NJOY Blueberry review and . The Features, Flavors Quality, Battery, Performance, and More Details

    NJOY Blueberry review and . The Features, Flavors Quality, Battery, Performance, and More Details

    The NJOY Blueberry is a model pod from the Ace series of the NJOY. The Blueberry has been designed to serve people who want to get away from the combustible cigarettes. The pod system has made the process of quitting cigarettes very easy.

    Each NJOY Blueberry pod comes with a more modernized look which is very compact, sturdy and stealthy. The unit has been designed to be a ready drop design which you can vape on the go.

    The NJOY Blueberry pod comes with a 1.9ml tank capacity and only holds Blueberry flavors. The nicotine content of the pod is at 19mg and they are sold in packs of two.

    Features of the NJOY Blueberry

    • Two packs of Blueberry pods
    • Holds a maximum of 275 puffs
    • Has a holding capacity of 1.9ml
    • Only compatible with NJOY devices

    The Blueberry pod from the NJOY ace division is not very heavy or big. It stands at 3.5 inches when it is fixed onto the battery and weighs close to 50 grams. With such a height, this makes it a very tiny device that could easily get lost in your pocket. For a pre-filled pod, this size is good for convenient usage.

    The NJOY Blueberry uses a premium design which looks distinct from the other devices. They are very sleek, with a flat base and curved top. The base that goes into the battery is made from stainless steel and the top is made of Pyrex glass which cannot be broken even if it falls accidentally. The system does not have any complicated buttons on it so it is a device that you only have to fix on your battery and start vaping.

    The Blueberry pods do not have many color variations, you can only buy them in black and they can also not be bought individually. The black color looks very glossy and is very soft.

    The textures are so much distinct and they have rounded edges which make them easy to grip. It appears that the NJOY Blueberry is bigger than JUUL which is a close competitor. The battery shape also makes it easy to conceal.

    Flavors quality of the NJOY Blueberry

    The Blueberry pods are filled with the original taste of Blueberry. When you vape on them, it feels like you are eating a fresh Blueberry. The only difference is that the flavors taste so much artificial but some people will find this flavor style to be very impressive.

    Battery performance of the NJOY Blueberry

    Your NJOY pod comes in a pack separate from the battery. It is therefore important if you buy a separate battery or if you have one on your side. Most of these batteries come when they are ready to use from the store. It is still important to consider charging them immediately you get home.

    To charge the battery, insert the micro USB charger on the bottom of the device, there is a port for connection. Proceed to plug in your charger into any charging block or device with a USB port.

    The Blueberry pods have the heating elements on the bottom so if you want to vape as you charge, you can comfortably do it. This is assisted by the pass-through feature that lets you fume vapor as you charge. 

    A fully charged battery can last you for a day or two depending on how you vape. If you are a heavy vaper, then the device can only last you for a full day before you need to recharge it again. For people who vape moderately, the pen can last them for a day and a half or two full days.

    It is important that you charge the battery when it is completely drained if you want the device to have a good battery life. Charging the device from zero to full takes less than an hour. 

    Performance of the NJOY Blueberry pod

    Many people buy vape devices depending on how good they perform. The Blueberry pod therefore, has to follow the same pattern that every vape user expects. This pod has not been said to be having any problems according to how it performs.

    This is because the performance is tied to how good the battery is. The pods have a tighter draw which feels like smoking a combustible cigarette, the airflow is well designed to manage the heat produced by the coils. The vapor produced is warm and can satisfy you without getting hot and cold. 


    The vapor production is not unique in any way; it clearly looks like it is being produced by a cigarette. You can choose to take a bigger puff or a stealthy on. If you want a bigger cloud, you can inhale and hold it in before you release.

    The Blueberry pod has nicotine strength of 5% and this is mostly determined by the flavor. If you want to get higher nicotine strengths, you need to change your flavor. The 5% pods have a much stronger throat hit that feels like a cigarette. When you initially begin to vape on them, you can feel some slight head rush but you will get used to it after a while.

    Pros and cons of the Blueberry pods


    • The pods have a premium build design
    • The Blueberry flavor is sweet and light
    • The pods can easily be replaced
    • They are cheaper than most pods in the market


    • The pod magnets get weaker after sometime of removal
    • The quality sometimes is below standards
    • The pod flavor production is not consistent
    • Sometimes you can get burnt cotton tastes

    How to use the Blueberry flavor pods

    When you buy your NJOY Blueberry pods, they usually come with two pods. You can use these pods on the battery that you buy on a separate kit. The kit comes with the USB charger as well. You will then be required to start by charging your battery before you start using the unit. 

    Remove the rubber covers on the top and base of your flavor pod. Take the pod and drop it into the battery slot. It will click into position because it has a magnetic drop in feature. There are no buttons on the   NJOY pod so you will need to start by taking a draw. It is draw activated so you will feel an immediate buildup of flavor in your mouth. 

    Review of the NJOY Blueberry

    The NJOY Blueberry is a very distinctive flavor pod. This flavor has been proven to be performing better than most of the pod selections, but many people still prefer the menthol pod because of the cool effect. The Blueberry has an original taste and smell that is sweet.

    The savory taste is reminiscent of eating a fresh Blueberry and after a while of puffing, you will not want to let go of the vape. The good thing is that the pods are portable and you can carry them around anywhere you want to go and get a vape satisfaction.

    FAQs about NJOY Blueberry pods

    Is the NJOY Blueberry worth it?

    The NJOY Ace is a good unit especially for beginners. The device is small and compact in design making it suitable for discreet sessions. It has a good vapor and flavor production that is suitable for people who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes

    How long does a NJOY Blueberry pod last?

    The NJOY Ace pod has the lasting rate of a normal pack of cigarettes. The 5% nicotine content which is on the 1.9ml pod can last for 325 puffs when fully charged. You can go for a day and a half when on full charge



    The UpOx pod system uses a precise etchip coil which has an improved heating area. The mesh coil resistance is good for giving you a flavorful puff from the first time you use the device.

    The device is compatible with mainstream liquids from the other brands. This device is recommended for people who like getting quality at affordable prices  


    If you have been trying to get an alternative to smoking, the NJOY Blueberry is the right selection for you. The unit has a solid hit and they deliver some of the best flavors. The device does not have any leakage or spitting issues so you are assured of getting value for money.


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