Micro G Vape Pen. Product Description, Features, Review, and More About Micro G Vaporizer

    Micro G Vape Pen. Product Description, Features, Review, and More About Micro G Vaporizer

    Product Description

    The Micro G vape pen is a product of Grenco Science which has made it a success due to the winning combination of unique looks, affordability and product ubiquity. The Micro G vape pen has a smaller design suitable for those looking for smaller discrete vape pens. The Micro g vape pen is easy to use, even for new users.

    The herb chamber is built in a way that allows you to use herbs, essential oils and e-liquids. The package contains two Micro G tanks, two Micro g mouthpieces, two micro g rechargeable batteries, five Micro G mouth sleeves. Two glass g containers for essential oils, one micro G vape pen and one micro USB charging cable.

    The Micro G vape pen has a simple design that makes it easy to fill with herbs and overall easy to operate. The vape pen can be broken down into three parts, making it easy to clean and cheap to replace. If you want to charge the vape pen, connectthe charger into the top of the pen and plug it into the wall or use your computer to charge it.

    The battery takes about one and half hours to charge, and it lasts about one day if you use it frequently. The lightweight and matte-black exterior make the pen easy to grip and a high quality feel. The vape pen is 4" in length and less than an inch thick; it fits perfectly in the hands.

    Features of the Micro G vape pen

    • It is lightweight and discrete, fits perfectly in the palms
    • Has rechargeable batteries that ensure you have portable power, hence undisrupted vaping experience
    • It is easy to load due to the provided keychain with a micro tool.
    • It has a battery voltage of 110v
    • It is black

    Micro G Vape Pen Review

    Using the branded metal tool found in the Micro g vape pen kit, scoop a tiny amount of the concentrate. Place the concentrate into the metal chamber underneath the removable mouthpiece. Make sure to touch the lower portion of the chamber as it is the part that gets hotter faster. As you do this, be careful to avoid applying too much pressure that could dislocate the coil.

    To switch the Micro G vape pen on, you have to press the power button at the pen's centre five times. Hold down the button for 15 seconds straight to heat the herbs in the metal chamber. When the chamber and the herbs are heated, the button will blink, stopping the heating process. The pause helps prevent overheating.

    Holding the power button down allows air to rush in through the holes on the silver band. The oil is then heated, melts down and then passes to the coils causing vaporization to happen. 

    Performance of the Micro G vape pen

    Charging the Micro g vape pen is an easy task. All you have to do is plug the micro USB cable into the vape pen and then plug it into the wall outlet or your computer. When the red LED indicator on the vape pen goes off, it is fully charged and ready for use. The Micro G vape pen package comes with three metal chambers, five sleeves to keep the mouthpiece protected, two round glass containers and three cotton swabs for cleaning.


    Before taking your first inhale, hold down the power button for 10 seconds. It allows oil to heat up, which in turn yields large vapor. The consecutive puffs are always the best as they are rich in flavour and vapor. However, when the LED light on the pen flashes three times, you will know there is a problem with the communication between the coil and the battery.

    The Micro g vape pen coil is designed to last an average of eight weeks, after which you can easily replace it. The Micro G pen, however, is not designed to use thicker concentrates. Though it may work for some time, the lifespan of the coil is reduced. The Micro G vape pen gives you the freedom to draw all the smoke needed in just a single hit. It does not have any leakages therefore, you can enjoy your flavorful vaping moment as you have the control over the size of the hit.

    Pros and Cons of Micro G Vape Pen


    • Easily portable
    • It has a sleek design that makes it look beautiful
    • Affordable
    • It is easy to use even for new users
    • Has ceramic chamber material
    • Produces massive vapor hits
    • It gives you the control over the vapor in one hit


    • Wax build-up is hard to clean
    • Disassembles itself while in the purse or pocket
    • Low battery life
    • Does not use dry herbs; thus there is limited capacities

    FAQ about the Micro G vape pen

    How long does G pen coil last?

    The Micro G vape pen coil can last up to six weeks. However, this duration depends on how frequent you use the vape pen.

    How do I use my Micro G vape pen?

    To switch the Micro G vape pen on, press down and hold the power button. The air then rushes in through the holes on the vape pen's silver band. The air rushes past the coil onto the oil, and then the oil heats up. The oil melts through the screen onto the heating coils causing it to vaporize.

    How do I clean my Micro G vape pen?

    The best way to clean the herbal tank and the cap is to boil them in a small pot you don't frequently use for about 10 minutes. The soot will dissolve in the water, let them cool, blow out excess water and then let them dry for about one hour.

    How much does the Micro G vape pen cost?

    The estimated price of the Micro g vape pen is $120. The comfortable mouthpiece, easy temperature controls, and smooth vapor make the vape pen worth every dime.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS

    Uppen Plus

    Uppen Plus is known as the flavor master because it maintains an extreme taste experience. Uppen will satisfy you just from the first puff. It has a metal cap that effectively protects the pen from exposure when you are not using it.

    The cap helps the e-liquid maintain its freshness for days without use. The Uppen Plus has a minimalist design that is super easy to use.

    Uppen Plus is made of aluminum, with a classy, refined touch and an ergonomic feel. It has an LED light indicator that helps you know the battery voltage to use during your vaping period.


    The Micro G vape pen might be small or slim, but it is convenient to carry anywhere in the pocket or the purse. The only challenge it may have is carrying the charger along as the battery does not last long.

    Its design makes it easy to assemble and use, new users could easily understand how to operate it. The price affordability makes the Micro G vape pen easy to acquire for everyone.

    The fact that it comes with two extra rechargeable batteries makes the deal even better, as you can easily change the battery without charging the pen.


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