WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mystic Vapes: Products, Instructions, and Reviews

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 1          What is Mystic Vapes?

Mystic is a Canadian brand that specializes in top-quality vaping products. It deals with e-cigarrettes, e-liquids, ejuices, vapes, and personal vaporizers.

2          The Mystic: 2.0 POD-MOD Pre-Filled Vape System Starter Kit

2.1        Description

The Mystic 2.0 Pod Mod with the pre-filled system is the world's first closed system. It is a sub-ohm vaping device that is compact and powerful closed-system, meaning that you don't need to worry about refilling a tank or changing a coil as the 10ml pods have you covered; once depleted, swap out the old pod for a fresh one. With a powerful 1700mAh battery thathas an on-off option and the standby mode to help conserve power,10ml pre-filled pods make an effortless and satisfying sub-ohm experience and give 0.25ohm resistance for sub-ohm performance. Mistic 2.0 POD Comes with 2 complimentary pods available in black with Tobacco, while the matte white comes with Strawberry Splashproviding a straightforward and convenient way to vape by utilizing pre-filled pod refills that contain 10ml of e-juice and a 0.25ohm atomizer

Each self-contained pod is easily interchangeable for vapers on the go or those wanting to experience various flavor profiles effortlessly

2.2        Flavors

Each flavor is 4mg in nicotine strength (0.4% nicotine by weight), a suitable strength for a sub-ohm device as the vapor production is a lot greater than most other e-cigarettes. The Pre-Filled Pods are available in the following great flavors; cherry, coconut cream, creamy cantaloupe, fruit mix, java, mango, menthol, strawberry, Tobacco, and watermelon. These high-end e-liquids (80 VG/20 PG ratio) are made in the USA and available in 4 mg nicotine strengths (4 percent by volume)

2.3        Specification

With a 30W fixed wattage and 0.25ohm coil, you get a thick, flavorful vapor without having to fiddle with any settings

A Powerful 1700mAh battery

It is a  4" device that is portable enough to fit in a pocket or slip into a bag

It is offered in 10 mL child-resistant and tamper-proof pre-filled pods and 10 flavors.

It has its built-in coil that provides 0.3 ohms of resistance for maximum sub-ohm vapor production.

2.4        Package

A 10 mL of Tobacco e-juice POD

A 10 mL Strawberry e-juice POD

A USB charging cable,

A user manual.

3          Mystic E-cigs Bridge Refillable E-cig cartridge

3.1         Description

The Bridge Refillable E-cig cartridge is designed with Haus technology to fit into cig-a-like batteries like a cartridge, allowing users to vape any of the e-juice flavors available VTMs in the size of an e-cig.

It has a refillable tank like the ones used on other personal vaporizers; the Bridge fits blue or Mark Ten batteries, so users don't need to buy a new battery.

Users of the Mistic Bridge can vape their e-juices or have a choice of 12 USA-made distinct blends of  American Blend, Apple, Berry, Cool Ice, Grape, Java, Mango, Ocean Mist, Pineapple, Vanilla, Watermelon, and Washington Red.

3.2        Package

Mystic Bridge Starter Kit has a sleek, freshly designed battery wrapped in a soft, cobalt blue-colored easy-grip handle that conglomerates both style and comfort;

USB charger for added on-the-go expediency.

A transparent refillable tank powered by HAUS™ technology; and available to use with Mistic's current and new line of rechargeable cig-a-like batteries. Moreover, specially designed Mystic Bridge tanks are known to use with batteries of other prominent e-cig brands.

Each refillable tank is cotton-free, giving consumers a more extensive cloud and a more dependable and consistent vaping experience.

4          Reviews

4.1        The Mystic: 2.0 POD-MOD Pre-Filled Vape System Starter Kit

Mistic offers different flavors like the American Blend, Mistic Menthol, cool ice, and traditional. The Cool Ice menthol with solid and good vapor was my favorite. Menthol is a bit boring though it is up to par with others. The Mistic Vape slogan is 'Best Taste, Best Value.' Do you think so?

Mistics choice for disposables is restricted only to Traditional or Menthol. But note that the new Mistic 2 Pod Mod has a more generous line, variety of flavors still not very extensive.

Although their exterior may not show an image of luxury, Mistic batteries perform just like other e-cig batteries, and considering the unnecessary pricing of other brand batteries; Mistic offers a very reasonable charge.  Even though I have used them long enough, I am not able to comment on either failure or success rates and such, but so far, so good!

Is it cheap? With all honesty, yes. But does it portray anything about the brand? I don't think so. But a reasonable price does not mean you're getting the wrong product. Right? It's a long way from pleasing the smokers who have already switched to vaping. Value-wise, take advantage of online specials and coupons to get an electronic cigarette and stop smoking immediately.

4.1.1        Pros

  • Long-lasting pods
  • You can only swap out the old pod for a fresh one
  • Powerful battery
  • Conserves power
  • Easily interchangeable batteries
  • Different flavors
  • Affordable
  • Portable

4.1.2        Cons

  • It takes 3 hours to charge
  • It doesn't produce colossal vapor
  • PODs are more expensive

4.2        Mystic E-Cigs Bridge Refillable E-cig cartridge

Mistic E-cigs Bridge Refillable Cartridge has become popular among the consumers since making it on the shelves of  Wal-Mart stores. If you are trying to find out if vaping is for you, then Mistic serves as one of the most affordable picks.  As mentioned, it is available; at Wal-Mart and almost at any popular gas station, or you can shop online from the comfort of your home.

Mistic E-Cigs can be good if you are trying to vape for the first time. It is cheap, though not the best solution for long stretch vapers, and if you search online, you will quickly get comparable deals for small starter kits that offer way better long-term use and value.

4.2.1        Pros

  • Different flavors
  • Has refillable tank
  • Compatible batteries
  • Easy free tank
  • Easily drawn technology

4.2.2        Cons

  • Cartridges are not the best
  • Difficult to refill cartridges

5          FAQs

5.1        How much does a Mystic "2 0" starter kit cost?

The starting price for the Mystic 2.0 system starter kit is  $49.99, inclusive of the vaporizer and two pre-filled pods; the beauty of this system is that when you want to swap to a new pod or change flavors, there is no need to change coils or clean tanks.

5.2        How huge is the Mystic 2. 0 vaporizer?

The Mystic 2.0 vaporizer measures 4.1″* 1.9″*0.9″ weighing 5.9 ounces. The outer part is covered in a soft-touch material; my daughter says it is sleek and velvet to the touch, and it fits perfectly in hand. When a blue light glows, it means the vaporizer is charging.

5.3        How long does it take to charge a mystic 2.0?

A1700mAh battery is shipped when fully charged, but it takes about 3 hours to charge when empty. 10 mL of Tobacco e-juice POD, one 10 mL Strawberry e-juice POD, a USB charging cable, and a user manual is the package box.

5.4        How much does a mystic "2 0" Pod cost?

The Mystic 2.0 POD-MOD refill pods cost $19.99. It is available straight from the manufacturer and other retailers. Mistic is running a special promotion where if you buy $30 (or more) worth of products from the site, you get a Mistic 2.0 POD-MOD vaporizer for $1 with the code NEWMISTIC2.

5.5        How long do mystic pods last?

The 10 mL PODs will last between 2  to 3 days, save if you are a heavy user because the 1700mAh battery makes the vaporizer last a day without recharging. With extended use, it gets warm.

5.6        How much does a mystic ECIG cartridge cost?

The e-cig cartridges are also realistically low at $9.95, which is substantial savings over other brands. You will enjoy our MISTIC refills with either traditional Tobacco or stimulating fantastic mint Menthol flavor.

5.7        Are Mystic cartridges compatible with batteries?

Our mistic cartridges and refills are compatible with Mistic Electronic Cigarette batteries. Through our customer reviews, we have worked to improve the worth of the refill cartridges. Due to this, our cartridges have more liquid to last longer with thicker vapor.

5.8        What are mystic e-cigs?

E-cigarettes are portable custom-made vaping devices designed to replicate a physical smoking feeling without burning Tobacco. South Beach Smoke's designed e-cigs consist of only two components: A high-capacity lithium-ion battery and a disposable cartridge.

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6          Conclusion

Mystic vape simplifies the vaping experience covering the full spectrum of vape consumers by reinventing the knowledge by improving ease for adult vapers with the introduction of the mistic 2.0 POD-mod  and the Mistic E-cigs Bridge Refillable E-cig cartridge