Orbit Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Orbit Vaporizer

    Orbit Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Orbit Vaporizer

    What is an orbit vape pen?

    The Orbit vape pen is a design made by Atmos who has created a variety of products in the market. This vape pen is a game-changer for those looking for something sophisticated enjoyment during vaping.

    The Orbit vape pen is created from the anodized metal shell which has a rubber mouthpiece and a ceramic chamber. The rubber mouthpiece ensures that you have comfort while using it and protects you from excess heat when the vaping pen becomes hot. 

    The insulation is made easier by faux leather which is wrapped at the bottom. It has about 0.5” diameter and its 7” high. The orbit comes in two colors only, red and black with a sleek design that can fit into any pocket or purse, you can easily carry it when going for parties or visiting friends thus your enjoyment is guaranteed anytime, anywhere.

    The orbit vape pen gives a sense of ownership and a maximized satisfaction when using it. Orbit vape uses dry herbs and it’s famous for offering a satisfying vaping experience to its users.

    We will look into orbit vape and give you the details of what is needed to give you a satisfactory vaping experience.

    Design and outlook of orbit vape pen

    The orbit vape has a bottom LED which comes in handy to help you know what each color means, it is easier to know when to recharge, when it is on and when you can get the optimized temperature for a full vaping experience.

    It has two facing LED lights where one is installed within the power button, this helps you know when your vaping pen is on and when it is off.  The pen is made from an anodized metal shell, silicon lip protection gives you the extra comfort and reduces heat; the lip protector can also be used when there is no time to clean the mouthpiece.

    It is ideal in that you do not stop mid-vaping sessions to clean the vape pen, you can enjoy your vaping time and clean it much later when you have had your full enjoyment. The herb chamber is designed in a way that the heating element doesn’t touch the herbs directly.

    The pen is charged with a mini-USB that is plugged in the side of the orbit vape and when the power button turns red, then you know it is time to plug in the charger.

    The pen feels steadier in hand and with enough weight, not too heavy, not too light. The device can easily be dismantled thus gives easy cleaning and refilling.

    Features of orbit vape pen

    • The battery is 1100mAh that gives you a full 50-60 minutes of nonstop use and a continuous flow of energy.
    • It is equipped with two LED lights which indicate when it is turned on and the amount of heat you are using.
    • There is a micro USB charging at the bottom to ensure that the batteries get fully charged and that you don't get cut off during vaping.
    • It has two types of coils to ensure that you get an even distribution of heat within the chamber.

    Performance of orbit vape pen

    The orbit vape pen has only one button whereby once you load the herbs, it starts the heating process and then wait for a few moments and you are good to go. This vaporizing pen is very easy to use and very ideal for those who are new to vaping. For better performance, you need to use ground herbs.

    The LED light in the chamber gives you an easy job to stir the buds midsession. This pen however does not have a temperature setting. As different herbs vaporize at different temperatures, you will have to wait on the pen to heat up on its own till the desired temperature is reached.

    The same power button is used to turn the pen on and off. Press down and hold and it will turn on then turn off, you also have to press down the power button and hold, and then it will go off. 

    Orbit vape is well-built with solid and a reassuring heft to give you good service for many years. When you buy the orbit vape pen, you get a USB charging cable, cleaning brush, replaceable mesh filters, mouthpiece covers, and a user manual.


    As much as it can fit into your pocket or bag, it is also large enough to become a nuisance. 

    Pros and Cons of Orbit Vape Pen


    • The price is very affordable compared to other vaping pens.
    • Its flavor and vapor quantity are above average.
    • Has only two parts which make it easier to clean and easy to use.
    • It has an excellent starter model.
    • It doesn’t combust herbs.


    • Becomes a bit hot and there is no way to regulate temperatures.
    • The number of draws for every fill is much lower than other portable vaporizers.
    • The vapor becomes harsh and uncomfortably hot sometimes.

    FAQs about the orbit vape pen

    What do the colors of the pen mean?

    The LED colors change at different stages; first, when it turns green, then it means the battery is full. As the battery continues to deplete, the color changes to yellow which then changes to orange, and finally red which means that the battery is completely depleted. The best time to charge it is when it turns from orange to red.

    How long does an orbit vape pen battery last?

    A vape pen in good working condition should last 8 hours between charges. This however depends entirely on your style of vaping. If you experience any issues with the battery, however, please do not hesitate to call us.

    How does the orbit vape pen work?

    • Remove the mouthpiece to reveal the heating chamber.
    • Fill loosely with herbs of your choice and reattach the mouthpiece.
    • Hit the power button 5 times rapidly to turn the pen on and begin heating. Once it is finished heating it will turn green for about 60 seconds.
    • While holding the power button down, apply your lips to the mouthpiece, draw air for 5 seconds then release.
    • After 3 to 5 minutes, the pen will go off automatically to preserve the battery life.
    • If you want to turn it off on your own, hit the power button 5 times fast and it will go off.

    What does it mean when the orbit vape pen flashes blue?

    The pen blinks blue when you press the power button 3 times continuously. This is an indicator that the pen switched to medium power output mode.

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    We highly recommend the orbit vape pen for anyone who is seeking a device that is long-lasting and performs. The lack of temperature control may be a setback but for beginners, this can be the best way to start your vaping journey.

    If you are looking for something that is easy to load or you are new to the experience then this is the best choice for you. It has an excellent heating time, its sleek design makes it easy to carry around no matter where you are going.

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