WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mi POD VAPE: Mi POD Vape Review and Instructions

4th Jun 2021 | 196 | upends v

It's always fascinating to try new products and explore the best services. But what if you can get the best and unique product from the same brand? Yes! You can now say goodbye to the conventional choice less e-cigarettes. The mi- pod offers you the best quality e-cigarettes with a wide variety of unique features and designs with customizing options.

There are a lot of striking features that can make you really attracted to the mi pod vapes. In this article you will see why you should become the most trusted customer of the mi pod products.

For more about the mi pod vapes make sure you read the piece to the end.


In this segment we will go through the different types of mi pods and its idiosyncratic features that’s going to make you really crazy to purchase it.

Let’s go


This new pod offers not only an enhanced Mi-pod vaping experience but also gives the customers the best quality of product carefully crafted according to their needs and suggestions. This pro version of the mi-pods is not only a breakthrough in the design of vapes but also a satisfying and economical product suitable for everyone. 

The most startling features of the product includes the larger wicking coils holes and new coils suitable for all kinds of E- liquids. It contains a raised mouthpiece with farther fitting and easier in-and-out facility. Another redirecting design innovation brought about in this product is the side filling option that large has a large and wider filling port for all E-liquids. It also includes an advanced mesh coil which is in fact an overhaul to flavour quality and vapour production with 0.9 ohm resistance. The product gifts a unique yet classy vaping experience with all the best features and wonderful aesthetics.



Side fillings

Releases less smell

Lightweight and portable

Easy to use and clean

Quick charging time

Advanced mesh coil


Available only in a single colour


Remove the silicone ‘open tape’

Fill with E-liquid through the side filling port

Give the pod time to wick to prevent dry hits

Align pin on the pod to connectors inside the device

MI-POD 2.0

The creation of this new Mi-Pod 2.0 Awakening collection is a design fiesta that upholds the love and trust of customers which form a shared community. The collections include a series of products that uphold the different values and aspects of life that makes you confident and feel powerful. The products are a wonderful symbol of design combined with engineering and creativity.

The awakening collection is a real upheaval of design and includes the best of the artist's impressions. The unique models in this wonderful collection includes:


This wonderful design awakens the creative energy and unlimited potential. The seed of life symbolizes the positive energy within oneself which needs to be awakened to figure out a successful and happy life.


The vortex spiral represents power and harmony within all of us and hence it is a best option to own as a valuable possession. It is a format of the lively and happy waves that brings in harmony along-with craziness!

These amazing designs included in the awakening collections are not only a design wonder but also a hub of the best experience and bashing features which mainly includes the custom- made Lithium-ion 120 MAH battery and 4 responsive LED lights to indicate the battery level. The 0.9 ohm resistance made possible with mesh pod technology makes this class of mi-pods the best option to the valuable customers.



  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Available in different designs and colours
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It does not produce smell as it uses no burn technology


  • Some users raised issue about packing


How to use Mi-pods 2.0

As a beginner, you might be wondering how to use the IQOS 3 Duo vape pen. For ease here are the steps of using this vape pen.

1) E-Juice Filling: Takeout the cartridge and open the cover, inject directly into the chambered slot and put the cover back.

2) Install: Put the filled cartridge into the Mi-Pod 2.0 with fill port toward outer edge. Only fits one


3) On/Off: Flip the on/off Switch up to turn on LED lights illuminate battery power level for 3 seconds.

4) Vaping: Start to inhale, the side power level LED lights will slowly go on and off on each inhale.



The refillable Mi- pods collection is not just a further step towards better economy but also a farther leap to better ecology. The Mi-pods 2Pk is a combination of best design and user-friendly features that can serve the customers with the best vaping experience.

This refillable Mi-pods collection is designed especially for nicotine salts and is refillable up to 5 times. The most striking feature of this collection is the OAS system which is the separated oil and air system which allows the users to adjust the pod airflow.




Portable and lightweight


Easy to use

Available in a variety of colours and designs

Can be refilled up to 5 times


Some buyers raised issues about its performance and technical specifications

How to use the replacement Mi-pods 2PK

Remove the Silicone cover. Open the bottom cartridge filling port.

Inject directly into the chambered slot and closed filling port. Shake vigorously.

Put the filled cartridge into the Mi-pod body with the gold pins facing each other.


How long does the pods last?

Each pod is designed to handle up to five refills. Each pod duration depends on the frequency of use , the viscosity of the E-Liquid, how sweet your E-Liquid is and the method of refilling.


Turn your pod to a 45 degree angle while filling, do not flood the coil or overfill the pod.

Between each fill, let the pod go all the way dry or empty before filling. This will cause the cotton to burn quicker.

Do not use too sweet of E-Liquid in your pod for the longest life.

If you get dry hits due to visible bubbles, shake/tap your pod until the bubbles go away. Bubbles will cause the cotton to get dry quicker due not not enough juice getting soaked on the cotton.

The pod lasts longer when it's not being vaped on when the Mi-Pod is drained to the Red Power level.

How long does it take to charge?

The IQOS holder takes five minutes to fully charge. But it's storage, which is the pocket charger, allows you to store the holder for up to twenty uses. After that make sure you charge the pocket charger which takes one hour thirty minutes to fully charge.


The Mi-pods are the best and have some of the most catchy designs without compromising the quality and flexibility. The wide variety of options are carefully crafted according to the particular needs of the customers to give them the best experience.

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