WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Lost Orion Vape: Products, Instructions, and Reviews【lostvape】

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1      Lost Vape ORION VAPE: Introduction

Orion vape is a high-quality product by lost Vape DNA, founded in 2014 with its primary goal of delivering a quality and fun vaping experience to its customers. It is available in three types, Orion DNA Go, Orion plus, and Orion Q. The Orion Q is a sequel of Orion DNA, while Orion Plus is the updated version of ORION DNA. Orion DNA Go is an option for users searching for Orion's quality performance without the intricacies of the DNA chip. These are the best pod devices out and one of the best vapes for nicotine salts. Ranging from features such as controlled airflow to adjustable power levels, these pods are here to provide you with a long-lasting vaping experience

2      Lost Vape Orion Q pod

2.1         Description

Packed in a high-quality steel frame case customized, it has a top adjustable airflow that allows the user to switch between mouth to lung and direct lung vaping. The ORION Q has a battery indicator that will keep the user informed while vaping and charging. Lost vape DNA designed it in such a way that it produces fantastic flavour and cloud production through the 17W power output feature

2.2         The package

Orion  Q device

 Orion Q 1ohm pod cartridge

 Micro USB cable

Warranty card

User manual


2.3         Parameters


93 by 37 by 13.5 mm in dimension

It has a stainless steel frame

The battery capacity of 950 mAh

The power output of 17 w

Pod capacity of 2 ml

It hweights87 grams

Type C USB cable

3    Lost Vape ORION DNA GO POD

3.1         Description

The Orion Go pod is powered by evolv's customizable DNA go chipset, maintaining the power regulations, customizable adjustments, and distinct output modes. It has a compact pod size structure for a spectacular masterpiece. It has two pod options that are compatible with both freebase nicotine liquid and nicotine salt. The pod gives the user the ability to select between  3 power ranges from low, medium, and high enabling them to enjoy different clouds and nicotine hits. It can dynamically be adjusted to different settings through the auto-detect resistance of the pods. The user can also control two types of flows, mouth-to-lung, and direct-to-lung according to their preferences.

3.2         Package

Mouth-to-lung NA kit with 0.5ohms coil pre-installed

1 Orion user manual

1 Orion USB cable

One warranty card

3.3         Parameters

It has a dimension of 93 by 77 by 13.5 mm

It has  a pod capacity of 2 ml

It has a resistance of 0.25 or 0.5 ohms

A power output of 40 w

It has three power modes

Four protections-short circuit protection, weak battery protection, temperature protection, low/high protection.

Battery status indicators

4     Lost Vape ORION PLUS

4.1         Description

It is the updated version of Orion DNA Go with a new pod installed with a replaceable coil. It is powered by the upgraded evolve DNA Go-chipset. The Orion Plus has five power output levels perfect for different vape levels for users. It also has two types of interchangeable coils compatible with both free best e-liquid and nicotine salt. The replay flavour lock/save puff ensures that it does not get dry hits and burnt taste, capturing the sanctification of the perfect flow.

4.2         Packaging

1 Orion plus lanyard

1 Orion plus 0.5ohm coil

One micro USB cable

One warranty card

Orion plus kit 0.25ohmcoil pre-installed

4.3         Parameters

Five adjustable power levels

Temperature limiting technology

0.25ohms mesh coil

It has a reply/save puff feature

0.5 ohms regular coil

40w power output

Auto-detect pod resistance

It has a top adjustable airflow

5           Reviews, Pros, and Cons

5.1    Lost Vape Orion Plus

Best pod system out there. I am so happy I went with it, honestly. The Orion Plus has no issues and is a more affordable coil than any other system.

I love the fact that it has five adjustable power levels which enables me to control the flow of the concentration from low to high.

These pods are an excellent replacement with their big capacity, sturdy, and area good fit in my favourite vape, as can be expected.

5.1.1        Pros

  • It has five levels of power adjustments
  • It has a cell power feature that enables the user to store the power and use it later
  • It has a temperature limit limiting technology that enables the user to know when the vape is about to overheat and take controllable measures.

5.1.2        Cons

  • The battery life is not constant for all the pods
  • It has a long charging time and dies so quickly

5.2    Lost Vape Orion Q

The pods are perfect. They are suitable for the equipment, and it also provides different flavours of juice, and it has a longer service life.

The pods are cheap, and I can easily swap the pod to a different flavour, so I do not have to mix flavours. I moved from smoking a pack and a half a day to one cigarette a day using this because its level or flow is just something else.

The USB type c cable supplied with this product burnt a hole in the carpet next to our bed – the extension was connected to power, but the small plug was not connected to anything – it just melted and burned a hole in the carpet, filling our bedroom with smoke – cheap cable!

5.2.1        Pros

  • Affordable and easy-to-use
  • No leakage
  • It keeps a charge for long
  • The battery indicator keeps users on track

5.2.2        Cons

  • The salt microphone Dewey's of the Orion Q pod gets hot, plus the salt is also rough.
  • It has no adjustable features
  • It has no DNA chip

5.3    Lost Vape Orion DNA

I love the flavours of this pod and its quality. One of the things that made me buy this is the four protection features.

The pod is highly crafted with features, and the element of design is just on another level. I love how the stainless steel frame is augmented head with natural carbon fibre panels creating a durable and stylish device that is discrete

5.3.1        Pros

  • It gives good vapour
  • It is very nice, light and compact
  • It has a long-lasting battery capacity to serve users for a long time
  • A user can easily adjust the levels of vape concentrates desired.
  • It is upgradable

5.3.2        Cons

  • It is quite expensive
  • The system for connecting the pod could be easily implemented.

6           FAQs

6.1         Can Orion plus new cartridge be used with Orion DNA Go?

Yes, the Orion plus new cartridge can be used with Orion DNA Go, but first, you have to upgrade your Orion DNA Go to software to Orion plus.

6.2         What is the difference between Orion DNA Go and Orion plus?

Orion DNA Go has only three power-adjustable levels, and it has unchangeable coils why Orion Plus has five adjustable power levels, and its rings can be replaced.

6.3         Do you have a warranty for Orion products?

Yes. We offer a 6-month warranty for Lost Vape DNA Orion products from the date of purchase and a three-month duration for Lost Vape Quest Orion products.

6.4         If my Orion devices have quality problems, who should I contact?

Please contact support@lostvape.com or send a direct message via Facebook to @LostVapeLtd for any queries concerning Orion products.

6.5         How do I place an order for an Orion product?

Please navigate through our Orion site(lostvapetech.com) and select the type, colour, and quantity of Orion product you want to purchase and add the selected Orion product(s) to a cart. Proceed to enter your credit card details and your delivery location and address and check out, and a confirmation message will be sent confirming if your Orion order was successfully placed or not.

7           Conclusion

The Orion vape is the to-go vaping product for users. All three types of vape have a high power output, a large battery capacity, an adjustable airflow for users, a long-lasting battery, a high vape holding capacity, and they are both portable. These features are convenient for a great vaping experience.