WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Kynd Vape Pen. The Ultimate Guide About Kynd Vaporizer

10th Jun 2021 | 8 | upends v

What is a kind vape pen?

The kynd vape pen is a portable cannabis vaporizer made by the kynd company that has made a killing making medical grade marijuana. The pens are mostly sold in CBD because they have more medical benefit and less psychoactive effects. The kynd vape devices are sold as cartridges, dab soaps, oils and disposables.

These pens have becomes so popular owing to their medical advantage. The popularity of these pens can be owed to the fact that they are easy to use, are highly convenient, and give you the best affects you would expect from a marijuana oil. 

The pen is very reliable because it is compatible with the Kynd cartridges and also it does not get too hot to a point of burning your substances. The oils are smooth and with the less additives, they give less smell making them sufficient for discreet vaping.

With the increase of cannabis oil pens, kynd vape pen has undergone medical tests and experiments by numerous labs to prove that their product are pure and reliable and they cannot easily affect users.   

Features of the kind vape pen

The kynd vape pen is a unique device in the vaping scene. The pen works perfectly with medical grade marijuana oils and has proven to be a good performer. The pen does not possess any unique features that would make it a complicated device.

It has a plastic mouthpiece that is connected to the cartridge and has small air hole that easily allows the passing of air for proper inhalation. It has a single control button for turning the device on but since it is draw activated, you just have to inhale for the pen to pass vapor into it. You can clearly tell the simplicity that comes with using this pen.

The stylus design base holds the initial e-cigarette design and has a tank that can hold 0.5 to 1ml of oils and could easily give you close to 200 puffs. The pen is very slim but it has successfully held together its uniqueness and beauty. It is only that the pen does not produce massive clouds that you would find in other pens but the vapor quality and quantity is perfectly fine for such a pen.

With the simple design of the pen, it is very lightweight, slim and portable and easily discreet. The battery of the pen has a standard 510 threading connection powered by a 200mAh cell for performance. The battery is only compatible with the kind vape pen carts.

The mouthpiece cannot be disconnected so the coils are intact and in case you need to change anything, it will force you to buy a new set of carts. When you unscrew the cart from the battery, the pen has a standard USB port that can be connected to a USB cable for charging. 

How to use the Kynd vape pen

The kynd vape pen is not hard to use and with the fast charging feature for the 200mAh cell make it even more convenient. To fully charge the pen, it will take less than 1 hour due to the small battery capacity. 

The kynd vaporizer might confuse you with the outlook and you could easily think that it cannot do so much. But you would be wrong because the pen is very reliable and the small outer casing should not let you think less of it. Beneath that, it is a smoking machine that gives some powerful hits and stronger effects.

With a well filled tank and a full battery, you will get some smooth draws every time you inhale. The draws are slightly tight to give you a full bodied feeling of the oils. The device does not get hot because it has a temperature control feature that regulates the temperature output.


The pen does not have any customizable features so for you to regulate the power usage, you have to choose between taking shorter or longer draws. This is also a good way to determine what you will be getting from the pens. 

To use the pen, you will have your pen with you and oil distillates. The cartridges come pre-filled with oils but if you are a vape head then you can easily find a way to tweak the tank to allow for refilling.  The pen has its pen-like shape that holds the battery to heat up the atomizers and the coils to produce vapor. You will get some extraordinary vapor.

To take a draw, you only have to press on the button as you inhale to open the airways. This pen can be the easiest method for taking in medical grade marijuana. It also heightens your experience if you have been seeking to get the best marijuana satisfaction. The best method of heating elements does not let you down. 

The pen comes pre-filled and you can also go for the disposable versions if you need more convenience. To continue using the Kynd vape pen, you might have to keep using the pre-filled cartridges to improve your performance. 

How to clean your Kynd vape pen

Since the Kynd vape pen is a cannabis oil pen, it has a default two part design; that is the battery and the tank. The cartridge does not have so much cleaning to do, you just have to dab a little isopropyl alcohol on a piece of cotton and rub on the mouthpiece to pull out dust. 

The 510 threading connection can easily have residue build up and this might be bad for your device. You have to ensure that there is no build up to improve on the intake of your pen. Oil can sometimes get messy especially minor leakages and spills that would easily cause the device to stop working.

To clean the battery, use a q-tip device and wipe until the port becomes clean. The connector being clean will not make a significant difference but it will add some value to how your pen functions. 

Pros and cons of Kynd vape pen


  • The device is simple in design and easy to use
  • The pen is reliable and a good performer
  • Has medical grade cannabis oils which has better health benefits to the user
  • It is a draw to activate device making it a reliable and effective vape pen
  • Has a 510 threading connection for easy fixing of components
  • It is fully compatible with most of the Kynd vape cartridges
  • The pen is cheap and affordable


  • The pen is not different from a disposable vape pen because of the cartridges that cannot be refilled

FAQs about the Kynd vape pen

Kynd vape pen not working

There could be many reasons why your vape pen might not be working. This could be because your battery has run out or your cartridge is empty. Please make sure you check whether you have enough charge in the device before you use it. If your cartridge is open, the pen cannot work because it is a draw to activate the device.

Where can I buy a Kynd vape?

For now, Kynd vape pens are not widely available like the other pen brands, so you will need to check them from the Kynd website, and you can make your order, and your products will be delivered to you by a respectable company.

Is Kynd vape worth it?

The device's worth depends on what you are looking for in a vape pen, and the Kynd vape pen is perfect for people who seek a classy oil vape experience.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


You get satisfaction from the first vapor you get from the Uppen pod. This is because of the Etchip coil with an enlarged heating area and a high resistance mesh that gives you a satisfying and sustaining vapor from the first puff.


The Kynd vape pen performs as expected with the oil pens. It is a unique and classy design that is very convenient, and you can count on it to give you the best. The no-button feature is perfect for vapers with all working components and a well-designed mouthpiece and tank.

It is easy to disassemble, and no further need for maintenance and cleaning the USB charger powers up the device so quickly.