MyVaporStore (MVS): Vape Equipment Review and Instructions

    MyVaporStore (MVS): Vape Equipment Review and Instructions


    Are you tired of bogus electronic products, poor customer service, and prolonged delivery time? Then relax because MyVaporStore got you covered; with a thousand plus top-quality electronic products currently in the store, it guarantees you satisfaction with your needs. MyVaporStore is the electronic cigarette and product superstore carrying the biggest brand names in the vaping industry.

    The company was founded in 2009 and based in New York, the United States. It aims to provide high-quality products straight from official manufactures, quick deliveries, affordable prices, and premier customer services. It regularly samples new electronic merchandise for the entire inventory to derive the industry’s top-notch and latest electronic products.

    MyVapeStore is a certified company by the Food and Drugs Administration with a registered trademark of MV Store and was voted as the best online vape shop last year. The company accepts online payment through Mastercard, Paypal, American Express, and Visa. 

     What’s in the MV Store

    1. Starter Kits

    Starter kits are a suitable alternative for newbie vapers and those trying to quit smoking cigarettes. MV Store provides complete kits for effective vaping, and they vary in design, color, shape, and performance at the lowest price. Kits carry a coil, mod, tank, rechargeable battery, USB cable, and spare parts.

    1.1 E-Cigarette Starter Kits

    The perfect option for just-switching vapers and regarded as a Mouth-To-Lungs device resembles the traditional tobacco cigarette in size and shape. E-cigarettes lack harmful chemicals and provide the same excellent throat hit from the first draw as a tobacco cigarette. 

    1.2 Pod Systems

    The new nicotine delivery style and versatile devices, Vape pods, consist of a rechargeable battery and liquid vape pod whereby some have pre-filled cartridges others have refillable pods. Pod mods provide a cigarette-like experience, excellent throat hit, and focus on nicotine impacting the smoker cravings.


    1.3 Disposable

    MV Store has hundreds of various disposable kits with different designs, features, and shapes from other reputable brands at affordable costs for each. These are the best options to use when traveling and they come with parts used once. However, the company has a few kits that are rechargeable with replaceable juice cartridges.

    1.4 Pen Style

    The classic cylindrical designed kit is convenient to carry and produces thicker clouds for an excellent vaping experience. Each kit contains a vape tank, in-built battery, and charger. You activate the pen by clicking on the fire button. 

    It features adjustable wattage output and airflow and supports MTL and DTL vaping styles. Generally, the MV Store carries all the stylish pen kits that suit you. 

    1.5 Box Mod

    MyVapeStore carries the new beginner to advanced box mods from the leading manufacturer, and box mods contain adjustable power output, temperatures, and wattage. They take two 18650 batteries, a chipset for more personalization, screen color change options, and puff count limits. Modern ones come with the IP67 features making them water, dust, and shockproof.

    1.6 All In One System

    The latest and easiest-to-use vape mod, AIO has everything you require for vaping right away, making them ideal for beginners. You activate it by clicking on the fire button and coming with internal rechargeable batteries, USB charging port, anti-leakage feature, and replaceable coils. The store holds various AIO starter kits; shop the best that matches your needs today at a pocket-friendly price.

    2. MVS Vape Bar

    Vape Bar Disposable Devices

    Disposable vape bars are unique single pods that contain all the components necessary for direct smoking. It arrives with a pre-filled e-liquid, non-chargeable battery and features a draw-activated firing mechanism. We have all the disposable bar devices from various manufactures carrying different flavors; you need to look into our store.

    Vape bar disposable pods serve as a quicker option, especially for beginner vapers and backup for experienced vapers at a low price. Each device comes with different in-built flavors and a 5% nicotine salt.


    • Zero maintenance needed
    • 1.3ml e-liquid capacity
    • Non- fillable, non-chargeable design
    • Bigger battery capacity providing over 400 puffs
    • 50mg nicotine salt per liquid
    • Compact and lightweight grip
    • Automatic vape style

    3. Accessories

    MyVapeStore offers a vast range of premium quality accessories from leading manufacturers across the globe at the best price; check through our store.

    3.1 Batteries

    MyVapeStore has categorized the batteries by the amount of energy stored in milli-ampere-hours. High mAh means longer charging time and more energy replicates longer usage time. 

    MV Store contains different battery sizes such as 14500mAh, 18350mAh, 18500mAh, 18650mAh, 20700mAh, 21700mAh, and 26650mAh. Other batteries are too sensitive when charging as they may explode like Li-ion cells. 

    3.2 Apparels

    MyVapeStore contains vast attires from different manufacturers coming in various sizes and colors. The apparels in the shop include a naked 100x e-liquid bundle exclusive T-shirt, a 09 Crewneck T-shirt purple, a classic v neck shirt charcoal/turquoise, a 09 Crewneck T-shirt black/red, and a naked 100x empire T-shirt.

    3.3 Bottle

    The store has two bottles currently that include an e-liquid bottle tip adapter coming in a pack of two and a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle.

    3.4 Replacement head coils

    MyVapeStore groups the replacement coils in different categories as discussed:

    The first ones include the replaceable and those that support high vapor production and massive cloud formations. The head coils in the MyVapeStore include UD Youde, Kangertech, Council of Vapor, Horizon Tech, Prefilled flavor pods, Kandypens, Joyetech, Geekvape, and Smoktech.

    3.5 Charger

    MyVapeStore contains different charger types. Examples of dual USB car plug, wall to USB converter, and Innokin Itaste wall to USB. Joy Ego series chargers include ego fast USB, wall to USB converter, and dual wall to a USB charger. MOD battery chargers include Nitecore Intelli chargers, Apexium slim chargers, Nitecore Digi chargers, and Efest Xsmart USB chargers.

    4. Vape Devices

    MV Store has several vaping devices; we classify them by the amount of wattage they produce and the battery system of the device. 

    4.1 5 watts to 350 watt

    The five wattages are the minimum number that smaller devices carry, and 350 wattages are the highest that few instruments have. Better wattage means a long-lasting vaping experience.  

    Examples include Smok pod, Voopoo drag, Vaporesso swag, and Uweii Aeglos pod. Maximum wattage devices include Geekvape Aegis max, Uwell crown 5, and Sigelei 213 fog.

    4.2 Single Battery

    Operates with the help of one battery for maximum vaping experience, uses a single 18650/20700/21700, and fires over 100w. Come with all modes you need like bypass, TC, power mode, and temperature control. The MyVapeStore contains several top devices in different sizes, designs, and prices.

    4.3 Dual battery

    Devices with a dual structure provide long-lasting battery life and high power output. They are considered flagship products as they feature the latest technologies from manufacturers such as DNA chipset and other digital control systems.

    4.4 Squonker

    The popular vaping style features an atomizer that pumps e-juice to the rebuildable drip atomizer through a tube. Squonkers carry single/dual batteries, a single RDA coil, and an OLED display showing important information.

    4.5 Built-in Battery

    Devices with in-built battery systems lack an external charging port. They are simple to use and are the most recommended for new vapers. The maximum wattage output is over 80w, providing the best vaping experience.

    5 Brands

    MyVapeStore houses hundreds of top and beginner manufacturers of various products in the vaping industry, from juice producers to device manufacture.

    Brands that MyVapeStore has partnered with include 528 Custom, Augvape, Blitz Vapes, Cloudious9, Dazzvape, Efest, Fancy vape, Geekvape, Horizon Tech, and, Innokin. Joyetech, Killa Fruits, Lost Vape, Snowwolf, MOTI Vape, Mr. Freeze, Smoking Vapor, Suorin, Thinkvape, Timesvape, Vape Bar, and YiHi SX Mini, just to name a few.

    6. E-Liquids

    MV Store comprises thousands of various e-liquids varying on vast manufacturers. It has divided and grouped e-juices into different categories. In the MyVapeStore, e-liquids fall under the following subcategory; shop by flavor, nicotine salt, short fill e-liquids, sub-ohm liquids, and nicotine e-liquids.

    6.1 Shop By Flavor

    In this subcategory, MyVapeStore has incompatible flavors from discrete producers, and they include cereal, chocolate, fruity, tobacco, lemonade, bakery and dessert, menthol and mint, and custard and creams. They contain exquisite and smooth e-liquid that will mesmerize your palates.

    6.2 Nicotine Salt

    The nicotine salt e-liquid is absorbed into the body faster and delivers a soft throat hit. MVS has various nicotine strengths from leading makers like Mr. Salt-E, Charlie Chalk Dust, Cassadaga salt, Moo Salt, Okambi brand, and Zenith.

    6.3 Short Fill

    Arrive with a nicotine shot space allowing the user to add nicotine to attain the desired puff. MyVapeStore has a number in the store from different producers such as Chubby Bubby vape, The milk House, Beantown, and Cosmic Fog.

    6.4 Sub-ohm E-Liquids

    Best e-juices to be used in sub-ohm include low nicotine strength and high VG content for intense soft flavor and massive clouds. MVS sub-ohm e-liquids are Naked 100, Buckshot Vapors, Cloud Nurdz, Clown, and Vapetasia.

    Final Thought

    MyVapeStore is a one-stop online shop with all vaping products that suit your desires and has various products from vast producers. The exceptional customer service and high-quality products make MV Store the best online vape store for you.


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