Mr. Puff Compatible Vapes Review

    Mr. Puff Compatible Vapes Review

    Tired of your old pod for your Juul and need a vast array of delicious fruit flavors for your Juul? Worry no more! Mr. Puff has come up with compatible pods that perfectly fit your Juul devices, providing an outrageous and exquisite fruit flavor, leaving the taste buds mesmerized.

    Juul compatible pods from Mr. Puff attribute a world of modern and traditional flavors that perfectly work with Juul devices. Mr. Puff compatible Juul pods come with excellent taste and outstanding quality. This feature makes it the king of compatible Juul pods in the entire United Arab Emirates. 

    The products from Mr. Puffs are produced from the finest fruit ingredients using the perfect SaltNic formula, giving the smooth and sweet soothing vaping experience. The e-liquid provides thick clouds due to the 6% nicotine salt in each pack calming the throat on every inhalation and refreshing the taste buds.

    Design And Appearance

    It has a unique appearance, and the box carries five pods, with each flavor having eye-catching colors of an accurate representation of the taste inside the pack. The card box contains the flavor name, the manufacturer’s name, and a warning of nicotine as the addiction chemical on the front and company information on the backside.

    Mr. Puff Juul compatible pods have genius designs containing an internal 200mAh battery that outputs up to 8 watts. The congruent pod can support over 240 puffs per device and carry 1ml of a patented concoction of nicotine salt, about 60 mg nicotine salt in the EU and 50 mg nicotine salt in the United States.

    Mr. Puff has several flavors, including strawberry banana, watermelon, mango lemonade, strawberry, mucho mango, blueberry, pink lemonade, and apple, at the lowest price. As the e-liquid sounds good at writing, it is the ideal product on hand that you need to grab one and satisfy your cravings all day.

    Delivery And Shipping Terms

    Mr. Puff offers deliveries and shipment of their customer orders 24 hours a day and works all days of the week. The customer service department is the best, meaning you can get help and answer your vaping questions. Mr. Puff provides supplies entirely in the United Arab Emirates, such as Ajman Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, Khor Fakkan, etc.

    Mr. Puff Juul Compatible Pod Flavors

    1. Strawberry Banana

    The flavor is a blend of sweet and fresh strawberries with ripe bananas giving a delicious taste that will let your palates dance to the tasty rhythm. On your first draw, you feel the fresh strawberries taste, and on exhaling, the banana taste fused with berries tantalize your taste buds with a refreshing flavor.


    • Available in a pack of five
    • Fully compatible device
    • Contain 6% nicotine strength
    • 1ml salt strength per pod

    2. Apple

    There is no difference between the apple flavor and the fresh, ripe apple fruit. The genius flavor pod contains minimum and maximum bodied vaping experience that will make you get out of bed each morning. Fresh juicy apple taste dominates the palate on inhaling and, on exhaling, a strong throat hit, and massive cloud formation is the result that gives the refreshing flavor exceptional.


    • Carry 6% nicotine salt 
    • Provide over 240 puffs
    • Compatible Juul pod
    • Arrive in a package of five pods
    • Available in 1ml pod e-liquid size

    3. Mucho Mango

    Provides an extra sensual hit for heavier vaping; the flavor is a perfect blend of juicy and fresh mangos drizzled with tropical sweetness giving a tart taste. It replicates the authentic farm and fresh mango fruit taste upon inhaling. The soft sweet tropical taste dominates the buds leaving the desire for further vaping due to the succulent flavor.


    • Carry 1.0ml vape liquid
    • Give more than 240 puffs
    • Available in five pre-filled pods
    • Contain 6% nicotine strength

    4. Blueberry

    The flavor accommodates the finest emulation of ripe and juicy blueberries merged into the salt e-liquid providing the piquant taste of berries. The correct usage of SaltNic formula in the flavor hits an excellent throat long cloud production. The flavor carries the blueberry taste on inhale, and the berry taste bathes the palates on exhale with a smooth, energizing flavor.


    • Contain 6% nicotine salt
    • Available in 1ml e-liquid size
    • Packed in five pods
    • Provide up to 240 puffs
    • Compatible pod

    5. Pink Lemonade

    A sweet sensation from the flavor will eradicate your nicotine cravings and replace the dessert cravings. The pink lemonade is a fusion of berries, grapefruits, and various fruits with fresh watermelon to flavor its color. Nicotine salt provides thicker clouds and sour vapor satisfying the throat with a great kick.

    Upon inhale, a tasty, smooth, zesty lemonade flavor washes the taste buds, and during exhale, tart strawberry fruity taste with the soft citrus flavor dominating through the palates.


    • Provide over 240 puffs 
    • Juul compatible devices
    • Carry 60 mg nicotine by volume
    • Packaged in five pods
    • Hold 1.0ml liquid

    6. Strawberry

    Mr. Puff has climbed the mountains to bring you the mouth-watering strawberry flavor, containing an exquisite blend of fresh and ripe strawberries giving the tart fruity taste. The tasty and smooth strawberry taste dominates the taste buds on inhaling and exhales a refreshing and stimulating flavor. Long thick cloud production due to the 60mg nicotine strength will give you the best vaping experience from the Juul pods.


    • Contain 6% nicotine option
    • Packed in 1ml salt juice in each pod
    • Arrive in a pack of 5
    • Carry up to 240 puffs

    7. Mango Lemonade

    A new twist of the popular fruit with a classic recipe will awaken your senses and the taste buds, with the pleasant smell and long thick cloud. The flavor is the synthesis of sweet-bitter lemonade quirk with tasty, juicy tropical mango producing appetizing flavor. As you inhale, the sweet tropical mango taste strikes your palate, and during exhale, the citrus taste takes control over the buds for a revivifying experience.


    • Fully compatible Juul pod
    • 1ml e-liquid on each pod
    • 60 mg nicotine strength
    • Come in a pack of five
    • It carries a maximum of 240 puffs

    8. Watermelon

    Made to please the resilient palates and change the approach of Juul vaping, the fresh melon infused with fruity taste giving the legendary watermelon flavor. The fruity tart taste controls with a slight overpowering melon taste through the buds. Massive cloud and vapor production make the flavor claim the hearts of many vapers because of the six percent nicotine salt.


    • 1ml liquid pod size
    • 6% nicotine strength
    • Over 240 puffs 
    • Packed in five devices
    • Complete Juul compatible device
    • Simple to operate
    • Several flavor options 
    • The tremendous soft throat hit
    • Minimum of 200 puffs and maximum 300 puffs
    • Durable battery life
    • Best nicotine options
    • Good e-juice capacity
    • Some flavors do taste off-flavor

    Mr. Puff Nic Salts

    The nicotine in nic salts absorbed into the bloodstream gives a faster-acting and lasting nicotine hit than the distilled nicotine present in the typical e-juices. Nic salts tend to be smooth on the throat, minus impacting the flavor, making it the best option for just switching vapers.

    Benefits of Nicotine Salts

    • Use maximum nicotine options: Higher nicotine levels provide instant rush and soft throat kick enabling simple cigarette quitting.

    • Use of minimum e-liquids: The high nicotine levels give better absorption and long-lasting hits, making you consume less juice.

    • Durable shelf life: The oxidation process is faster as the nicotine salt is in its natural state and is more stable.

    • User-friendly pod: Easier to use, whereby you can buy cartridges to avoid the mess of refilling the e-liquid. Also, it fits perfectly in the pocket.

    • Soft and less nicotine bite: Nic salt makes a better vaping experience on high levels with a smooth throat hit, unlike the freebase nicotine.

    Mr. Puff has produced several nic salt juices that allow vaping at higher strengths minimizing the rough throat hit and come in two nicotine options at 35 mg and 50 mg nicotine levels.

    Mr. Puff Nicotine Salt Flavors

    1. Strawnana Custard

    The best-merged flavor adds juicy fresh strawberries and ripe bananas topped with the dessert custard to give the tasty, succulent taste that refreshes the taste buds. Available in a chubby bottle containing space for nicotine shots, softening the throat in each draw.

    2. Berry Grenade

    The flavor that will uplift your vaping spirits, berry grenade is a blend of fresh berries with a twist of zesty providing a fruity taste for all-day vaping with a smooth throat kick due to the 50mg nicotine level.

    3. Strawberry Lemon Soda

    Comprising fresh strawberries, ripe berries, and juicy lemon giving a dessert fruit taste with balanced soda and citrus connotations for thick cloud production and great throat hit.

    4. Black Mango

    The flavor is a blend of ripe and juicy tropical mangoes with fresh blackcurrants fused in a menthol twist to give a sophisticated taste.


    Overall, Mr. Puff has a big chance in the vaping industry with the best quality e-liquid, unique designs, modern market appearance, and friendly price makes Mr. Puff shining. The nicotine option is an added advantage that makes vapers love the company e-liquids.


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