WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Njoy Vape Pen Review and Instructions

16th Mar 2021 | 908 | upends v

1.     An UPENDS Njoy Vape Pen Review and Instructions

After you quit smoking and considering vaping, it is good that you get attached to a vaping pen with hits similar to a cigarette. Getting such a vape hit will allow you to adapt to the new vaping experience easily. If you get a hit totally different from the one you are used to, you can easily fall back to smoking. Njoy vape pen is easy to use even if you have never used any vape pen before.

In this article, we shall give you an in-depth Njoy vape pen review.

2.     Njoy Vape Pen Review

As a beginner into vaping, we could highly recommend the Njoy Vape Pen because of a number of factors. First, it hits like a cigarette; thus, you will not miss the cigarette hits that you were used to while smoking. This way, you will quit smoking easily. Apart from coming with a hit similar to that of a cigarette, it also resembles a cigarette but looks more of a vape than a cigarette.

Many vapers find handling Njoy Vape Pen easy due to its size and structure as Njoy Vape Pen kit comes with a dimensional size of 3.5 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches and only weighs two ounces. Njoy Vape Pen is further made from hard glossy plastic with grey soft-touch pads that make it easy to grip.

Where do you begin?

You don’t need to waste your precious time going through the Njoy Vape Pen instruction manual. Njoy Vape Pen is totally uncomplicated; thus, you can easily use it with no or little vaping knowledge.

You only need to place the magnetic pod into the opening of the Njoy Vape Pen battery, then place the Njoy Vape Pen unit on your mouth the puff.

There is nothing more here than to just puff and enjoy the vape. With its automatic-draw chip, it automatically senses when you draw, thus releasing the vape you need.

Njoy Vape Pen Hit

As earlier stated, Njoy Vape Pen comes with a hit that ranges between mild and strong. The Njoy Vape Pen vape comes with 5% nicotine strength. 

This nicotine strength hit is not harsh thus friendly to your throat. The vaping temperature, on the other hand, is warm to allow you to feel good but not too hot to make your vaping uncomfortable.

Njoy Vape Pen produces less smoke, allowing you to vape anywhere without causing a scene.

Njoy Vape Pen Flavors

Njoy Vape Pen comes with different flavors that many users have reported being good. Because different vapers have different personal tastes, Njoy Vape Pen allows you to choose the flavor that is in line with your taste.

Some of Njoy Vape Pen flavors include;

Njoy Vape Pen Cool Menthol Flavor

This would be the best flavor if you were used to smoking menthol before quitting for Njoy Vape Pen vaping. You can always appreciate Njoy Vape Pen Cool Menthol Flavor for its cool feeling. 

Although Njoy Vape Pen Cool Menthol Flavor is menthol, it is not aggressively cold on your throat.

Njoy Vape Pen Classic Tobacco Flavor

The Njoy Vape Pen Classic Tobacco Flavor allows you to enjoy a taste that is slightly sweet and nutty. This taste slightly differs from the smell of a fresh pack of cigarettes.

Njoy Vape Pen Classic Tobacco Flavor does not burn anything; thus, there is no way you can expect the cigarette taste.

Njoy Vape Pen Blueberry Flavor

Njoy Vape Pen Blueberry Flavor allows you experience an artificial blackberry taste that is not the actual and original blackberry taste. Many vapers love and recommend Njoy Vape Pen Blueberry Flavor because of its great hit.

Njoy Vape Pen Watermelon Twist Flavor

This flavor is a favorite of many vapers, and we believe you will love it too. Njoy Vape Pen Watermelon Twist Flavor allows you experience a bright and refreshing feel that tastes like a watermelon. 

Although its watermelon taste is artificial, it is clean and crisp. It does not give you a sweet taste but a tart one. Its faint aroma is quite pleasant.

Njoy Vape Pen is meant to satisfy you with a nicotine hit but still allows you to enjoy the stated flavors. 

Due to its wide range of tastes, you will surely get the best flavor that you are looking for as you enjoy the nicotine hit.

Njoy Vape Pen battery Life and Charging

The Njoy Vape Pen ace always comes completely charged, but it is also rechargeable. When it is new and charged, it is always advisable that you top up the charge before you start vaping.

It uses a micro- USB cable with a USB port at the bottom of the Njoy Vape Pen. After plugging one side of the USB cable into your Njoy Vape Pen, insert the other end to the power source like your computer. This way, you will have your Njoy Vape Pen battery charged. Since its charger is a pass-through type, then you can vape while it is charging.

Depending on the frequency at which you vape, the Njoy Vape Pen ace battery can sustain your vape 24-36 hours. If you are a light smoke and rarely vape, then your Njoy Vape Pen ace battery can sustain your vape for days.

Njoy Vape Pen ace battery requires at most an hour to recharge fully. 

3.     What are the Pros and Cons Associated with Njoy Vape Pen?


Many vapers like Njoy Vape Pen because of the advantage it comes to a lot of vaping benefits. When you use Njoy Vape Pen, you will also enjoy the following benefits;

  • It is inexpensive- when compared with other vape pens, Njoy Vape Pen is relatively cheap.
  • Njoy Vape Pen is easy to use, and you don’t need any prior knowledge to vape.
  • It comes with a good battery life that you don’t need to recharge from time to time. This allows you to enjoy continuous vaping. The good news is that you can continue vaping while charging your Njoy Vape Pen as it uses a pass-through type of USB charger.
  • Njoy Vape Pen comes with a wide variety of nicotine flavors that you can choose depending on your taste.
  • It is designed with a premium design that you will find convenient to carry.


Njoy Vape Pen comes with fewer cons that you can easily ignore. They include:

  • It is limited to nicotine hits
  • Its pod magnets are relatively weak.

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5.     Let’s Look at some FAQs around Njoy Vape Pen

What type of Charger does a Njoy Vape Pen Use?

The Njoy Vape Pen makes use of a USB charger. The charger is compatible with any standard USB port, thus easy and convenient for you to charge your Njoy Vape Pen.

Why is my Njoy Vape not working?

The Njoy vape pen, like any other vaping product, may develop some defects that may cause it to malfunction. 

The common defects include;

Defective Battery- when the battery runs low or becomes defective, there will be no power to power your Njoy Vape Pen. Maybe this is why your Njoy Vape Pen is not working; thus, you need to have it replaced or try to recharge it.

Vape Juice Level- when the vape juice runs below the recommended levels, you will end up burning the wick; thus, Njoy Vape Pen may not work.

Coil Malfunction- the Njoy Vape Pen coil may have malfunctioned when it is loose or has a clogged connection. This may cause working problems.

Extreme Temperatures- Extreme temperatures may cause your Njoy Vape Pen to stop working. When the temperature is too low, it may condense the e-liquid, while high temperatures may cause your wick to loosen.

How do I Use Njoy Vape Pen?

Njoy Vape Pen is classified as an easy-to-use vape pen. You will realize that Njoy Vape Pen comes with a simple user manual but contains all the required instructions for using Njoy Vape Pen.

Here you only need to place the Njoy Vape Pen magnet pod into the battery opening, put the Njoy Vape Pen on your mouth and take a puff. 

6.     Conclusion

The market contains a number of vape pens but Njoy Vape Pen standout as the best. If you have quit smoking and you want to experience nicotine hit without much effects on your throat, then Njoy Vape Pen comes in as your best. 

Apart from Njoy Vape Pen, you can also enjoy the great build quality, satisfying nicotine hit, ease of use, and relatively affordable prices if you consider UPENDS vape pens.