My Vape Tastes Burnt: 7 Reasons why a Vape Tastes Burnt and How to Fix It

    My Vape Tastes Burnt: 7 Reasons why a Vape Tastes Burnt and How to Fix It


    UPENDS Guide on How to Fix a Burnt Taste

    As you start vaping as a beginner who has quit smoking recently, you may be overwhelmed by some happenings that are new to you. You may come across many vape equipment that, if you don’t know how to use as required, you may end up getting compromised vaping quality.

    One of the common shortcomings in vaping is to get a burnt taste. This has almost happened to every vaper at some time when learning how to vape or even as expert smokers. The 

    The good news for you here is that you can always correct the vape and continue enjoying the best vaping quality.

    In this article, we shall introduce you to the reasons why your vape may be tasting burnt and give the best remedies to overcome this situation.

    So why does my vape taste Burnt?


    Many vapers, moreso the new vapers, ask themselves such a question. A burnt taste compromises the quality of the vape that you should get and compromise the hit and the flavor. This may disappoint you as a new vapor, and there is a likelihood that you may fall back and continue vaping.

    Here are the possible reasons why your vape tastes burnt and possible remedies to overcome the burnt taste:

    1. You Haven’t Allowed Your E-juice to be Absorbed

    Every e-cigarette comes with an atomizer that holds the e-liquid that you use to vape. When the atomizer runs out of the e-liquid, you will be required that you refill it before you continue vaping.

    If you don’t allow the e-liquid to settle before starting to vape, there is a likelihood that instead of burning the e-liquid, you will be burning the coil that may be dry and cause a burnt taste. This mostly possible as the coil could not have soaked free, thus; burning the cotton, leaving a burnt taste on your mouth.

    Correcting this mess is easy. If you experience a burnt taste immediately after refilling the atomizer, leave the ser to rest for about 10 minutes before making the next puff.

    If the problem persists, then you need to try the next step;

    1. You Haven’t Replaced the Burnt Coils

    Coils, like any other part of the vape system, have a life, and as you continue using them, they can reach a point they break off. After refilling your atomizer and you make a puff without allowing the system to settle, it may burn the cotton on the coil that may cause permanent damage.

    If you allowed your vape system to settle but still get the burnt taste, this means that you have used your coil for a long and it needs a replacement.

    The mechanism of replacing your coil is simple but varies from one tank to the other. Unscrew the cover either on the top or below your tank to expose the coils, unscrew the coil, insert a new one, the screw it tightly.

    If you think your coil is new and you don’t want to replace it, you can give it a good clean and try it out again.

    1. You Have not Primed the Coils.

    After you replace your old coils with new ones, you need to open up your tank and prime the ne coils before you start to vape. Priming is simply wetting the wick and the coil with the filled e-liquid to make sure it is saturated before you start to vape.

    A new coil can sometimes be stubborn, and you can easily burn it. This is mainly because the wick is tight, which makes it less porous to allow easy penetration of your e-liquid.

    Without proper saturation through priming, you might bun the coil that may cause a burnt vape..

    1. Vaping at too High Voltage

    Different vaping mods have different vaping powers allowing you to vape at specific watts. Some may come with fixed vape wattage, while others can come with variable vaping voltages. With a variable wattage vape mod, you can mistakenly set a high vaping wattage that may burn the coil.

    Make sure that you read the full specifications of your mod to make sure you set it at the right temperature as you vape. This way, you will avoid burning your coils.

    1. Using a wrong Juice

    Different vape juices are made differently and should be vaped differently. As a vaper, you might have come across terms like VG, PG, 50/50, and even sub-ohm. These are among the terms that you need to understand for easy and quality vaping fully.

    VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is an ingredient in any type of e-liquid that is mixed in proportions with Propylene Glycol. The VG gives you a smooth vaping experience with huge vapor, and the PG gives you much vapor but a limited vapor.

    Using the wrong e-liquid can cause your vape to taste burnt; if you use high PG, High nicotine strength e-liquid, your device may not function well. On the other hand, if you are vaping using a sub-ohm device, it requires you to vape an e-liquid with high VG as PG is thicker and may not soak the coils well.

    1. Chain Vaping

    Chain vaping refers to when you make puffs continuously. When vaping, the e-liquid soaked on your vape equipment coil gets consumed, and you need to allow time between the puffs to make sure the coil absorbs the e-liquid.

    If you chain vape, there is a likelihood that you may experience a burnt vape. To overcome this, you need to allow some time between successful puffs to allow the coil to absorb a new e-liquid for the next puff. This way, you won’t expose your wick to burning, and you will enjoy the best vaping experience.

    1. Clogged Wick

    As you choose an e-liquid for you, some may contain colorants, sweeteners, and nicotine. After regularly using such e-liquids, they may clog your wick and build a clog that is mostly black in nature.

    Using a lighter e-liquid may be a solution but not a permanent one. Here, you need to regularly wash your coils after a vape to make sure they remain clean and free of clogs. This will help eliminate a burnt taste.


    Why does my Vape Taste Burnt?

    There are many reasons why your vape may taste burnt. The coil may be old and require replacement; you haven’t cleaned your coils for long, you vape at a high voltage, did not prime your coil after changing it and refilled your mod, and many other reasons.


    There are numerous reasons why your vape may taste burnt. The listed reasons in this article are the main reasons and remedies that you can use to make sure you receive a quality vape. The vaping industry is a growing one, and as you join vaping, you will come across many goodies and shortcomings.

    A dry, harsh and burnt taste may be a contribution of many factors. When you need to solve them, make sure you start from the basic ones before considering permanent changes like changing the coils.


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