WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Orchid Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Orchid Vaporizer

4th Jun 2021 | 754 | upends v

What is an orchid vape pen

Over the years ways of enjoying cannabis have changed and lots of tools that offer you means of getting high have emerged, like the orchid vape pen. The Orchid vape pen has product integrity which most brands do not have.

The orchid vape has a zinc alloy which makes it steady and fits nicely too. The THC oil cartridges come highly distilled and healthy for their users. The product comes with both "daytime" and "nighttime" use indicator, this ensures a user’s maximum enjoyment. 

Orchid vape pens have cartridges that offer quality oils and are quite expensive but very recommendable. Their THC may be low but they taste amazingly good with excellent quality.

The cartridges are fitted with the PurTec Summit 510 thread and its emissions are tested at AFNOR standards which will blow you away with the experience and efficiency.

The interior chamber is built with a connector that allows you to use herbs, essential oils, and e-liquids. You need the orchid vape pen if you are looking for a game-changer when it comes to vaping and to give you the freedom to be able to use it anywhere because of its sleek appearance and easily portable.

Features of the orchid vape pen

  • Bubble-tea straw-like mouthpiece with a wide and round opening comes with a rubber top stopper to keep pocket lint out.
  • It comes with color changes to indicate the different temperatures to ensure you find the right temperature for you.
  • The terpene taste comes from the flower that the oil originates.
  • The ceramic cartridges are wide enough to fit the wide standard batteries.
  • There is a temperature indicator that turns yellow, purple, and red which indicates, low, medium, and high temperatures respectively.
  • 5 taps on the power button turn it on and off which may be a nuisance for some old folks.
  • The vape pen has eight color options in the market.

Performance of orchid vape pen

The orchid vape pen has a size of 103x50x28mm which makes it easily portable and you can take it anywhere in a purse or pocket. Its battery is 950mAh, enough to last it approximately 9 to 10 hours long, depending on how heavy you vaped. The vape pen uses also 2 and 3mm refillable pods, these can go for several days without refilling. 

For you to be able to use the vape pod, you need to press the power button five times to turn it on and five times to turn it off. The outstanding chipset gives it an ingenious feature making it easily adaptable.

Its temperature control can be adjusted to 500 degrees Fahrenheit; a watt output of 5 to 30, the voltage is almost 5 volts. These features make it easy and fun for those who like new changes daily.

The LED screen display shows all the details you need to know while vaping; there is the battery indicator at the right upper corner, the number of puffs shows in the below right corner, the watts shows in bold in the center and the ohms are indicated to the left side.

All these details are indicated in white on a dark background to give better visibility.

What comes in the pod kit?

The kit comes with all that you need to start enjoying your vaping experience; it contains the mod, the cartridge, a user manual, and a micro USB charging cable. Ensure you read the user manual before using the pod to avoid any unwanted issues.

Vaping experience with the Orchid vape pen

Numerous users have lots of good things to say about this product. The adjustable volts, watts, temperature, and airflow ensure you have an amazing vaping experience.


Its leakage proof thus ensures that your vapor is concentrated in one place and it is maximum. The only displeasure that comes with this vape pen is the plastic taste from the pods, this, however, is solved by buying extra pods.

Pros and Cons of Orchid Vape Pen


  • The orchid vape pen is very affordable compared to others.
  • Easy to use and maintain, even a beginner can easily use it without any complications.
  • Amazing starter mode.
  • Does not ever heat thus does not burn.
  • There is a one-year warranty and a maintenance guide.
  • Has a good chipset
  • Leakage proof


  • A battery is needed for maximum performance.
  • The herb cartridge and oil are bought separately.
  • Cumbersome to turn on and off.
  • There is a plastic taste with some pods

FAQs about the Orchid vape pen

What is the lifespan of the Orchid's vape battery?

The orchid vape battery is very durable as it can go for 270 charge cycles. 

Can the cartridge be used on any battery?

The orchid cartridges are made tough but easy, because of this quality, it is highly recommended that you use the pre-configured orchid batter.

What should I do when the cartridges get clogged?

When your cartridges are clogged, first you should press the ON button and then blow air into the air intake openings. Repeat this process until you are sure that the chamber is clean.

What kind of cartridge is good for my orchid vape pen?

Any cartridge with a 510 connection fits the orchid battery pen. Quality and configuration are different within brands. We do not suggest you use other cartridges because the battery might be very powerful and burn your wick out, this can cause traces of burnt flavors and discolored cartridge oil.

How long do the coils last?

A new coil will take you approximately two weeks, it depends on how often you vape. What you taste a burnt taste from the liquid, then it's time to change the coil. Waiting for a few seconds and priming between hits improves the lifespan of the coil.

How to use the orchid vape pen

  • Check the package after delivery or from purchase to ensure nothing is missing or nothing is broken.
  • Consider changing the vape if it is not changed yet.
  • Open the top cap and fill up the cartridge.
  • Leave the coils to prime for approximately an hour then put six drops of e-liquid down the mouthpiece.
  • Once fully charged and put on the mod, turn on with five clicks on the power button.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


UpOX is very versatile and compatible with known e-liquids and you are assured of improved heating efficiency. The mesh coil ensures you have the original flavor and mouthful in only one puff. When not in use, you can connect it magnetically to help store it without dust entering the airway.


While looking for a vape pod that is versatile and portable, we recommend you try the orchid vape pen. You can comfortably carry it with you anywhere and the setting is a bonus. There is adjustable temperature control, airflow, voltage, and wattage.

All these features combined, give you an amazing experience and enjoyment of a lifetime. The orchid vape does not leak and its battery has enough power to last almost through the day.

There are safety features that ensure you can vape without the risk of damaging the device or causing harm to the user. The sleek design and ease of use make it ideal for beginners and those experienced as well. If you agree with these features then let us know what you think of the orchid vape pen.