WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Meth Vape Pen. A 2021 Review of the Meth Vaporizer

11th Jun 2021 | 3008 | upends v

What is a Meth vape pen?

The Meth vape pen has a dual coil of 24mm in diameter, a dripper and a classic drop neck. The dual post creates space for any coil of any structure. It gives enough space for changing the coil and boosts up the flavor. This vape pen is suitable for delivering excellent performance.

It has 510 threading making it compatible with most 510 cartridges. The breath-activated battery is vital to ensure durability. The cartridges are made of inert material, and the ceramic wick for the mouthpiece gives the most creamy, smooth and flavorful vapor.

The aluminum alloy housing gives it a completely smooth finish with a firm grip on the hand. To be able to activate the vape pen, you need to inhale into the mouthpiece. The action will give you an immediate flavorful and thick vapor. The different colors give you the freedom to choose a color that matches your personality and taste.

Main features of Meth vape pen

  • It is highly compatible with squonk mod by BF pin
  • It has the 510 thread, which is compatible with most cartridges, and an 810 drip tip
  •  It has a dual coil with  a DIY system that is easy to build and cut 
  • It has a controlled airflow which has a smooth and creamy flavor
  • It contains the RDL and DL, which is supported with a perfect airflow

Specifications of the Meth vape pen

  • It is available in blue, rainbow, black, silver, gunmetal, gold and blue-black.
  • The product name is Drop RDA V1.5
  •  It is 24mm by 42mm
  • It has a dual coil configuration
  • It has a dip tip of 810
  • Has thread of 510

Pros and Cons of Meth Vape Pen


  • It has a 510 threading that is compatible with most cartridges
  • It has a dual coil with a DIY system
  • Has controlled airflow
  • Contains RDL and DL
  • The sleek design makes it easily portable


  • There is no warranty given
  • The battery voltage is not sufficient for the device

Product review

To ensure that you enjoy a continued and uninterrupted vaping experience, use the Meth vape pen. The cartridge comes with a 4.5ml capacity and a convenient filling system. The Meth vape pen cartridges are designed to be used with the vape pen only.

The vape pen has adjustable air intake at the bottom, giving you an excellent experience. It's coil is widely compatible, which can come in handy when you travel, and you don't have any more juice. It is easy to replace, and switching from one cartridge to another is easy and in few seconds.  

How to use the meth vape pen

The first thing to do before using your vape pen is to ensure that it is fully charged. The best way to know if it is fully charged is to plug it into the power source and wait for it to shows the charged signal. The meth vape pen can last up to 300 uses. However, it can go beyond 300 if you ensure that it is fully charged each time you plug it in power. 

The second thing to do is to screw in the liquid cartridge. It comes with pre-filled liquid cartridges, and make sure you screw them into the slot on the vape pen. Always pay attention to the liquid in the cartridges 20 when they're almost running out or when they require changing. Keeping extra liquid cartridges for emergencies is not such a bad idea.

Next, you need to draw air from the vape pen to activate it. Drawing air means you inhale in the air.  Doing this will heat the coil to produce vapor. First, you will need to do a prime puff; this will warm up the vape pen as you prepare to start Vaping.

You can then start to draw slowly and steady until the Vapor fills your mouth. However, be cautious not to swallow the Vapor to get to your lungs. Hold the Vapour in your mouth for about 5 seconds, inhale it into your lungs, then exhale through your nose.  wait for at least 30 seconds to feel the effects of the nicotine before taking another puff.

FAQs about the Meth vape pen

Can I vape meth?

It is without a doubt that meth can be vaped. To vape it, you will need to Crush the pills or take the meth powder and mix it with the vape liquid. You can then put the vape liquid into the vape pen and inhale. Vaping meth, however, is considered substance abuse and can lead to addiction.


How do I dissolve meth to use in my vape pen?

Meth tends to get thick fast; to thin it down, you can add a couple of drops of water.

How do I charge my vape pen?

When your vape pen runs low on battery recharging, it is pretty simple. Fast you need to take the micro USB charger and connected it to the micro USB port on the vape pen. After that, connect the USB cable to the power source or your computer. The vape pen will glow up, indicating a green light which means it is charging. When the light stops blinking and stays green, it means your pen is fully charged, and you can remove it from the power source.

Alternative vape: UPENDS

Uppen Plus

The Uppen vape pen is known as the flavour master. It maintains the tasty experience of the Uppen pod to gives you the beautiful satisfaction from the first fresh Original Taste. It has a metal cap that helps protect the e-Liquid from environmental exposure.

This feature helps maintain the originality of the e-liquid taste. The cap also helps protect the pod from bacterial infection. It has a minimalist design with ease of use, even for new uses. Its sleek design makes it easy to carry along in your pocket or your purse.

The pen is made from aluminum, and it has a refined design with a refined touch and an ergonomic feel. The LED light indicator helps in guiding you to know the correct temperature levels. The cup has a magnet that helps it fit onto the bottom of the pen. This feature helps prevent dust from getting into the mouthpiece.


In conclusion,  the meth vape pen is one of the vape pens that are pretty much easy to use. Its sleek design and portability makes it easy to carry along with you anywhere and at any time. It is because it can easily fit in your pocket or your purse. 

However, Vaping meth is a criminal offence as meth is not legalized for vaping. The effects of vaping meth can be catastrophic. If you must use it, however, be sure to use it sparingly to avoid becoming addicted.