WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

NJOY Starter Kit review and instructions. The Design, Features, Performance and More

8th Aug 2021 | 98 | upends v

NJOY has been a very important figure in the ecigarette market for a very long time now. They began their operations when cigalikes were the only alternative vape for people who wanted to quit smoking cigarettes.

This made NJOY become one of the biggest companies in the vaping market. Many vape companies ended up being bought by tobacco companies but NJOY has stood their grounds to be independent.


The NJOY Starter Kit also known as recharge kit is their most preferred tool that every beginner should have when transitioning from smoking combustible cigarettes. The kit comes with two b batteries, two cartomizers and a proprietary USB charger. Their started kits have been made to be very portable because they can be carried in a case.

Design and features of the NJOY Starter Kit

The NJOY Starter Kits are packaged in a small plastic box that looks like a cigarette pack which can be opened by flipping it open. As you open, it will reveal two c-cigarettes and three slots for holding your spare cartomizers. As you go down below, there is a slide out cover that can be taken out to expose the USB charger. 

The e-cigarettes in the starter pack come in a very unique design mostly acceptable for cigalikes. Their sizes are just the same as cigarettes which give smokers the natural feeling of having a cigarette in their hands. The two pieces being in the case make it even more natural than ever.

The outer design of the device makes it look different from normal cigarettes, and they are distinct from the initial NJOY king. The devices are built with a grey background color and a geometric pattern decoration. The NJOY logo is widely printed on the connection zone closer to the cartomizers and the atomizers have color schemes to indicate the flavor.

Operating the Starter Kit ecigarettes is very simple, while the older ecigarettes need you to screw things into place, the cartomizers on these devices are to be pushed and pulled. There is no threading to make things cumbersome. The connections are made using a cylindrical contact found in the middle of the cartomizers and are placed in the battery’s center. They snap into position when you connect them and when you hear the snap sound you will know they are attached properly.

The tips are made to have a LED light that shows the device is active as you inhale. The plastic tip is grey in color and there are two triangles that form the letter ‘X’ at the center. On the outside, there are four air holes. In general, the Starter Kit does not have anything unique to offer apart from the design, but it has properly balanced the looks of an e-cigarette.

Nicotine levels of the Starter Kit

Unlike many of the e-cigarettes in the market, NJOY does not offer so many choices for the nicotine levels someone can buy. The nicotine content is constant for your choice of flavor. The gold tobacco has 24mg, bold tobacco has 45mg, operate has 18mg and the menthol has 30mg content. 

If you have been a common user of nicotine, you will notice that these levels are very high and acceptable. The 18mg is among the higher grades for most brands, and is also the lowest for the NJOY brand. The reason for these nicotine level ranges is because the cigalikes are assumed to be less strong when you are seeking stronger nicotine. The higher levels are therefore good for people looking for satisfactory vapes.

The bold flavors have the highest nicotine content but if you are looking to quit cigarettes with something that offers the similar ranges, then the NJOY is your exact go to device. The nicotine content is very robust but not overwhelmingly strong so it gives you room to enjoy your vape. The only disadvantage with this kit is that if you want to tone down the nicotine levels, you need to switch flavors and this does not favor everyone.

Flavors and vapor production

The vapor production from the NJOY Starter Kit is not a bad choice for cigalikes. With a few pulls on the puff, as you take short puffs for starting the evaporation process, the vapor production is closely tied to how much smoke you would get from a cigarette.

It cannot really compare to the huge sized vapor produced by majority of the vapes in the market. This would make it somehow underwhelming for cloud chasers. If you are looking for something that would help you kick out the addiction, then this is the perfect combination. The throat hit you get depends on the nicotine levels you have on your flavors, but it is usually robust.

Battery and charging

The batteries on the NJOY Starter Kit are comparable to many of the devices on the vaping scene. They are mostly comparable to the NJOY king disposables. One notable thing about the batteries is that they maintain the normal ecigarette size and they are very light at the same time. The downside of the batteries is that the 110Mah cells do not have enough power to get you through a whole day. 

You can minimize the number of recharges you get from the NJOY because most of them come with tow batteries. Depending on your vaping habits, you will get enough batteries that will hold you for a day or two. For heavy smokers, they need to get the premier packages which have more than two batteries; you can control your habits by always having your batteries charged at all times.

To recharge the device, you connect them just like you connect the clearomizers. All you need to do is push them together till they click into position and plug it in a USB port.

Ease of use

The NJOY Starter Kit is a very basic device. It does not have any fancy buttons and no heavy tanks. It only comes with the battery and the atomizers. This device does what it is required to do and it does this well than any other e-cigarettes in the market. 

Performance of the NJOY Starter Kit

The NJOY Starter Kit comes with the e-liquid already filled. They might not give the best taste but their performance is remarkable. With such a small sized device, the vapor production is substantial and impressive. The performance of this device is descent and it can outdo most of the ecigarettes in the market. It is a good device that you can carry around.

Pros and cons of the NJOY Starter Kit


  • The device is very easy to use
  • Automatic draw activation
  • Multiple flavors to choose from
  • Higher nicotine levels
  • Good vapor production


  • Single nicotine levels for each flavors
  • Battery life is poor
  • Menthol flavors do not give a good hit

How to use the Starter Kit

To put this device to use, you have to screw the atomizer into the battery system. Take a draw like a cigarette and it will release vapor. The fact that it is a draw activated device makes it very easy to use.


If you want to recharge it, remove the atomizer and screw in the charger into the port. If you want to refill the device, you will have to take out the atomizer casing and pour in your liquid.



The uppen is a pod system from UPENDS that satisfies you with the first puff. The device uses an innovative Etchip coil which has an improved heating surface good for efficiency. The mesh coils have higher resistance and they give good vapor from the initial puff. The device works well with most mainstream e-liquids


If you are new to vaping and you are looking for an affordable kit, the NJOY Starter Kit is the best device for you. It is much cheaper compared to other disposable device which ends up performing poorly.

The NJOY Starter Kit is a performer and has so much impressive features that are recommended. It has some of the best flavors and you get a unit worth every penny. It is a healthy alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes.