is that you can screw the parts together with no hassle and with the automatic battery, all you have to do is inhale to activate. When you are done using the pen, it will automatically shut off.

The fitted LED light on the tip will fade out when you are inhaling and light back up when you stop inhaling. You will get two small-sized rectangular gaps on the band where the cartridge and the battery meet.

This point causes a type of wheezing sound as you inhale so you have to cover them with your fingers if you want to be discreet. 

Flavors vapor and nicotine levels

The ozone smoke vape cartridges come in four distinct nicotine strengths, full (16mg), medium (11mg), and light (8mg). You also get the zero that does not have any nicotine content in it. You are assured that the ozone smoke vape pen gives you options when you are aiming at reducing your nicotine content intake.

Even though some smokers wish there were stronger options, the full and medium cartridges are enough for most of their users.

When it comes to flavors, this is the most important part every vape user is most interested in. the flavor and vapor produced by a vape pen are the determinants of the quality and experience a user will get when using these pens. You might not get so much vapor as compared to other vape brands but it is still satisfactory. 

The battery kit on the mini kit is comparable to many pens in terms of vapor but still does not match up to the big brands in the vaping game. For the ozone smoke kit, you get a significant punch, and the vapor it produces similarly outdoes most of the older models of vape pens.

You get a smooth draw and for hardened smokers, you would need to smoke more to satisfy your sensory cravings. The increased nicotine levels are good but you will still get minor dryness after taking a few puffs.

You get a wide array of ozone smoke flavors such as tobacco, menthol, cherry, green apple, blueberry, strawberry, coffee, peach, energy, and vanilla cartridges. The tobacco flavor has more of a cigarette feeling tied to it but with a pleasing amount of sweetness.


Other flavors in the line are full-bodied and give you the essence of a genuine taste. The blueberry is equally full-bodied but feels more synthetic like a blueberry soft drink. The energy flavor is good but it is not a choice for man people.

The vanilla and peach flavors do stand out among the other flavors and easily get the blend of subtle and recognizable.

One notable feature about the ozone smoke vape pen is that they are 10-20% sizeable than the other brands available in the industry which makes them a good choice for users


One special factor about the ozone smoke e-cigs is that the battery is equally sufficient for most vape users. On the documentation, it is indicated that you get close to 400 puffs when a battery is fully charged. This fact can only be true when you smoke in certain conditions that do not seem to take up much power.

Taking short drags will save up more battery life, but a fully charged regular-size battery is unlikely to die on you when using it on a normal basis. If you are not sure about the power holding capacity, then you can walk around with the spare just in case.

When the battery is low, the LED light will flash ten times and you will have to screw the battery into the USB charger and plug it into a power source. The red light will switch to green when fully charged.

The ozone smoke batteries are the standard 3.7-volt battery that has a sensitive switch that activates the battery even on the slightest draw, it also does not fire up when exposed to strong winds.

Pros and cons of ozone vape pen


  • Wide selection of flavors from fully bodied ones to the more synthetic flavors
  • The battery life of the pen is very much amazing and long-lasting
  • You get a smooth vaping experience when using the ozone vape products
  • The new mini kit comes with a battery that has a boost on vapor production
  • The flavors are authentic and very appealing
  • Cartridges are long-lasting and you will not have to worry about them running out while you are in the midst of a session


  • The throat hit from ozone vape pens is not as strong as you would expect
  • The battery that comes with the mini kit does not last long enough despite being productive in vapor production
  • The device has room for improving vapor production
  • There are very low nicotine levels to choose from which does not favor heavy vape users.

FAQs about ozone smoke vape

Is the ozone smoke worth it?

The ozone smoke is one vape pen that offers you many flavor options for an e-cigarette. The nicotine strengths also come in different levels which allows e-cig users to get familiar with what works best for them.

How do you charge the ozone smoke vape pen?

In the ozone package, you will find a USB charger that you can screw onto your pen and then connect to a wall block for charging. The device does not take long to charge and a full charge will last you more than 400 puffs.

Ozone smoke vs. JUUL

Both of these devices are quality vape devices but the ozone smoke is better because it allows you to vape over and over again but the Juul being disposable, you will have to discard it after every session. The ozone smoke also gives you many flavor options that you can choose from compared to Juul that canceled some flavors.

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The ozone smoke is an average vaping device, it is not expensive and it does not perform as extensively compared to the heavy players in the industry. It is well designed to serve beginners who are making an entry into the vaping industry.

You will get a wide range of flavors that you can try using the pen without having to change the pen, all you need is a flavored cartridge and you are good to go.