WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Law Vape Pen. An Ultimate Review of the Law Vaporizer in 2021

11th Jun 2021 | 1096 | upends v

What is a Law vape pen?

The law vape pen is a portable CBD vaporizer built and distributed by Law vape brand. The law vape pen features among the list of bottom twist vape pens, and has performed tremendously in its area. 

For many years that law has been in the vaping scene, they have done their best to come up with a products that produces no smoke at all. Featuring a 510 threaded battery connection for easier fixing of cartridges.

The device has grown in popularity and usage in the United States although it has not done better than some of the mainstream CBD pens available

It is also important to note that this pen can be used for other purposes apart from CBD only, and you can do this by adjusting the voltage settings to burn your substances better.

Law vape pen build

If you have seen the eGo type batteries, then you are almost familiar with the law vape pen. This pen is built like any other CBD vape pen in the market. The battery is compatible with an oil tank that firmly screws onto the 510 threading of the battery to make a complete device.

The pen is not very unique and that makes it a simple and straightforward pen to use immediately you take it out of the package.

The initial pen battery is hidden behind the long aluminum tube and it can firmly accommodate most of the 510 threaded cartridges. It is also important to remember that the same screw that holds the tanks is the one that still holds in the charger.

The only downside of this feature is that you do not get a pass-through charging so you might have to take a break when charging the device and resume once it is fully charged.

Performance of the law vape pen

The law vape pen comes with different capacity of batteries, you have the option to choose between the 650mAh, 900mAh and the 1100mAh. So depending on the kind of pen you will select, you will have different hours on charge for using the pen.

For heavy usage on higher voltages, you might have to charge the pen more frequently because it needs more power to efficiently heat up the oils to give vapor. When fully charged, you can successfully get through 6-7 hours of sessions and up to 12 hours if you are vaping on lower temperatures.

To get the perfect hit, you could use the device by vaping on 3.2 volts and using less than 0.5ml oils. This pen can work better for beginners and advanced vapers because it is easy to operate and comes fully operational straight from the packaging.

It would have been better if the pen had a pass-through charging to allow for vaping. Charging the battery takes less than one hour or slightly longer depending on how drained your battery is. 

The law vape pen features a one button control system which means that you get only one button for turning the device on and off and also for controlling temperature. By pressing on the power button five times rapidly, the device will activate itself and it will start preheating the oils.

The activation feature allows you to take draws when you press on the button so you are sure that your oils will not go to waste. The 8 second cut off time will shut down the pen if you have not taken any draws within the cut off time.

To adjust the voltage on the pen, you will press on the power button three times and when the LED light indicates your preferred power choice, you will press the button once to engage. 

Vapor quality of the law vape pen

Among the numerous advantages and features you can enjoy on a vape pen, vapor production is the biggest selling point for such a product. Most people might not admit it, but they are cloud chasers meaning they expect to get big clouds when vaping on e-cigs.

The law vape pen has an average vapor output for a vaporizer and it is equally a good performer. By comparing the price and size, the pen is a good investment.

The 10 second cut off time is an improved addition to the vape pen because it comes with tight draws that give you better coils resistance. The draws are closely similar to smoking cigarettes and this may be appealing to some of the users.

This would also be one reason why people who love marijuana would easily pick on this pen compared to the THC pens. The 510 threading is also a good improvement to the performance because it is always smooth on the coils.

CBD oils and flavors

The law vape pen has one tank that can be pre-filled with CBD oils. This pen is equally versatile because you could easily use other cartridges and tanks that have the 510 threading.

Especially different brand CBD oils and a few selected wax concentrates. You could even try to vape on some e-salt concentrates and see how your pen is a good performer.

The 510 threaded cartridge smoothly fits into place when you connect it to the battery and even after prolonged usage, it is not easy to hear rattling and wiggling of the components.


To use other 510 cartridges, you need to be sure that it fits your pen and that it is the perfect width to avoid getting your tank stuck in the battery.

The tanks can only hold 0.5ml of CBD oil and this could be perfectly appropriate compared to most of the tanks you could get. The simplicity of this pen makes it suitable for beginners and seasoned vapors by most of its features.

You will definitely get to enjoy more of this pen because you can easily refill the tanks and with the coils, you get an evenly heated warm vapor that is very sweet.

Pros and cons of the law vape pen


  • Quality CBD oils vaporization qualities for better satisfaction
  • The vapor production on this pen is unmatched because of the quality
  • The micro USB charging allows you to recharge your phone after every session to keep your battery healthy
  • The tanks are easy to load and the versatile nature allows for multiple usage
  • Has a cut off timer that protects your coils from overheating and burning up your substances.
  • 510 threading connection allows you to use universal type carts and tanks


  • The vapor can get stronger as you finish vaping and it may feel irritating to the throat
  • The coils sometimes get overheated and you could feel the mouthpiece burning your lips
  • The battery may start running out quickly when you frequently charge it and use it
  • You will have to replace your carts after a while because the coil hardware easily dies out

FAQs about the Law Vape Pen

Where can I buy a Law vape pen?

You can order a Law vape pen from their website and online stores. If you cannot access any of this, check with your local vape store to check if they have V2 cigs products in stock. Other online stores such as amazon and eBay also have a few of Law vape pen in stock so you might be lucky to land your hands on one.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


Upone by UPENDS is a disposable vape with a prolonged feeling of enjoyment. It comes with an in-built battery and a capacity of 4.5 ml which will give you a long lasting operation. 

The UPENDS vape made the Upone using thick cotton-base soil which ensures that you as the user gets superior and stable vapor on each puff without leakages and popping.


The Law vape pen has proven how much vaping has changed within a short period of time, and the importance of innovative technology in the vaping industry.

Even though it cannot be named as the best CBD vaporizer in the market currently, the functionality you get cannot be matched to most of the pens you will come across in the market.

You have to check out the latest from the law vape pen and see if there are any improvements in the performance.