Logic Compact Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Logic Compact Vaporizer

    Logic Compact Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the Logic Compact Vaporizer

    What is the logic compact vape pen?

    The logic compact vape pen is a beginner friendly vape pen and the flagship of the Logic company products based in the UK. The company is a subsidiary of the JTI Company and their products have been widely accepted and used across the Europe and they are easily available online. They are also available in the many shops that stock the logic vape pens.

    The logic compact vape pen is an auto-draw pod system that does not come with any complicated buttons or tough settings. All that you have to do is inhale from the mouthpiece and you are good to go.

    The pen holds pre-filled 1.7ml pod that have five flavors and are available in two nicotine concentration variations. You get the 12mg and 18mg but the two most important flavors are only available on the higher nicotine strengths and that is the tobacco and menthol flavors.

    The vape pen is sold separately but it also comes with a combination of two to six pods that are sold at discounted prices. You can get the pen in slate grey, steel blue and rose gold colors.

    Design and build of the logic compact

    The logic compact vape pen is a very light pen that can be easily pocketed and carried in the palm. The pen cannot even be the same size as two cigarettes put together. This means that you will not have a problem placing the pen inside your pockets or backpack because it weights not more than thirty grams when the pod is mounted onto it.

    Apart from the sleek compact design with the superb metal finish, the pods have an additional premium feeling to them. They are made in plastic and have been fitted with a unique and nice design of package that has rubber plugs that easily prevent leaking.

    When we consider the pod design, you cannot possibly tell how much liquid is left in the device when the pod is mounted onto the battery. That is something every vape user can live with as long as the pen works perfectly

    The most outstanding feature of the vape pen is the design of the device that has the magnets that hold the pods into place. The most famous logo of the logic compact vape pen is ‘when vaping just clicks’.

    This quote refers to the magnetic connections that the pods and charger use to connect on the battery. The magnets on the charger are strong enough but some pods may lack the quality needed to satisfy the magnetic feature.

    You will notice that these pods do not easily come off when you are in the middle of a vaping session. But there are chances that they may fall out your pocket so you need to be extra careful.

    Working with the logic compact

    When you buy the logic vape pen, you will realize that the package is fully equipped with the battery and a USB charger. Depending on the type of package you choose, you can get one to six boxes of pods which are all packaged in the flavors of your choices. 

    The device mostly comes with a fully charged battery so all you need to do is take out the pod, remove the rubber plug and insert it on the slot of the battery then take a draw. You need to be careful when inspecting your vape pen battery when you want to change the pods.

    This is because there are some juice that may have accumulated there. The point should be dry and if you do not clean up the surface, the pen may not fire when you start it. To clean the pen you need something like a cotton bud because the battery port is deep.

    Performance of the logic compact

    The pen has a very comfortable draw system that resembles the draw of a cigarette. The vapor is very satisfying and when it hits your throat you will feel the power of the 18mg strength pods.

    That is the tobacco and menthol. The 12mg pods are not so strong so you would not compare their performance to the 18mg vape pens. You may at some point wonder why the company did not make all products to be available in the 18mg strengths.

    It could be because the Tobacco am menthol is used for a transitioning path for active smokers. The smokers would later graduate into smoking lower nicotine content flavors that are fruity.

    It is important that you consider the pods need you to take more puffs to get you adequately high. The vapor produced is rather cool when you begin and it gets warmed up after 2-3 quick puffs. The pen may still feel cool for superior smokers who seek a more refined experience.

    The vapor production is nice and also with the battery, you get enough power for a consistent performance throughout the duration after charging. Even when the battery is low, it does not drop the quality of vapor.

    You could experience a little spillage of liquid into your mouth but this could happen in the first time you take a draw. The pen does not have any dry hits at all and even when you take chains or long puffs, it still stays the same.  The performance of the logic compact is a perfect mix and the 18mg pods are the ultimate performers of the pack.

    Battery and charging

    The 350mAh battery of the logic compact vape pen does not sound like a performer but it can easily allow you to go up to three quarters of the pod without having to charge it anymore.

    Depending on how you hit, it is possible that you could or could not make it to a full day. By using the 18mg pods, you could possibly hit a full day. But on the other hand, using the 12mg mg pods will need you to recharge it at the end of the day.


    Charging the pen need approximately 74 minutes but it could take even less than that. You cannot use this pen when it is charging so you would be doomed if your pen runs out of liquid in the middle of a session.

    You also have to take care of your USB cable because if you lose it then you will need to replace it through logic because it is proprietary to the device. 

    Pros and cons of the logic compact vape pen


    • The device is compact and lightweight
    • The simplistic design of the pen makes it very easy to use
    • The device has a good build design and quality
    • The pen gives some comfortable draws that are satisfactory
    • The 18mg pods give a good throat hit
    • The pods have a good capacity of 1.7ml
    • The pods are available in five flavors
    • The best flavors are the cherry and tobacco 


    • Proprietary charger that only works for the pen
    • The vapor is cooler which is a downgrade
    • The magnets of the pod could get weaker over time
    • You cannot use the pen while charging
    • You cannot track the liquid levels of your pen

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    The UPENDS Upcott vape pod introduces a simple yet innovative structure that saves you from unnecessary expenses and gives you a pleasant vaping alternative for a very fair price. For people who use disposable and prefilled kits, you get a reduced cost of up to 50%, making vaping affordable again.


    By considering all factors, the logic compact is a superior beginner vape and by the looks of it. It looks classy and has a premium feel to it with the metal finish.

    It comes with an excellent form factor from logic and their flavor selection is superb. Apart from the tiny technical details, the pen could have performed better with more 18mg flavor options.

    The menthol and tobacco flavors are good for smokers who are seeking to move from smoking combustible cigarettes to vape pens. The higher nicotine contents are good.

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