NJOY Daily menthol disposable e-cigarettes review and instructions

    NJOY Daily menthol disposable e-cigarettes review and instructions

    The NJOY Daily menthol is a disposable e-cigarette with flavors aimed at delivering a satisfactory menthol flavor. The flavors come in 45mg/g which by standards is 4.5% of nicotine content. The device is a simple to use unit and it is entirely disposable so you do not have to worry about its charging and battery consumption.

    The NJOY Daily is easily one of the most preferred vaporizers in the American market. The NJOY Daily has grown so common and it its performance follows after the footsteps of the flagship e-cigarette, the NJOY king. One thing about the NJOY Daily is that it is made to feel like a cigarette without actually looking like one.

    Specifications and features of the NJOY Daily

    • Has a nicotine content of 4.5 percent
    • Has a LED light to indicate that device is active
    • Has a built in battery
    • The whole unit is completely disposable
    • Does not have any buttons because it is draw activated
    • The nicotine content is purely from nicotine salts

    Design and quality of the NJOY Daily

    One outstanding thing you will notice about the NJOY Daily menthol disposable ecigarette is the renewed packaging design. The NJOY Daily disposable chose a different packaging method that would have to do away with the plastic flip top design. The current pen holder is made from card box and the kit itself is wrapped in a foil bag. 

    The new seal design has been proven to keep things fresh and it also bears some visual beauty to it. The NJOY is well preserved and it can stay for as very long time without carrying along the taste of oldness. This is especially advantageous if you buy the units in bulk. 

    The new design of the NJOY Daily is more muted compared to the NJOY king. The device comes in a blue color and a few tiny dots which are for flavor indication. The top light is white and it does not look like the ember of a combustible cigarette.

    The NJOY Daily menthol is sleek, inconspicuous and subtle and it looks more of a modern NJOY king. The coloring found on the mouthpiece is actually food grade and this is the first time a vape pen is featuring such.             

    NJOY Daily menthol nicotine content

    As of now, you already know that the nicotine content of the NJOY Daily is directly proportional to the flavor. The menthol option has a 45mg/g nicotine concentration which is 4.5% by liquid volume. There are three main features that have proven the performance of the NJOY Daily to be of quality. 

    First, the battery is well designed to adequately burn the e-liquids in the tanks. You will notice that the NJOY Daily menthol gives the best menthol vapor and it is perfectly huge. When you puff on the NJOY Daily, the vapor is huge and it rarely affects the amount of liquid in the tank. This means that you can have more liquid even after successive session.

    NJOY Daily menthol vapor and flavor

    The NJOY menthol is one of the most preferred flavors of the Daily. The flavors have a strong throat hit and they are very cool. The reason for this is because NJOY Daily has VG and PG blends of 50/50 which is the most preferred among users of e-cigarettes.

    This gives huge clouds which look bigger and make the mouth fuller. The vegetable glycerin is a major contributor to the well balanced throat hit which makes the menthol kit a very competitive cloud machine.

    NJOY Daily battery performance

    The most impressive feature about the NJOY Daily must be the battery which has an added microprocessor to adjust the performance. Instead of inhaling to take a draw directly from the battery, the Daily alerts the battery to give a steady draw every time you inhale. The initial pull gives vapor and after that it will be giving shorter successive pulses.


    When compared against a graph, the draw is equal to over 50 pulses as you go through your second puff. That is so fast especially from a user’s point of view. You can barely notice the difference in pulses but it is good for prolonging the battery. There is a possibility that you could drain your liquid before your battery goes flat. 

    The device when fully charged can give you more than 300 puffs which is most likely the amount you would get from smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. 

    Pros and cons of the NJOY Daily menthol disposable


    • Features a sleek cylindrical modern design
    • It is soft to the touch with the smooth skin
    • The menthol e-liquids give a good throat hit
    • It is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes


    • The battery life is short

    NJOY Daily menthol vs. NJOY king

    If you do not have a coupon code to redeem, then the NJOY Daily menthol will be more expensive compared to the NJOY king. The good thing is that it is still cheaper than a whole pack of tobacco cigarettes anywhere. They biggest difference that you will note between the NJOY Daily and the NJOY king is the battery performance.

    There are a few innovations on the NJOY Daily menthol that have made it more usable and protective. The NJOY king is still a good unit only that it does not have the recent innovations that would make it an outstanding device.

    NJOY Daily menthol disposable review

    He NJOY Daily is a vaping device that is aimed to satisfy like a cigarette without actually looking like one. Yes it has the pen like shape but still you would not feel the cigarette vibe. The menthol disposable has the lactic acid which is the reason for the smoother throat hits you get when vaping on this pen. You can easily carry this unit around in its carrying case and you do not have to worry about the battery either.

    The menthol flavor is rich and delicious and they do not overpower the vapor. The flavor is well preserved by the foil seal design which ensures that even if you do not use your device for a long time, it will still stay fresh. There is no drop in flavor at any given point. 

    Each unit of the NJOY Daily goes for $5.99 and this is much cheaper compared to the $7.99 for the initial NJOY king which was released some years ago. However, you save a lot of money when you buy in bulk. The NJOY Daily menthol pack is actually cheaper than a pack of cigarettes anywhere in America.                              

    FAQs about the NJOY Daily menthol disposable

    Is the NJOY Daily menthol worth it?

    Yes. The NJOY Daily is a good ecigarette, made with precision by one of the best vape companies worldwide. The device has been proven to be performing well and is good at producing vapor

    How much is the NJOY Daily menthol?

    The Daily menthol unit goes for $7.99 and if you buy them at a whole sale they can go for $4.79 for a unit which makes them a cheaper option compared to the others

    My NJOY Daily is not working

    If your NJOY Daily is not working, it could be because the battery has run down. The device is disposable so you will need to discard it and buy a new one.



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    The NJOY Daily menthol is a reasonably priced vape alternative and has some of the best innovations. Using it is pleasurable and fully satisfying. It works better compared to some of the well-known disposable brands.

    The new style does not at all look like a combustible cigarette and does not attract any unnecessary attention. So it is really not worth it passing out on this product which gives you the feeling of smoking a combustible cigarette without actually smoking one.


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