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La Vape and Beyond: The Ultimate Guide to Your Favorite Store

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With the rise of vape devices in the modern world, several retailing and wholesaling companies are on the rise. They sell vape devices and accessories to the already available consumers. Based mainly in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world, they have licenses to sell the devices to different customers. In this review, we feature the famous La Vape and Beyond Company. We shall feature few of the quality vape devices they sell. 

What is La Vape and Beyond?

La Vape and Beyond is an e-cigarette store based in Baton Rouge, LA, United States of America. The store features within the retail sector industry with a total of 2 employees across all its locations. The retail store has a total of $69,127 of income generations in all its sales.

This vape shop provides a line of highest quality vape products, CBD tinctures and topical. It operates in four locations in the USA and has highly knowledgeable staff members. The locations include Perkins, O’Neal, Airline and Gonzales.  Perkins, O’Neal and Gonzales open every day from 10am to 8pm. Airline opens from 10am to 6pm every day.

At La Vape and Beyond, you can find a huge selection of highly selling premium e-liquids and hardware, disposables as well as CBD tinctures and topicals.

What Main Products Can You Find At La Vape and Beyond?

La Vape and Beyond sells numerous vape devices, e-liquids and accessories. Amongst the many products you can find with this retail store include the Hotcig Kubi Pod System Kit. Also, we have Freemax Twister 30W kit, the SMOK Nord Pod vape device, SMOK Novo pod and more. Other products include Aegis Mini Kit, Drag X, Vinci Air Kit, Aegis Solo Kit W/Battery, Nord X Kit, Nord 2 Kit, RPM 80 kit, etc.

Best Products That Sell at La Vape and Beyond

They include the following:

Freemax Twister 30W Kit

The Freemax Twister is amongst the best-selling products you can find at La Vape and beyond. All vaper enthusiasts can use this quality product. It is designed with a built-in 1400mAh battery to power you with needed vaping experience. Once fully charged, you can enjoy your vaping throughout the day without recharging the battery again. It gives 30W maximum output. This vape device is suitable for mouth to lung and direct lung vaping. Each kit has a Fireluke 22 tank which uses a Freemax mesh coil. This helps increase the flavor production.

Why Does Freemax Twister Sell Well at La Vape and Beyond?

This vape product sells well at La Vape and Beyond because of its unique way it operates. With Freemax Twister 30W, you don’t press buttons like you do with other vape devices. You only adjust the power settings of the device by twisting its base. Vapers find Freemax Twister 30W quite handy because of ease of use. It guarantees you a balance of vapor with rich flavors to enjoy your vaping experience.

As earlier mentioned, the Firefluke 22 tank is ideal with the Freemax 30W vape device for more simplicity. It provides the easiest way to maintain and use. It can carry a maximum of 2ml of your choice e-liquid. Comes handy with two heating coils which gives you options of trying out multiple vaping styles.

The Freemax Twister 30W has 0.5 Ohm coil, a perfect suit for the high VG e-liquid. It also has the 1.5 Ohm coil which suits 50/50 pairing and higher PG e-liquid. The powerful battery of 1400mAh gives a 1.5A fast charging. You need to charge the battery for about 80 minutes to guarantee you with enough power. All these features make the Freemax Twister 30W a best-selling vape device at La Vape and beyond.


Mesh type coil

1400mAh battery capacity

0.5 Ohm, 1.5 Ohm coil resistance

2ml tank capacity

2.2cm (0.9”) diameter


It has a very great built quality

Comes with a boost circuit

Provides an accurate volts and watts rating

The 1400mAh battery capacity provides reliable power

The menu is easy to use

Provides a fast charge rate of 1.50 amps.

SMOK Novo Pod Vape Device

Also best-selling at La Vape and beyond is the SMOK Novo pod vape device. The kit comprises of a battery, micro-USB cable, two refillable pods and a user manual.

You can freely choose from a variety of attractive colors to suit your preference. It has a small battery indicator to help you keep in tabs with the battery level. It also has a USB port provision where you can charge the battery.

Why Does SMOK Novo Pod Vape Device Sell Well at La Vape and Beyond?

Many vapors like the SMOK Novo pod vape because it has a small and compact design. This is one of the main reason it sells well at La Vape and beyond stores. It measures about 88.3mm x 3mm x 14.3mm. It has a basic shape and size that looks like a cigarette lighter. Its portability allows you to easily and comfortably fit in the pocket, purse or small bag.

The two refillable pods gives it a big advantage of use over other devices which most vapers embrace. The SMOK Novo doesn’t have a screen display and buttons. This means you activate it through drawing the vapor. You can easily connect the sleek battery to a refillable pod. The pods holds 2ml of e-liquid and consists of 1.2 Ohms coil. The mouthpiece of this ideal vape device looks decently designed with a narrow tip that fits well in your mouth. This makes the SMOK Novo a big seller on La Vape and beyond.


450mAh battery capacity

Features battery indicator

5V charging voltage

Between 10W and 16W output wattage

2ml e-liquid capacity


Has a very sleek and portable design

Has a refillable pod of 2ml

Has a battery indicator

Provides good flavor

Produces quality and enough vapor

La Vape and beyond stores has a lot of praises from various customers and favorite vape shop found in Baton Rouge. They have very friendly staff who have a lot of knowledge about the products sold. They can also advice you appropriately on the vape products they sell to you.

Many customers suggest that they have had no issues with the products that they buy from La Vape and beyond stores. You can start your vaping experience by buying from La Vape and beyond.

FAQ About La Vape and Beyond

What are the operation hours of La Vape and beyond stores?

La Vape and beyond shops in Baton Rouge, LA operates from Monday to Sunday. From Monday to Saturday, they open their shops starting at 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. On Sundays, the shops open as from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. This include the four locations found at Perkins road, Airline, Gonzales and O’Neal Land Ste J.

Does La Vape and beyond have a return policy?

Yes. La Vape and beyond provides a return policy on all the vape products sold. In case the vape device develops some issues, the shop can help in fixing or replacing the device. You can contact the relevant customer care representative through lavapeandbeyond@gmail.com. Also, La Vape and beyond has a contact number, +1 225-367-1126. Through these contacts, you can receive relevant information about the return policy and other details.

Does La Vape have customer care service?

Yes. As mentioned earlier on, you can reach La Vape and beyond through lavapeandbeyond@gmail.com or through their contact number +1 225-367-1126. Other platforms you can reach include social media platforms. This include Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Does La Vape and beyond have a black Friday promotion?

Absolutely. La Vape and beyond stores provide discounts on selected vape devices and e-liquids every Friday. You enjoy reduced prices on most of the products with the promotion running through the weekend until Monday.

Is La Vape and Beyond safe?

According to most reviews, La Vape and beyond appears a safe and reliable retail shop with your orders. They provide more reliable and on time deliveries. The staff are friendly and helpful, providing you with much needed assistance about the products. You can even try the product before you officially buy it and have it assembled before leaving the shop.

Where is La Vape and beyond located?

La Vape and beyond have four different locations in Baton Rouge, LA in the United States of America. This include Perkins, O’Neal, Airline and Gonzales.

How long does La Vape and beyond take to make deliveries?

La Vape and beyond provides an immediate response towards your order. You can have your order delivered to you in most effective and fast way. The delivery speed depends on your location.

What methods of payments does La Vape and beyond allow?

You can make payments for your order at La Vape and beyond using credit cards.

What days does La Vape and beyond operate?

La Vape & beyond opens its store on Monday through Sundays.


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