Magic Vape Pen. A Guide and Review of the Magic Vaporizer 2021

    Magic Vape Pen. A Guide and Review of the Magic Vaporizer 2021

    What is a magic vape pen?

    The Magic vape pen is a minimalist vaporizer that is small, easily portable, and discrete; it only uses concentrates and wax oils. It has a magic base that serves as a replaceable atomizer for the pen.

    The unique two-piece atomizer allows for a replaceable magic coil without replacing the magic base. This feature comes in handy to save you money as you only need to change the coil when it is not working and the base. 

    The magic coil has a durability of up to six weeks, depending on how frequent you use your vaporizer. Immediately it is switched on; the Magic vaporizer produces vapor in few seconds. You won’t have to wait long like other vapor pens. The Magic vape pen is super light for easy portability, and it is easy to use even for new users.

    The Magic vape pen gives you the chance to fill your cartridges at home hence saving you money. It has a ceramic coil that heats your vaping oil evenly, eliminating the risk of burning. With this heating system, you are sure of superior, creamy, thick flavored vapor and high performance.

    You can refill the atomizer multiple times depending on the type of oils and e-liquid you are using. The Magic vape pen has a touch Free Battery, which is ultra-compact hence providing a hands-free operation. The vape pen holds charge up to three times longer than the normal vaping pens. The, and the battery charges pretty fast. 

    Features of magic vape pen/ specifications

    • There is a single Magic vape set
    • Its battery category is 3.7 volts
    • The Magic vape pen is made of glass plastic material
    • The Magic vape pen weighs 244g
    •  It is 173mm by 131mm by 32mm in dimension
    • The battery capacity is 650mAh with a voltage of 3.3 to 4.2V

    How to use the Magic vape pen

    Press the power button rapidly five times to switch it on. Once it is on, the LED light indicator at the bottom will flush green, meaning the vape pen is on. Once the battery is activated, push and hold the power button for three seconds as you inhale the vape.

    To change the battery setting on the vape pen, you need to press the power button three times rapidly. The LED indicator will flash from green to yellow, to orange and then to red.

    You will then select the suitable battery temperature for you to enjoy your vaping period. Once you are done vaping, you will have to click the power button five times faster, and the vape pen will automatically go off. Until the next time you want to use it, then you can turn it on again.

    Pros and Cons of Magic Vape Pen


    • The Magic vape pen is the best when it comes to discretion
    • It is a healthier way of smoking marijuana
    • It uses minimal herb and oil amount, but the effect is similar
    • The Magic vape pen is easy to use, even for beginners
    • Easily customized. You can easily customize your vape pen to suit your preferred needs hence maximum enjoyment.
    • It is easily portable due to its sleek design, and you can put it in your purse or pocket.


    • Lack of temperature regulation, the Magic vape pen does not have a temperature control button. Instead, it has only the power button for controlling the battery capacity.
    • It takes longer to recharge the battery.
    • It is relatively expensive to buy and maintain

    FAQs about the Magic vape pen

    How do I fill my Magic vape pen?

    When you need to fill your vape pen, you can disassemble the tank and fill the dropper with e-liquid. Then you have to fill the tank but be careful to leave the middle hole. You then have to disperse the e-liquid along the insides of the tank. After all that is done, you have to screw the airflow base back onto the tank with the battery end facing down. Wait for five minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the coil thoroughly.

    What do the colors on my vape pen mean?

    The color of the LED light indicator shows the level of charge of the battery. When it glows green, it means that the battery is fully charged. As you continue using your vape pen, the battery gets depleted, and the color changes to yellow.

    From yellow, the color changes to orange and then red, meaning the battery is completely depleted. However, the best time to connect your vape pen to the charging system is when the LED color changes from orange to red.

    How do I charge my Magic vape pen?

    When the battery is depleted, you have to connect your vape pen to the charging system to get charged. First, take the micro USB cable and insert it into the micro USB port on the vape.

    Once you this, plug the cable onto the wall or onto your laptop to charge. The Magic vape pen needs approximate one and half hours to charge fully. Be careful not to disrupt the charging process as this may lead to the battery being short-circuited, which may damage the battery life.

    How do I use my Magic vape pen?

    First, press the power button quickly five times to turn it on. The light at the bottom will flash, indicating that it is on. Once the battery is activated, you push and hold the power button for few seconds as you inhale the vape.

    If you want to change the heat setting, press the power button three times quickly, and then the LED light indicator will glow, showing you which temperature is best suitable for your use.

    When you finish vaping and you want to switch your vape pen off, all you have to do is click the power button five times rapidly, and it will go off until your subsequent use.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    Uppor is designed with a high tech performance at a relatively manageable price. Its Etchip 3.0 cloud chase coil enhances its functionality and productivity. The RDL and DL offer thicker, creamier and flavorful vapor, with an Etchip cloud chase coil that is compatible with most e-liquids. It provides the user with dynamic airflow and e-liquid viscosity.

    Uppor has a simple 180 degrees rotational mouthpiece which helps you select the preferred airflow into the vape pen. Its five-layer leak-proof rings ensure you enjoy your vaping without the worry of some vapor leaking.


    To sum things up, we highly recommend you get yourself the Magic vape pen and start experiencing the real magic in your hands. It has a long-lasting battery to ensure you enjoy your vaping time longer and more efficient. The Magic vape pen comes in various colors to give you the freedom to choose the color that best suits your personality and preference.

    We would emphasize the sleek design, which makes it easily portable either in a purse or pocket. The Magic vape pen gives you the freedom to enjoy your vaping anywhere at any time.


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