Kush Vape Pen. The Features, Design & Build, How to Use and More About Kush Vape Pen

    Kush Vape Pen. The Features, Design & Build, How to Use and More About Kush Vape Pen

    What is the Kush vape pen?

    The Kush vape pen is a hand held portable vaporizer that is designed for use with CBD oils. The pen is made by the Kush Company that makes cannabis vape oils. The vape is well identified as one of the best tools when it comes to vaping cannabis oils.

    The Kush vape products are known to have the best cartridges, edibles such as gummies and also vape juices. The vape pen is known to be very magnificent, reliable and effective when compared to other CBD vaporizers. The cannabis oils used in these pens is made from purest organic plants that are grown is in the best environmental conditions.


    The Kush vape pens are well selected and sorted out because they are pre-filled with oil extracted using food grade Carbon dioxide liquid. This chemical is responsible for the clear golden color that your vape oils possess when in the cartridge.

    The Kush vape pen has various CBD oils of different strains that have varied strengths and profiles. Each strain has its own fresh taste that is good for having in your collection. 

    Features of the Kush vape pen

    • Superior quality pen design that is straightforward and simple to use
    • 1.5ml disposable cartridge that has pure organic oil for undisputed vaping quality
    • Rechargeable battery that gives you more usage time before your carts run out
    • 320mAh battery capacity that has enough power to run your pen for a longer time
    • A 510 threading connection on the battery to allow usage with the disposable 510 threaded Kush oils cartridge
    • Glass design of cartridge that will let you see the amount of oil that is left in your cartridge

    Design and build of the Kush vape pen

    The Kush vape pen looks like most of the disposable vape pens we have in the market. They are well preserved in a top-lift casing and the casing has a visible window that lets you see the pen itself. The pen comes in different colors depending on the flavors infused in your oils.

    There is also a single control button for easy usage and controlling the features of the pen. These include turning the pen on and off. The pen is not as heavy as it is expected, owing to its wider bulky look.

    It is lighter due to the many plastic components that have been used on this pen. The pen can be easily carried around and allowing you to vape anywhere you are.                          

    When the pen is turned on, there is a led indicator that shows the device is active and when the device is switched off, the light goes off. The LED light indication is necessary because it allows you to protect your device battery form damages that may happen when it is left to stay on for a very long time.

    The cartridges are well molded from glass and they come in handy when you need to check how much oils you have left to allow for replacement.

    The Kush vape pen will do more than heating up your vape oils and you also get to enjoy premium quality vape cannabis oils that will improve your satisfaction. If you are looking to get the best hits, then these pens will actually come in handy.

    The cartridge comes with the plastic mouthpiece on it and with a 510 threading connection, you get a good charging system for keeping you recharged for a full-time vaping experience.

    Kush vape cartridges

    The initial business outlay of the Kush vape pen was manufacturing of high quality CBD oil cartridges but the demand for cheaper and more portable options prompted them to finally come up with disposable vape pens.

    To improve on their delivery, they ensured that their vape pens perform equally better when using the same Kush cartridges either pre-filled or refillable. The CBD oils are superiors and you get an impressive amount of clouds anytime you take a draw from these pens.

    The cartridge is designed and made from a quality grade Pyrex glass material that is commonly used for better cartridges. It has stainless steel parts and also atomizers that are made with ceramic and also an air channel system with a base airflow for adequate vapor intake.

    The 320mAH battery used in conjunction with the Kush carts will give you a superb CBD vape experience. With these you will realize why the Kush CBD vaporizer is one of the best CBD tools in the vaping industry.

    How to use your Kush vape pen

    1. Take out the vape pen from its kits and confirm that everything is in place.
    2. Take out the lid covering the 510 threading to expose the port where you should connect your cartridge
    3. Insert the Kush CBD oil cartridge into the pen then proceed to screw it in  clockwise direction till it is firmly in position
    4. Confirm if your cartridge is well sealed to avoid leakages and once you are certain everything is okay, click on the start button five times consecutively to indicate the LED light
    5. After the device is turned on, inhale from the mouthpiece and experience the first vapor that hits your mouth. If the vapor production is not satisfactory, adjust the temperature by pressing on the power button three times to navigate through the pre-sets.
    6. When everything is set, you can proceed to take continuous draws to your satisfaction, but you need to consider the cooling time to avoid overwhelming your coils                  

    Kush vape pen performance

    The Kush vape pen has an amazing performance and is such a quality vaporizer. The quick pre-heating feature is so quick to keep the oils hot enough and ready for session. The preheat feature makes it easy for you to get the best quality vapor when using the Kush vape carts.

    The original Kush carts will work better with this pen because they have been optimized to deliver nothing but top quality.

    The 320mAh battery is designed to work adequately with majority of oil viscosity and you are assured that you will still get quality. The only issue here is that the vape pen battery capacity is to low and you may have to recharge it frequently if you want to get quality vape satisfaction.

    Pros and cons of the Kush vape pens


    • The vape pen is of good quality, reliable and efficient
    • The 510 threading connection on the battery can allow compatibility with many cartridge types
    • The CBD cannabis oils are of good quality and are effective for use
    • The glass material cartridge is well designed to allow you to track the levels of your oils before you run out and experience dry hits.
    • The ceramic coils are good for convectional heating of coils ensuring even and controlled usage
    • The pen is simple in design and very much portable and discreet
    • The various color codes selections let you know the kind of vape flavor to expect for the pen


    • The 510 threading connection is only compatible with cartridges from Kush vape pens

    Alternative vape: UPENDS

    Uppen plus

    The Uppen plus is an upgrade from the initial Uppen pod. You still get to enjoy the same Etchip coil that gives an intense taste you would expect from an Uppen Pod. The metal cap on the Uppen plus protects your e-liquids from being exposed to air when you are not using them.

    This metal cap ensures that your e-liquid keeps its original freshness even after days of no vape.

    The cap in the Uppen plus protects your pod from dust and dirt, with the mouthpiece protecting you from up to 99.9% of bacteria. This pen will ultimately give you the best experience        


    The Kush vape pens are widely recognized and the other products from Kush company have earned themselves a reputation in the vaping scene owing to their quality and superior standards.

    The CBD oils used in these pens is known to have smoother psychoactive effects compared to the THC pens. This pen is suitable for daily usage and it is important that you take care of it at all times.

    These pens are easily accessible and you can be sure that they will never let you down.


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