LOON Disposable Vapes: Full Review of LOON MAXX Disposable Vapes

    LOON Disposable Vapes: Full Review of LOON MAXX Disposable Vapes

    By now, you must have noticed that there are a lot of vape brands and types in the market today. Like you, one major problem that many vapes face is making decision of which vape brand to go for. Ensuring that you choose good vape brands has a long way in influencing the quality of your vape session. LOON Disposable Vape is one of those brands for you, here is the detailed review of LOON MAXX Disposable vape and what makes them unique from other vapes.

    Loon Vapes

    Loon Vapes is a well-known brand of vape in the US that was established in 2013. Loon brand is a professional brand, and they do everything professionally. They special in the production and sales of various awesome vape products like disposable vapes, cartridges, e-juice, pods, and others. The brand has thousands of customers all around the world and they have lots of various discount offers for them. All the vape products from LOON Vapes are tested in labs to ensure that they are safe to use, they also ensure that they use only original ingredients in the making of their products. Loon Vapes adopt good innovative technology in making their vape products.

    LOON Disposable Vapes

    There are various collections of LOON Disposable vapes, each with various flavours for you. There is the LOON Maxx, LOON Reloaded, LOON Air, and others. Here in this article, we will be talking about LOON Maxx Disposable Vape and the various flavours that are in this collection.

    LOON Maxx Disposable Vape

    This is a customizable vape that offers you everything you need for your vaping session. It comes with a 6.5ml e-juice that has a 6% quantity of nic salt. LOON Disposable vapes come in a very catchy design of various colours that would get you instantly attracted to the products. The materials used in building the body of this product are durable so they can last long with easy damage. It is easy to use and you can customize the airflow to the exact level you want at every particular time. LOON Maxx vapes are designed to offer you 2000 puffs per device, it gives you quality throat hits which enhances great flavour delivery. This device comes with a 100mAh battery that is very strong and does not die easily. One thing to note about the product is the fact it does not come with rechargeable features. Unlike so many other vape pens out there, LOON Maxx disposable pen does not come with a USB chargeable port that helps you charge and use it at your will. It is also not refillable; once you finish the e-juice that comes with it, you cannot refill it, and once the 1000mAh battery runs down, you cannot refill it.

    LOON Maxx Disposable Vapes are not expensive to buy- they are way affordable, especially when compared to many other VAPES. The product is available in 18 various tasteful flavours that include: Strawberry Bad Bull, Banana Bad Bull, Cherry Lime Soda, Berry Lemon bubblegum, Mango, Grape Bad Bull, Frozen Melon, Dragon Blood, Blue Lightning, Frozen Mango, Frozen Fizzy Pop Peach, Strawberry Ice Cream, Frozen Grape Slushy, Iced Pineapple, Bad Bull, Apple Berry, Bowzer Berry, Blue Razz Slush, iced guava, iced pineapple, and Iced lush.


    Variety of flavours

    Comes with a 1000mAh strong battery

    Personalized Experience


    It is not rechargeable or Refillable

    LOON Maxx Disposable Vape Flavours

    All 18 flavours of LOON Maxx Disposable vapes have their distinct taste and effect. Let us take a look at what some of these flavours taste like.

    LOON Maxx Frozen Mango

    The frozen mango flavour of Loon Maxx disposable vape is delicious and it has a refreshing effect. It is a blend of mango flavour and minty ice flavour. You feel the taste of mango at the inhale and you also feel hints of the minty flavour. This minty flavour mainly adds an icy taste to it, and it leaves the taste lasting for a while in your mouth even after you have finished vaping. The 6% nicotine content that is added to this flavour gives it a really good taste and enhances its throat hit. This product will give you up to 2000 puffs and it comes with a 6.5mls pre-filled e-juice.

    LOON Maxx Berry Lemon Bubblegum

    This flavour is a sweet sour flavour that you will like. It is a smooth mix of lemon and berries, mixed with bubblegum flavours. You taste both berries and lemon on the inhale, and you will also feel the undertone of the bubblegum flavours. It is a good one for lovers of sour but not too sour vapes, it tastes sweet and sour at the same time, with none overpowering the other. Like the other LOON Maxx disposable vapes, this product comes with a 6.5mls pre-filled e-liquid for your maximum enjoyment. It produces up to 6000 puffs per vape.

    LOON Maxx Iced Guava

    Iced Guava flavour is not a flavour that you will easily find around when buying disposable vapes, this flavour is unique. For lovers of Guava fruits, you should try this vape to experience the taste of Guava flavour in another dimension- it tastes so good. The flavour is a mix of Guava flavour and a little icy mint flavour, the major taste here is the Guava flavour, but now it is Iced- which is all thanks to the icy flavour. The taste does not completely leave your mouth immediately, you get to enjoy the taste of your vape longer.

    LOON Maxx Mango

    The mango flavour is the only flavour that you will taste here. It is not blended with anything- it is mainly delicious, mango taste. Certainly, people that love to eat mango fruit will find it inviting. The flavour hit of mango is further strengthened by the 6% nic salt quantity in this flavour- it has a great throat hit. You get to enjoy up to 6000 puffs with this device till it runs out.

    LOON Maxx Strawberry Ice Cream

    Do you love All-Sweet flavours? This is for you! The strawberry Ice-Cream flavour is exactly as it sounds, it is a mix of creamy ice cream and sweet strawberry flavours. It tastes like you are munching on a strawberry Ice cream. In this flavour, we cannot say which of these flavours overpowers the other, they taste at an equal level- you feel both tastes at the same time both while inhaling and exhaling, we are so much in love with this very sweet creamy flavour. It has 6% nic salt in the e-juice, it gives up to 2000 puffs, and the total e-juice quantity that comes with it is 6.5mls.

    LOON Maxx Cherry Lime Soda

    This is the last but not the least flavour that we will be discussing in this article. The LOON Maxx Cherry Lime Soda flavour is a sour type of flavour and a good choice for anyone who loves his vapes sour. It is a mix of cherry flavour, sharp lime flavour, and sweet soda flavours. Here, the bulk of the taste you feel is sour flavour with hints or flashes of sweet flavours. This is not for you if you love your vapes very sweet. This product comes with 6.5mls e-liquids, produces up to 2000 puffs, and hasa 6% nic salt content.

    LOON Disposable Vape Review

    As you can also see, this vape is made by an experienced and leading brand so it is not surprising that the product is mind-blowing. It has lovely designs and many features to enhance delivering good hits to you during your vape times. The product comes with a pre-filled 6.5mls e-juice, which means that you can use the product immediately after opening the pack without having to first prefill it. It has a uniquely strong battery of 1000mAh that is designed to last you long enough to enjoy your vape time. The product is designed to deliver 2000 quality puffs with a nicotine content of 6%. You are going to enjoy this vape as it is easy to use and convenient to take with you when going out.

    A major drawback of this vape is that it is not rechargeable, nor is it refillable. This vape does not feature a USB charging port unlike a lot of vapes that are manufactured in recent times, you cannot also refill it once you finish the 6.5ml prefilled e-juice that comes with it. This is a major minus as what this means is that you will have to dispose of it after one-time use. LOON Disposable vapes are quite affordable compared with other vapes out there.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How do I refill my LOON Disposable Vape?

    This particular collection of LOON vapes- LOON Maxx disposable vapes are designed in a way that they are not refillable.

    Does LOON Maxx Disposable Vape come with a USB charging port and charger?

    No! LOON Maxx Disposable Vapes are not rechargeable so they do not come with a charging port or charger.

    Can I buy LOON Disposable Vapes Online?

    Yes, you can!

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