WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Migo Vape Pen. A Comprehensive Guide About the Migo Vape Pen

12th May 2022 | 2062 | upends v

What is Migo vape pen

The Migo vape pen is a game-changer vaping experience for both beginners and those who are experienced. The Migo vape batteries are designed to outdo the other eGo batteries.

It is designed by GaneshVapes, made of stainless steel and it is durable with good quality. It has a practical design with elegance and is well built. It has a dry herb coil that is spiral and it is surrounded by a ceramic insulator.

The price is affordable and is easy to use and clean. It gives quality vapor as there is no room for leakage. Users looking for sophistication and maximum enjoyment should go for the Migo vape pen.

Its sleek design gives it the right look for anyone looking for class and it is relatively light, you can carry it in your pocket or purse whenever you are going out.

Migo vape pen has a wax coil that is hidden under the strainer to give a maximum vaping experience.

Performance of Migo vape pen

The Migo vape pen has only one button which you use to turn on and off the vape pen and also change the temperature degree. This vaporizing pen is easier to use than other vape pens as it does not require any experience.

The LED light on the power button changes color to help you know when to recharge and which is the right temperature for your use.

Like most vape pens, the Migo vape pen uses dry herbs which are put in the vapor chamber then the oil is added to give you a maximized vapor experience.

Migo vape pen is well built with long-lasting material to serve you for the longest time possible and the variety of colors gives you the freedom of choice. Inside the package, you get 1 Migo vape pen, a micro USB charger, and an instruction manual

The Functionality of the Migo vape pen

The dry herbs are filled into the vapor chamber and then the coil is attached. Once all the parts are assembled, they are screwed to the battery. When there is a need to charge the battery, the unit is charged with a USB charger.

The battery has a fast charge ability and keeps enough power for 3-4 filled chambers. The mouthpiece is easily pushed down to compress the dry matter to remove the ash.


When you want to use wax, you should attach the coil to the battery and then to the mouthpiece after you ensure the coil is loaded. To start using the Migo vape pen, press the power button, the coil is automatically powered so long as power is on.

The Migo vape pen produces a lot of clean quality vapor at the right temperature ensuring that you don’t consume harmful fumes. The mouthpiece may become warm because of the steel material it is made from but not too hot for your mouth.


Features of the Migo vape pen

  • The Migo vape battery is designed to work with any cartridge and they are available in varieties of gold, stainless steel, and gunmetal.
  • Five clicks on the power button turn it on and off.
  •  It has three voltage adjustable which are, 3.4V,3.7V, and 4.0V.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • In the package, there is 1 mogo vape pen and a micro USB charging cable.

Pros and Cons of Migos Vape Pen


  • There are no noxious odors during and after vaping.
  • Gives control over vapor output.
  • Ne experience needed to start using Migo vape pen.
  • Affordable, thus easily accessible.
  • Adjustable battery voltage.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes in a variety of colors thus easier to make preferences. 


  • There is no temperature control.
  • No mouthpiece protector.
  • Cumbersome to turn on and off.
  • Comes without a coil.

FAQ about the Migo vape pen

How do I use my Migo vape pen?

First, press the power button five times to put it on and off. When you want to change the temperature setting, press the button three times and two times if you need to preheat.

What do the colors on my Migo vape pen mean?

The colors of light indicate the charge levels of the vape pen. Green means the battery is fully charged, when the color changes to yellow, it means that the battery is depleted, the color then changes to orange and then red. When it turns red, then it is the ideal time to charge your vape pen.

Why does my battery blink thrice?

Some batteries flash three times to indicate a short circuit. Most e-cig batteries, however, have circuit protection, if you press the power button it will only blink three times and nothing will happen. 

Why is my Migo vape pen not working?

When you realize that your vape pen is not working, the first thing to do is to inspect the battery, it could be coated or clogged. If this happens to you, take a Q-tip soaked in alcohol and then wipe the contact portion. You should then give it some time for the terminal to dry, reconnect the cartridge to the battery and then give it another try. Do not tighten the cartridge and make sure the battery is fully charged and turned on.

Can a drug dog smell my Migo vape pen?

Drug dogs are known to sniff off any type of drug no matter how small it might be or how well hidden it is. The answer to whether these drug dogs can smell a vape pen is yes! No matter how small your Migo vape pen is small, a drug dog will always be able to sniff it and get you noticed. 

Alternative vape: UPENDS

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Uppen Plus is also known as the flavor master. Its Etchip coil maintains the taste and experience. Uppon Plus satisfies the user with its fresh and original taste. It is very versatile and gives longer freshness.

The metal cap protects the e-liquids from the air when you are not using it. It gives the original freshness even after days of no use. Uppen Plus has a minimalist design that is easy to use even for beginners.


The Migo vape pen is designed to complement your unique individuality and taste. When you are looking for a vape pen that will give you the satisfaction and pleasure of vaping then the Migo vape pen is the right choice for you.

The durability of the battery gives you longer vaping hours and enjoyment, and the sleek design ensures you have free time while going for parties or visiting friends as it can easily fit into the breast pocket and in your purse. The lifetime warranty offers you a non-stop use for maximum satisfaction.