WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

OGK Disposables Review: Product Highlights and Choosing the Best Vape

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This article discusses OGK Disposables…. 

What is OGK Disposables?

OGK is a popular brand in the vaping industry and aims to revolutionize the vaping industry. The company is known for focusing on the microscopic details and making designs from recent trends. OGK disposables have created a niche by providing a convenient solution to vaping. The company manufactures Vape Pens and Accessories for a skeptical audience of users.

Available in many different forms and flavors, the disposable vape is easy-to-use and comes pre-filled and pre-charged. Moreover, the packaging is designed to function as a display case so that vapers can show off the rigs.

3 Most Popular OGK Disposables Products

Wild Hemp OGK 500 mg CBD Disposable:The disposable vape pen uses 500mg of CBD per vaporizer and comes pre-filled with high-quality CBD Hemp extract. Hemp used in these vape pens is 100% American-grown. It comes in five different flavors including, Rainbow Drops, Pineapple Express, and others. The disposable pen is durable and every flavor comes with a unique coloring.


OGK D10 Slim Bar Disposable:OGK Delta 10 Slim Bar Disposable comes in many different flavors. It includes Blueberry Kush, Durban Poison, Gelato, OG Kush, Sour Diseal, and Zaza. The disposable pen is extremely convenient to use, and an ideal choice for beginners.


OGK Live Resin Vape: It is a unique product that contains 100% pure and natural cannabis terpenes. It comes in 3 different strains: Delta 10, Delta 9, and Indica and all with excellent levels of potency. The product contains over 80% THC and the oil is extracted using CO2 and comes from the live resin.


OGK Live Resin Vape is one of the most popular devices in the market as it provides a smooth, aromatic, and balanced vaping experience. The vape is made from high-grade cannabis concentrates  and as the product has not been heated, it has a superior terpene profile. It is 100% organic solventless concentrates and the THC vape juice has no additives or dyes.

OGK Disposables Reviews: Product Highlights

OGK Live Resin Vape Pen is a live resin vape pen that contains a high concentration of pure THC distillate. As the product has an intense dose of THC, CBS, and terpenes, it is ideal for experienced vapers. It is a potent and flavorful strain available out there as the extraction process makes it great in terms of flavor and potency.

Moreover, OGK Live Resin is a supercharged form of cannabis terpenes that are mixed with the purest forms of THC, CBD, or both. It offers a natural, chemical-free vaping experience as the vape oil does not contain any harmful pesticides or harsh solvents.

Listed below are some amazing features of OGK disposables…

  • Unique shapes and design
  • Stimulating unboxing experience
  • 100% organic solventless concentrates
  • Oil extracted using CO2
  • A 510 thread for compatibility
  • Ultra-potent, consistent product
  • A medical-grade cannabis
  • A non-synthetic, solventless concentrate
  • Pure and unaltered taste
  • Sweet, spicy, and flavorful terpenes
  • No unwanted toxins
  • Full Spectrum CO2 Extracted Marijuana Extracts

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Disposable Vapes


  • An attractive physical design
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • No charging, no re-filling
  • Low or no maintenance
  • Offers nicotine satisfaction
  • Cost-conscious options also available
  • Compact design that fits in a pocket
  • A wide range of flavors available
  • Minimal fuss and low maintenance
  • Ideal for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping


  • Vaping isn’t exactly discreet
  • Not an environment-friendly alternative
  • Have a shorter lifespan
  • Non-refillable
  • non-rechargeable
  • May be expensive

How to Choose a Disposable Vape Pen?


The disposable vape pen has become extremely popular as they are convenient and user-friendly. However, it is important to use them carefully for optimal performance and maximum performance.

With so many options available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the best disposable vape pen. However, you can get your hands on the best product by following certain tips which include…

Size and Shape

If you’re looking for something compact and convenient, go for the standard size as it will fit comfortably in your hand. If you want a more discrete vaping that is even more comfortable to carry around, you can go for smaller sizes.

Extract Formulation

The next thing to consider is the vape oil extraction as there are a wide variety of vape oils available out there. So it is important to check what substance your vape pen is filled with. The most common types are Indica vs Sativa strains and CBD vs THC.

Type of Coil

Considering the type of coil is another important consideration as this will directly affect the flavor of the vapor. There are three main types of coil: ceramic, quartz, and wick. If you’re looking for a more durable option, go for ceramic coils as these use indirect heating for no burnt flavor.


There are many affordable OGK disposables available in the market but you may also want top-quality cannabis. A high-quality disposable vape pen offers better flavor, great battery life, and more consistency.

Compare Prices

Although this may sound simple, it’s not because of the huge variety of disposable vapes available. It is better to compare prices offered by different companies. The right wholesale vape supplier will have competitive prices.

Explore Inventories

If you’re checking OGK disposables or other vape products online, make sure that you explore each one’s inventory. The selection of products offered by the company is incredibly important so that you can pick the best from the rest.

Check Authenticity

The market is flooded with vaping products, with many companies selling counterfeits or fakes. Therefore, it is imperative to grill a brand and its products before committing to a purchase. Don’t be afraid to ask about the authenticity of their products.

FAQs about OGK Disposables

Are disposable vapes worth it?

Disposable vape devices provide a convenient vaping experience as they can be enjoyed without having to commit to a specific flavor or brand or device. Also, no complex setup or maintenance is required.

Are OGK disposables safe?

The disposables are safe as long as you are buying high-quality products from a reputable brand and distributor.

Are there any risks of vaping?

Vape disposables may contain nicotine as well as other potentially harmful ingredients which may lead to lung diseases and other health issues.

Is 2% nicotine considered a lot in a vape?

A 2% vape or 20mg of nicotine is considered high strength and the e-liquid concentration may also be harsher on the throat. The percentage is recommended for heavy smokers, not beginners.

What is the disadvantage of disposable vape?

The main disadvantage of using a disposable vape is that they are not environmentally friendly as they use a lot of plastic and have a shorter lifespan.

Is disposable vaping better than cigarettes?


Vaping is not a 100% safe alternative but is far less harmful than smoking. The e-cigarettes don’t contain too many toxic chemicals and all substances are regulated.

What is the lifespan of a disposable vape pen?

The life of disposable vape pens varies by manufacturer and usage, though many last for about 400 puffs.

How to take care of a disposable vape?

It is good to keep the disposable vape pen at room temperature so that it can work optimally and doesn’t need to warm up much before use.

Where to get OGK disposables?

You can buy OGK disposables either from online stores or brick-and-mortar shops as they carry a wide range of products.

How do I charge a disposable vape device?

Disposables come pre-filled with e-liquid and pre-charged and cannot be refilled or recharged as they need to be disposed of once finished.

UPENDS: Best Wholesale Vape Supplier

Buying vape products that are of good quality at the right price can be challenging. To find the best wholesale vape supplier, it is important to consider the quality of products, customer service, affordability, and availability of products. While talking about some reputed and reliable vape brands, UPENDS stands out by providing a wide range of premium quality vape products and accessories.

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What makes the UPENDS brand stand out from the crowd is the intensive research it engages to design vape products with the best features. Also, the company is capable of delivering the trending vape devices that all vapers desire.

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