WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Omicron Vape Pen. A Complete Review and Guide About the Omicron Vaporizer

2nd Jun 2021 | 55 | upends v

What is the omicron vape pen

The omicron vape pen is a portable vaporizer designed and built by the W9Tech on the front line in making some premium vape pens.  They first introduced the Omicron max as a flagship product that has gone through so many changes that we now have the omicron collection.

The W9Tech prides itself as a company for premium pens that have grown to be liked by many people in the industry. 

We will look into their most liked vape pens that are the omicron 4 and the omicron 5, which have performed so well in the market. We will look into the features that make these devices so outstanding.

Omicron 4

Omicron 4 build and design

If there is one thing that the Omicron prides itself on, it is their well-put pen design that is compact and pays attention to detail. The battery uses a very standard eGo style battery and can give you three power capacities, 900mAh, 1400mAh and 2100mAh.

The battery of this pen is high quality and is redesigned to be used explicitly for the unique omicron atomizer that comes with it. 

The main atomizer of the vape pen is made from twin porous ceramic rods and a wrapped titanium coil. From this atomizer, you can see that the W9 Tech has invested in using original titanium because as you heat, the coils change color from metallic gray to purple color.

This is scientifically accurate because that is how titanium is expected to react when oxidized. The cartridge is perfectly constructed with a solid and flawless wrap on the coils.

Vape users enjoy two mouthpieces from the omicron 4. One is made of titanium, and the other is made of glass which gives you a little bit of customization. When using the omicron 4 vape pen, you will notice that it does not clog if unused oils are still left in the chamber. It is recommended that you take a few draws as the unit cools to avoid oils from clogging the airway. 

The battery life of these devices differs because it all depends on the size of the battery you want to use. The smallest battery of 900mAh will last you for a day when used constantly.

The 1400mAh battery gives you close to a day and a half when using the pan constantly. The 2400mAh battery can efficiently serve you for many days without having to charge the pen.

Performance of the omicron 4 vape pen

The micron 4 is similar to any vape pen, and you can easily use the pen straight from the box. You just have to place it in the mouthpiece, which holds the heating coils. The wax applicator on the device allows you to load your favorite cannabis extracts to the coil directly.

You are advised not to touch the applicator on the coils to protect the atomizer from getting damaged. Once the cannabis is loaded, place the mouthpiece onto the wax pen and press the power button five times rapidly to turn on the device.

To navigate through the temperature settings, you can press the power button three times. Once you have set your desired temperature, all you need to do is hold down the power button and talking draws as you enjoy your vapor.

The Omicron gives you four temperature settings in variable wattage. This is the amount of power flowing through the coils, but the range limits are not known. The wattage settings are displayed by the LED light indicator behind the power button. 

In terms of vapor production, the Omicron has an impressive vapor production rate. You get a good flavor which is impressive and gives you good draws anytime you use this pen. The W9Tech only gives you one style of atomizer, but you have the option of getting another one.

Pros and cons of the omicron vape pen


  • The vape pen is easily portable and discreet
  • One of the best waterproof vape pens
  • The battery can be replaced and removed to get better power options
  • Can hold 1 gram of oil that delivers close to 400 puffs
  • You can program the safety button lock
  • The device is stable and sturdy


  • The omicron 4 is not compatible with dry herbs
  • It might be hard to refill the concentrates and wax
  • There might be the possibility of leakages when the cartridge is full

Omicron v5

The omicron v5 is the upgraded version of the omicron v4. We are going to look at how the device has performed compared to its predecessor.

Omicron v5 battery design and quality

Looking at the omicron v5 battery, we can see that it has a simplified light that is easy to read above the control button that controls the power settings. The new springs loaded on the device feel very solid when they are pressed.

You also get a 15 second cut-off time which is better than the ten-second cut-off in other earlier products. The battery is very sleek, tiny and very portable. 

When you purchase the omicron v5, you get a stainless steel ‘centaur cover’ and an ‘alpha globe’ glass cover helpful for the people who love to see how the smoke builds up on their device. The glass globe is strong, and it can drop one or two times without getting even a single crack.

Omicron v5 atomizers

One thing we can appreciate about the omicron v5 vape pen is that you get v3 generation atomizers. The atomizer is the essential part of the vape pen, and W9Tech has made sure they uphold that fact.

The kit comes with three atomizers, and one is the new and exclusive ‘Sirius' atomizer, a quartz double-coil atomizer and a ceramic double atomizer that utilizes the black ceramic. 

Generation 3 has also been re-developed to be chubbier and broader compared to the previous models. Every atomizer comes with its built-in air vent located under the atomizer, and they are 2mm in diameter each.

Using the Omicron v5

The omicron v5 is very easy to use compared to the other devices. This is because the connecting attachment does not have any threading on it. This means that you do not have to keep screwing things on and off if you want to load your vape pen.

The vape pen works similarly to other vape pens, you press the power button five times rapidly to power it on and three times to set a temperature setting.

When comparing strengths, the omicron v5 has the highest setting of the blue light and gives you super strong hits. The coils do not have alloy, and it delivers using high-quality grade 2 titanium. 

We can confirm that the omicron v5 has the best strength, but the main back draw is that you cannot control the airflow by yourself. So you do not get away to get quick inhales.

On matters of portability and discreetness, the omicron v5 has performed better. At only 4.5 inches, the device easily fits your palm and could only get a little bit heavier because of the materials used. The good thing about this pen is that it gives you options for fixing a glass globe. This is heat for those who want to see vapor build up.

Pros and cons of the omicron v5


  • It can be modified by using accessories such as a glass globe
  • Build and developed using high-quality materials
  • Gives you powerful hits that have one of the best flavors


  • You need 5-10 seconds for cooling in between hits
  • It only heats a small amount of oil at a time
  • When the pen is too hot, it easily clogs up the heating mechanism


With the review above, we can attest that Omicron is one of the best oil vape pens around in the market. This vaporizer works well and gives a good amount of vapor. Everything about this device speaks of quality, and in as much as it could be too intense for newbies, it is not a difficult pen to use.