WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Leap Go Disposable Vape: The Ultimate Guide to Types of Leap Vapor Device

15th Oct 2022 | 340 | upends v

We have got a list of several leap vape currently on the market that you can easily buy. However, hard tasks comes when deciding on choosing the best to buy. Throughout our research, we landed on leap vape and considered it as the best. Why did we term it as the best leap vapor device?

We consider leap vapor device as highly intuitive, portable, has an elegant design, easy to use and affordable. The ideal vape device can provide you with consistent smoothness with a lasting rechargeable battery life. It also features a very discrete size, making it suitable pod mod that beginners can use.

Therefore, we take a review of the leap vape and welcome you on board so that you can learn more. 

What is Leap Disposable Vape?

This question remains critical with new people in the industry of vaping. Leap vape actually refers to a portable vaping device which you can fit 1.5ml pre-filled Leap Pods. The Leap’s build features an aluminum casing which feels lightweight with an appealing solidity when held in your hand. It has a blue-gray casing that gives the device a modern and subtle appearance.

You buy the device and the pod mode separately. The device has a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 400mAh that can power your all-day-long vaping. You can recharge the battery using magnetic USB charging code included in the package. The charging code can easily connect and disconnect from the device with a magnet. The absence of inset charging port gives further streamlined appearance to the device.

The compatible 1.5ml pods of the ideal device comes in either 2.4% or 4.8% nicotine strengths. This can offer perfect smoothness with denser vapor hits of uplifting content of nicotine. The pods features sealing of spill proof which deals with issues of vape juice spillage while on the go vaping.

Features of Leap Disposable Vape

Various aspects has a lot to say on your choice vape device. Leap Vape has the following quality features:


You need approximately $19.99 to buy new Leap Vape device alone and the pod mode separately. After which, you buy your choice e-juice flavor which you add once the pod goes empty.

Therefore, you don’t need to buy new vape pods after emptying the Leap pre-filled pods. But you need to have some idea on how to refill the vape pod. If you don’t have an idea on how to refill, we shall tackle that part later on in this review.

Quality Design

Leap Vape comes in a design similar to a pen. As indicated earlier on, this vape device is completely encased with aluminum. This makes it quite solid in your hand and lightweight. The casing has blue-gray color to give the device that subtle look.

Two different kits

Leap device comes with compatible 1.5ml pods found in 2.4% as well as 4.8% nicotine strengths. This guarantees dense vapor consisting of sensational nicotine content. The pods have unique spill proof sealing to handle possible spillage problems of your favorite vape juice.

1.8ohm Stainless steel coil

The stainless steel coil adds sturdiness to the vape device as opposed to the ceramic or plastic made. This ensures constant and lasting heat and release of satisfying e-liquid.

Magnetic USB charging

The Leap Vape includes built-in rechargeable battery with capacity of 400mAh that can provide the entire day vaping. You charge the battery using the provided magnetic USB charging cable. The included charging cable can easily connect or disconnect from the vape device with magnet. The unit has an advanced streamlined design because it doesn’t have the inset charging port.

Specifications of Leap Disposable Vape Device

1.80hm stainless steel coil

Magnetic USB charging cable

400mAh battery capacity

1.5ml leap pre-fill pods compatibility

Nicotine salts-based pod system

Pros and Cons of Leap Disposable Vape


Nicotine and juice options

Has much streamlined design

Quite sturdy

Easy to use

Lightweight and highly portable


              Battery capacity not much pleasing

              Pods sold separately

Leap Disposable Vape Reviews: Is Leap Vape Good?

is a good vaping device that you can easily slide inside your pocket. It has a streamlined design with windows built on the device’s side which indicates the level of your remaining vape juice level.

Full kit of Leap Vape can include the device itself, the disposables Leap Go and Leap Pods.

Leap Go

This has the same satisfaction as nicotine salt flavors in Leap Vapor pods. It has an added advantage of ease of use, easy to carry and can be disposed. You can travel with it wherever you go or do other house errands at home. The Leap Go offers nicotine sensational satisfaction within in your own hands at any time.

Leap Pod Flavors

They include:

              Georgia Tobacco Pods

              Kentucky Tobacco Pods

              Kentucky Menthol Pods

              Carolina Tobacco Pods

              Rough-cut Tobacco Pods

              Menthol Pods

Georgia Tobacco Pods

Features a pack of two and compatible with Leap Vapor device. It is a classical tobacco flavor suitable for Leap Vape device. Contains 1.5ml liquid and comes in 48mg and 24mg nicotine content that can fully satisfy your nicotine buzz.

Carolina Tobacco pods pack of two provides a wealth of favorite smooth tobacco flavor with powerful nicotine hit. You receive distinct tobacco taste that can care for all vapers.

Kentucky Tobacco Pods

Also comes in twos which perfectly fits on your Leap Vape device. It has nicotine salts formulation with a wealth of tobacco taste. Has 1.5ml liquid content and readily available in either 2.4% or 4.8% nicotine strength.

Rough-cut tobacco pods comes in two which you can comfortably fit to your Leap Vape device. You have rich flavor of both light and air-cured burley tobacco. It has relaxing vaping effect and not an overwhelming one.

A pack of two Menthol Pods features a formulation of nicotine salts that contains 1.5ml liquid. You can find them in nicotine strengths of either 2.4% or 4.8% nicotine with a cooling sensation. This can completely rejuvenate your nicotine buzz.

Finally, the Kentucky menthol pods provides the same sensation as the original Kentucky pods but has menthol flavors added. You receive a feeling of brisk.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Leap Disposable Vape

Should you sign for your delivery?

Due to the established PACT Act rules, you need an adult signature in order for the shipment to proceed. On delivery, you’ll have to produce your personal ID since no one else can sign on your behalf.

Do the shipment include outside the USA?

Not really. The shipment lies within the USA territory but our sister company can ship the products to the rest of European countries.

Which age should one reach in order to make orders?

In order to access services of this and other related products, you must have attained the age of above 21 years.

How do I charge my Leap Vape device?

Leap Vape device uses the magnetic USB cable to charge the 400mAh battery. The device can hold an ample charge that can take you throughout the day. You easily connect the magnetic charger cable unto the battery unit quickly to complete a simple charge process. You can conveniently charge while on the road or at home.

How many puffs does a Leap Vape have?

Each drop produced from the e-liquid can last for about 7 puffs. That means, 2 drops can equal a single cigarette that has a total of 14 puffs. An ml e-liquid can comprise of a total of 20 drops.

How can I tell if my Leap Disposable Vape device is fully charged?

When you connect the Leap Vape on power to charge, it shows a LED light which usually around the charging port. When charging, the light remains in steady red color and turns to green when fully charged. Once your Leap Vape turns green, simply disconnect from the charger.

Why does my Leap Disposable Vape hits smell like burn?

This can result from switching the device in high power mode. At the beginning of your vaping experience, it is advisable to start the device at low power mode. You can then adjust to high power mode as you go along with your vaping. Again, if you don’t leave the wick to fully absorb e-juice before you start vaping, the hits can smell burn.


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The leap vape (leap vapor device) device kit provides you with consistent smoothness, flavor and nicotine satisfaction. You get this from the nicotine salt prefilled pods together with intelligently designed devices. It has long-lasting rechargeable battery and comes in discreet, making it an excellent pod mod for both beginners and professional vapors.