OG Four Vape Pen. All You Must Know About the OG Vape Pen

    OG Four Vape Pen. All You Must Know About the OG Vape Pen

    What is the OG FOUR vape pen?

    The OG FOUR vape pen is a superior quality dab pen that gives you a rig-like experience and is very hard to be in its class. The pen was build and developed by the ‘this thing rips’ company that has put forward plenty of vape products into the market.

    They have introduced the 'lava-quartz coil technology,' which is patented. They introduce a stylish orange finish to us, which is unique for a powerful vape pen such as this one. It comes with a polycarbonate heating chamber which has been the main attraction to many vape users.

    The vape pen can burn concentrated very quickly and smoothly using the quartz rod single coil atomizers. In simple terms, it means that you can vaporize at the lowest temperatures possible, giving you the freshest, highest quality vape that you can get.                 

    Specifications of the OG FOUR vape kit

    • 1 x 650mAh variable voltage battery
    • 2 x lava quartz single coil atomizers
    • 1 x discreet pen cap
    • 1 x polycarbonate visual reaction chamber
    • 1 x mouthpiece
    • 1 x patented sure-grip silicone jar
    • 1 x Quick charge USB
    • 2 x cleaning wipes
    • 1 x stainless steel tool
    • 1 x user’s manual

    Using the OG FOUR vape pen

    The incredible thing about the OG FOUR 2.0 is that the whole unit can be dismantled easily and reassembled simultaneously. First, you need to unscrew the heating chamber then insert your concentrates with the help of the stainless steel dab tool included in the kit.

    Remember not to squeeze it directly onto the heating coils. All you need to do is click on the button five times to unlock the device and start using it.

    To take a draw, hold down the button and release it once you are done inhaling. This will allow your coils to heat up efficiently and give you more melting ability of the concentrates and vapor production. When you are done with your session, click on the button five times to turn off the device. 


    In matters of device portability, this vape pen is very similar to the other pens of the same standard. You get the original 12 mm wide pen which is somehow tiny and shorter than the Rest series, and the Remix because the OG FOUR 2.0 runs on a smaller battery.

    So you will find that the final size for the pen is 5.3 inches tall and 5.7 inches when the lid is placed back on. So it is not a device that could easily fit your shirt pockets, but you will feel it in your pockets as you walk around.

    Every vape user cares so much about discreetness, and this pen is supposed to be very discreet. This pen has an unusual long cap which might look a bit odd for this device. The orange color that fills your chamber with smoke while you take a draw could easily be seen, making it a pen that is not easy to hide.

    Features of the OG FOUR 2.0 vape pen

    This vaporizer has one of the most extended lists of features, as you are going to see

    • It has lava-quartz technology, which improved the quality of vaping
    • Has a small and compact design for ease of use
    • 510 threading ensures that all components are well fixed
    • Extra-large polycarbonate heating chamber for even heating
    • Uses a deep dish cartomizer to hold more
    • Can work on low temperatures to improve on the taste of vapor
    • It is built to handle higher viscosity vape oils
    • Automatic temperature control for a good experience
    • Has a dabber tool to help in loading the right quantities of substances

    Performance of the OG FOUR 2.0

    With the strong battery of the pen and the assistance of a lava quartz coil that has an adjustable airflow system, you are promised to get good results. The OG FOUR is very rapid at building vapor, and this happens at an instant.

    To get a tasty, smooth smoke with a long-lasting, consistent flavor through the vaping session, the OG pen got you.

    The lava quartz coil technology is terrific, and it can heat up at the lowest temperatures available that are viable for vaporization. This guarantees you that you will get a better taste and preserved flavors and aroma of the concentrates you want to use.

    The airflow system that can be adjusted lets you customize and set the vapor intake to get big clouds from each draw. The bicarbonate heating chamber will give you room to see how vapor builds up as you vape.

    When you buy the OG FOUR 2.0, you are sure that it is another product from the thing rips collection that will deliver what they promised you. The rip n go pen comes fully charged, so you do not have to recharge it again.

    You get a USB charger and dabber in the packaging. Assembling and disassembling the vape pen is straightforward because the mouthpiece easily twists off to show the chamber switching. You can place back the mouthpiece after loading the chamber and get to ripping.

    The lava quartz atomizes you with a very smooth vape that digs out all the flavor from the wax. The single Ti coil atomizer is so good at even heating without having to burn the concentrate.

    It goes with a low temperature and a slow burn to maximize the flavor without getting a flavor of burnt-tasting vape. To maximize the use of this vape pen, make sure the coil does an excellent job of getting all the flavors. Ensure that you do not put a lot of concentrates.

    In terms of strength, the OG FOUR 2.0 cannot be compared to any other pen. This is because the quartz coils get heated up quickly and more robust than most vape pens. It has one coil, and it is tough to miss it.

    There is a lot of space where the cup is located, so you have to carefully put a tiny portion in the coil to get the best of it. 

    The versatility of the OG FOUR 2.0

    The OG FOUR vape pen is compatible with the three other vape pens from this thing rips. The R2 series, roil and Remix. You can get the double coil quartz atomizer when you get the OG FOUR 2.0 replacements, but you will still get the signature orange plastic 'lava quartz.'

    Pros and cons of the OG FOUR 2.0


    • The device has a powerful battery 
    • Ability to heat instantly and produce vapor
    • Polycarbonate heating chamber for even heating
    • Consistent production of clouds
    • USB charger and extra dabber
    • Easy to use and can favor beginners
    • The airflow system is adjustable


    • The design may be too funky with the colors

    FAQs about the OG FOUR 2.0 vape pen

    Is the OG FOUR 2.0 vape pen worth it?

    The OG FOUR 2.0 vape pen is made by the 'thisthingrips' company, which has the best vaporizers in the market. You can be sure that by using these devices, you are getting quality made by quality products. The materials are well designed to handle the heavy tasks the pen is required to perform.

    Where can I buy the OG FOUR 2.o vape pen?

    The vape pen is available in any store that stocks the thing rips products. Many online vape stores sell the vape pen and other accessories required for use with the vape pen. All you need to do is make an order, and the products will be delivered to your doorstep.


    From the OG FOUR 2.0 features analysis, we are sure that this pen is a performer. It has a long list of accessories, such as the quartz coil, built to preserve the flavor and aroma of the concentrate.

    Including its powerful battery, you are sure that you will get some fantastic vape sessions that are full of flavor, with comfort, efficiency and convenience. This pen is a great value device if you need quality.

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