Kuli Vape Pen. A Review and Instruction Guide About the Kuli Vape Pen

    Kuli Vape Pen. A Review and Instruction Guide About the Kuli Vape Pen

    What is the Kuli vape pen?

    TThe Kuli vape pen is a versatile vaporizer that can be used to vape oils and e-liquids. he pen is fitted with super tight sealing materials to reinforce the leak proof design and additionally utilizes the ceramics coil technology for heating elements.

    The Kuli vape pen has been designed to give users a more reliable and convenient vape session at the same time offering an improved performance that would only be found in the expensive and complex technology vape kits.

    Features of the Kuli vape pen

    The pen storage is super tightly sealed and is leak proof. The pen is sturdy and long lasting and can be easily connected for usage. The leak proof nature of the vape pen provides you with the most satisfying vape experience that will always ensure that you never run out of oil or e-liquid

    The high advanced ceramic coil heating technology in the coils are very efficient for convectional heating of your substances to provide you with a rich kind of vapor and of the highest quality.

    The adjustable voltage feature of the pen makes it easy to adjust the pen for usage during different occasional. The single control power button is easy to use when you want to control the power voltage levels.

    The pen has a micro USB charging port that is good for providing a much easier and convenient way to recharge you pen’s battery. You can easily walk around with the pen and vape anywhere you want

    510 threading technology for the battery makes it easier and more convenient to connect cartridges tanks and other chambers that are compatible with the pen

    The pen is superbly small and simple making it a very portable and discreet vape pen. The pen can easily fit into the palms of the hand and with the compact design, all features are well optimized for quality experience.

    Flavor quality and delivery of the Kuli vape pen

    This vape pen gives you an unmatched kin of flavor that is unique from the other packs. The ceramic coils have been enhanced to optimize the vaporizing of oils and they do well in keeping the flavors if the oils even after vaping for a long time.

    The pens do not have larger airflow systems and this could be something keeping them behind the bigger pen brands. With the available pens, they have the restrictive and tight mouth to lung airflow system that passes the vapor through a refinery process giving you a rich, denser vaping experience that matches the vape settings you have in place.

    The mini-sized pen and the single button control system makes it unstoppable when it comes to performance. You can easily tweak your setting stop give you a superb setting. You can set the temperature from high, low, medium temperatures that give you a more extreme vapor quality

    Using the Kuli vape pen

    With the single premium button design for the pen, the pen is one of the easiest pen to set up, configure and keep running. What is needed from you is connecting the pen to the micro USB charging then placing it in a charging source to give it enough running power.

    The charging is displayed by three simultaneously lighting indicators and when they go off then you know your pen is fully charged. It is also easier to dismantle the pen and look into the ceramic coils inside them to replace them. 

    To turn on your device for usage, you have to click on the power button five times consecutively till it lights up, and to turn the pen off you will have to click on the button five times again.

    You have the option to switch across the pre-set temperature options and you can do this by pressing on the power button three time and then once to lock in the setting.

    The portability of the Kuli vape pen is one attractive feature that you get to enjoy when using this pen. The pen resembles a thick highlighter pen and walking with it around could hardly raise an alarm. The pen can easily fit into your palms and you could walk with it anywhere you want to go. You can safely place it in your pocket, palm and any compartment in your backpack.

    Performance of the Kuli vape pen

    Even though the pen is slightly smaller than expected, the pen feels pretty much solid and it is adequately designed to avoid being weighty and bulky. THz peen is available in many colors, significantly black, blue and other customizable colors. Every design of the pen looks amazing and it has a very durable finish that could possibly last longer than an average vape pen.


    Every pen from the Kuli collection coms with a battery that is in built with a power of 650mAh and could last for up to seven hours in a day. The ceramic coils and base connectors come with an oil chamber which also has the mouthpiece attached to it. The pen is easy to recharge and this is assisted by the USB cable that is included in the purchasing kit.

    The body is a finely crafted cylindrical device that has only one power button that handles all the operational task a pen is required to perform. The led indicator is located around the battery button and it can be used to indicate charge level, voltage percentage and activity status.

    How to set up your Kuli vape pen

    1. You first need to take your device out the kit and check if everything is in order. You will then unscrew the base connector then take out the plastic base from the oil chamber
    2. Carefully refill your oil chamber, it is important that you refill it at three quarters to save your device from getting overflows and spillages. Put back your chamber onto the base connector for efficiency
    3. Up back the 510 threaded cartridge onto your battery and secure it to make sure that the coil is perfectly on the battery
    4. Consecutively press on your power button for five times to turn on the device. If you need to adjust your temperatures, click on the power button for three times rapidly and be sure about the number of times you press to make sure that the pen click the signals so that it does not miss.

    Pros and cons of the Kuli vape pen


    • The pen is simplistic and straightforward to use adding to its portability and discreetness
    • The voltage adjusting feature lets you control the power output of the pen making your vaping experience personalized
    • The LED indicators are necessary for notifying the user on the amount of power that is running on your pen
    • The micro USB charging port is designed to give you ultimate vaping satisfaction
    • The 510 connection threading is efficient for connecting the components of the pen


    • The 650mAh battery is not adequate for operating such a power intensive vape pen. It will force the user to keep charging frequently.

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    The Kuli vape pen is one device that is hard to dislike, with its highly portable small size and lightweight. It is a good option for personal use considering it is discreet. This makes it easy to use your vape in any place you are. The compatibility with most oil storages gives you a better vaping experience that you will not experience with other vaporizers.


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