WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

NJOY Loop review and instructions. The Specifications, Features, Design, and Build Quality

9th Aug 2021 | 400 | upends v

The NJOY Loop is a modernized, improved, and redesigned version of a standard electronic cigarette. The kit is all loaded, perfect for convenient vaping, and hits resembling a cigarette.

In addition, the Loop is an excellent pocket-able case that can be used for charging and a fully functional USB charging cable. It also has two battery cells and a fast-charging kit for USBs.

The batteries of the Loop and the pod flavors are sold separately. When you buy the pods, they come in five flavor variations: classic tobacco flavor, excellent menthol flavor, tropical twist, blue & blackberry, and rich tobacco. Every pack of flavors comes with two pods that hold 1ml of e-liquid, and the nicotine concentration is at 4.5%, with a rating of approximately 150 puffs. 

Specifications and features of the NJOY Loop

The NJOY Loop is a device system made of a pair of e-cigarettes and a portable charging case. The Loop looks like the older versions of e-cigarettes known as cigalikes. However, NJOY uses a smaller battery that is very different from the older versions used for heavy vaping.

The Loop ecig, when complete with the pod and battery, measures 3.6 inches by 0.3 inches. The weight is roughly 40 grams making it a lightweight device.

The Loop e-cigarette comfortably fits in the hand when held and is a good alternative for the cigarette. However, if you feel like you are missing holding a cigarette, the Loop will help you. It is effortless to hold it in between your fingers, only that it does not have ash to shake off. 

Design and build quality of the Loop

Even though the Loop comes with small batteries, the charging case can perfectly hold the two devices with different flavors. The NJOY Loop pens can easily be used without the portable charging case. The only relevance of the case is to ensure that they do not run low on battery as you go through the day.

The charging case is well designed and functions very well. It has a quick charge feature that charges the e-cigarettes. The grey rubber coating is also soft to touch and feels so amazing.

You can even feel satisfaction as you open and close the lid of the case. The cover is built with magnetic properties and a mechanically assembled spring that can open and rise before it is completely shut. So if you want to open the device, push your thumb mid the top and bottom or pull the lid. 

When the NJOY Loop e-cigarettes are inside the case, the whole device feels weighty and could be compared to smartphones. Carrying it around is not much different compared to having a smartphone on your everyday.

The edges are rounded and smooth, making it a perfect fit for pockets and purses. Additionally, it has a subtle appearance that is hardly suspicious when you have it on you. NJOY also comes with a USB charger that can be used on any USB outlet in case you find carrying the matter too bulky

Flavors of the NJOY Loop

The NJOY Loop is a device made for a good experience, and they primarily focus on the hit. This essentially means that the flavors are decent enough. These are some of the flavors that keep people wanting more.

Blue+Black berry

The flavor is slightly sour but has a sweet aroma. You will get to taste the profiles of blueberry and blackberry, which appear to be more artificial. The taste is not precisely candy-like, but the smell is more of Kool-Aid.

Tropical twist

The flavor is tart, mainly with a slight touch of sweetness. The tropical twist is bright and somewhat with a bit of zest in it. It is not easy to figure out the types of fruits used, but they mostly taste like citrus and pineapple. The throat hit is also decent.

Classic tobacco

This is the most common taste you will find in vapes. The flavor is slightly nut-like, dry, and tastes more like tobacco. However, the hit is the most significant part of the vapes, and it is challenging and probably the strongest of them all.

Rich tobacco

Rich tobacco feels more like tobacco compared to classic tobacco. The taste is darker and more vigorous than the classic. One thing the traditional tobacco wins over the rich tobacco with is the hardness. Rich tobacco is smoother.

Cool menthol

The cool menthol does not appear to be colder compared to the other menthol flavors. You will feel like it has different distinct flavors apart from the menthol itself. It could be mint or something else, but the menthol vape is generally reasonable. The throat hit is not so much compared to the tropical twist.

Battery and charging of the Loop

It is hard to tell how good the charging case of the Loop is. The NJOY Loop e-cigarettes are fitted with the pod, and they do not rattle or mode around. To insert the pod, drop it in the battery with the LED light side going in first. They are held firmly because they have stronger magnets.

You can hold your e-cigarettes in the carrying case, and you can never worry about the battery running out on you. Although the case takes so much space in your pocket compared to the cigs, they are safe from getting lost.

If the battery on your Loop dies before you recharge it, the LED light goes white. The Loops can only last for 40 minutes, but when you insert them into the case, they fully charge within 15 minutes.

The NJOY Loop case can go for many days without you having to charge them. Then, when it comes the time to trust them, the process takes less than two hours.

How to use the NJOY Loops

  • Take out the battery sticks from the kit.
  • Take out the flavor pods from the kit and remove the rubber covers
  • Screw the pods to fit the battery
  • Take a hit from the mouthpiece, and these devices are draw-activated, so they give vapor at an instant.

Performance of the NJOY Loop

The draw system of the Loop is much tighter, and it feels like smoking on a cigarette. This is the best draw especially for people who are transitioning from smoking cigarettes to actual vaping.


The throat hit is more pronounced, and in case you are craving some cigarette hit, you need to puff on the NJOY Loop. Some flavors hit stronger than the others, so you can experiment and see how they feel.

Pros and cons of the NJOY Loop


  • The hits are strong like in cigarettes
  • The flavor choices are straightforward
  • It is effortless to use and similarly light
  • There is a window for tracking the liquid levels


  • Pods can shoot up liquid into your mouth
  • The fruitlike flavors can be felt more
  • The pods do not come with the kit

FAQs about the NJOY Loop vapes

Is the NJOY Loop worth it?

The NJOY Loop is a one-of-a-kind vapes pen that nobody should miss on their collection. This is because the device comes with a carrying case that can be used for recharging purposes.

How much is the NJOY Loop?

The NJOY Loop goes for $49.99, but sometimes you can get it for a lower price through the numerous discounts offered by the company.



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It reduces the cost of vaping by 50% because its size is three times that of the regular pods. This device is recommended for people who like to vape on the go.


The Loop is not the average vape that looks like a cigarette, it is a good performer, and it is a very likable device. This is what you get for the $42.99 price tag, which is much cheaper than other pens in the same category.

The pods are also good, and they are well compatible with the Loop device. They perform so well, and they can serve you for a full day without running low on performance.