WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

NJOY Ace pods review and instructions. Specifications, Features, Performance, Pros, and Cons

9th Aug 2021 | 381 | upends v

The NJOY Ace is a pod system designed to be used by people trying to quit smoking cigarettes. They have made the process of quitting smoking more accessible with the pod system.

The pods are prefilled and come with a very sophisticated look that is more stealthy, compact, and solid. The device is a drop pod design, and you can vape anytime you are ready. 

The pod is available in four different flavors: classic tobacco, blueberry, cool menthol, and watermelon twist. Each of the pods holds 1.9ml of liquids and 5% nicotine content. The nicotine content is somehow similar to the JUUL pods. 

Specifications and features of the pods

A fully fixed ace device measures 3.5inches x 1.1 inches x 0.5 inches and weighs about 60 grams. With a height of 3.5 inches, the Ace is not significant as such, but again it cannot be categorized as a small device that can easily be lost. This is a different case from its competitor, Juul, which is much smaller.

The NJOY Ace is a premium design vape unit when compared to devices of a similar caliber. They fully implemented the term sleek, and this is how the device looks. It always looks fresh, like it just left the designing rooms. Although the pod system does not have any buttons, you might be confused to think that it is some clicker from the future. It can be easily carried around without people caring to know what is in your possession. 

The device does not have so many color variations; they are only available in grey and black. The black design is a hardened plastic that appears to be glossy, while the grey design is softer and with contrasting textures.

You can comfortably grip on it when you want to take a hit, and you will also notice that it is slightly bulkier than the Juul. This phenomenon is true because the battery is more extensive and can run for a more extended period. The battery is still a tradeoff, appearing to be flattened with an oval shape that is easy to conceal.

Flavor quality of the NJOY Ace pod

Even though the flavors for the NJOY are limited for American vape users, the tobacco and menthol flavors are still good. Below are some of the most outstanding flavors that you can enjoy with the ace pods.

Classic tobacco

This flavor is delicious; it tastes somewhat like a nut and sweet, which smells like a fresh batch of cigarettes. However, since there is no combustion on this device, it will not have the actual taste of a cigarette. 

Cool menthol

If you have a history of smoking menthols, you are in luck with this flavor. The cool menthol has the feeling that most smokers are familiar with. It is not very relaxed when it hits the throat, but it has a slight hint of mint.

Watermelon twist

This is the best flavor that you can get on a vape pen. It has a clean and refreshing flavor that tastes mostly like watermelon. The flavor is generic, slightly sweet but with a brighter flavor and tart. It is evident, refreshing, and gives so much pleasure. The aroma is very faint and very pleasant as well.


This flavor has the initial smell and taste of blueberry. However, it feels more like a generic blueberry than an actual blueberry. This is okay because many people conclude that it is a good selection.

Battery and charging of the NJOY Ace

Even though your ace device comes when it is fully charged or with some amount of charge, it is essential to recharge it for a while. All you need to do is insert the USB charger into the bottom of the device and plug it into a computer or any charging block.

You do not have to worry about vaping as you charge. The NJOY Ace has a pass-through charging feature that allows you to vape even as you trust.

Depending on the frequency of usage, it can last you for half a day or a full day. If you do not go heavy on the vape, it can serve you for a few days. It takes only less than an hour to charge. 

Performance of the NJOY Ace pod

How a vape hit is the most significant aspect that everyone wants to find out. The Ace takes both a win and a loss when weighed in terms of performance. The pods have a good hit, but the airflow is very tight and perfectly designed to handle the heat from the coil.

The vapor is warm and satisfactory without getting cold or hot. The vapor released looks more like the one produced from a cigarette. You have the freedom to take a stealthy puff or a bigger one. It is not an obnoxious cloud, and you can hold in the vapor and even blow it out.

The nicotine strength can be mild or substantial, depending on your selection of forces. The 2.4% pods do not have the strong hit that is found in the 5% liquid. Even the strength of the 5% pods does not have the harshness mostly found in cigarettes.

You are likely to get ahead rush initially, which is expected for cigarettes, then after a while, you will get used to it. You can use the device less frequently if you want to manage some tolerance.

Pros and cons of the NJOY Ace pod


  • Built with a premium design
  • The flavor selections are good 
  • The unit is straightforward to use
  • The battery life is excellent and long-lasting
  • Good customer care


  • Magnets on the pod sometimes get weaker
  • The quality control is not up to standards
  • There is inconsistency in the pod performance
  • You can frequently get burnt hits
  • It appears to be very expensive

How to use the pod

Take your ace pod from its kit, and you will also find the battery and micro USB chargers. You need to purchase the flavor pods because they do not come with the equipment. Take one pod out of the kit and remove the plugs covering the top and the bottom. They are put there to avoid leakages as the pods are in transit. 


The user’s manual is very straightforward and not hard to read. You will need to go through it then begin setting up. You will first place your pod into the battery opening, and once it is well inserted, take a puff from the pod. It has an automatic draw, so as you draw, the vapor is made. There is a built-in chip that controls all the draw activities.

FAQs about the NJOY Ace pod

Is the NJOY Ace pod worth it?

An NJOY Ace is a good unit, especially for beginners. The device is small and compact in design, making it suitable for discreet sessions. In addition, it has a good vapor and flavor production ideal for people trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

How much is the NJOY Ace pod?

NJOY has been using promotions to attract new customers to their ace products. The ace device can be bought from the website at $7.99. However, the pods are much cheaper and go for $5 with full flavors of nicotine.

How long does an NJOY Ace pod last?

The NJOY Ace pod has the lasting rate of a standard pack of cigarettes. The 5% nicotine content on the 1.9ml pod can last for 325 puffs when fully charged. So you can go for a day and a half when in full charge.



The UpOx is a good pod system that uses the etchip coil, which has the best heating efficiency. In addition, the device is compatible with most of the mainstream eliquids, and the mesh coil delivers a mouthful of the original flavor with just a single puff.



If you are looking forward to quitting cigarette smoking and want something with a solid hit, then the Ace is the device you have been looking for. The pods are perfect for delivery with colossal vapor and tasteful flavors. The only issue with the device is the wick system. The heating elements sit on the top of the ceramic wicking block.