Kratom Vape Pen. All You Need to Know About Kratom Vape Pen

    Kratom Vape Pen. All You Need to Know About Kratom Vape Pen

    What is the Kratom vape pen

    The Kratom vape pen is a dry herb portable vaporizer that is used for vaping dry cannabis buds. The pen is made by kratom manufactures who deal with a lot of products for health and development.

    The vape pen is phenomenal and at the same time is unique because of the simplistic design. The device quality cannot be compared to other vape pens. As a result of the cutting edge technology used on this pen, you get to use a device with well-defined flavors. 

    The kratom vape pen is solid just like the other vapes in the market. It has been properly designed to vaporize dry herbs in a more definitive way. This makes the kratom vape pen a significant choice of pen for people who want to vape on dry herbs.

    The pen will still work for seasoned vape users because it is all inclusive. The solid structure of the vape pen has a coil system that is designed to allow proper airflow that is not night and with a good resistance. In addition, the pen heats up efficiently to an appropriate rate and you will not feel any pressure on your lung meaning that your body is safe.

    Features of the kratom vape pen

    • It has a 300mAh fully functional battery compatible with the coils
    • The 510 threaded connection for the part makes it easy to fix components
    • Has a better coil technology that heats up the herbs efficiently
    • You can control your temperatures to select from the four provided pre-settings
    • The coils are not fixed so you have the choice to select and change coils
    • The loading of the tank is easy because of the simple design

    When you look at the Kratom vape pen, you will confuse its design for any other type of vape pen until you take a closer look. The pen has a crisp casing material that safely encloses the pen battery and is equivalently locked to avoid any destructive and annoying rattling.

    The pen was designed to be the perfect budget vaping tool that users will find convenient for their daily use. The attraction level of the pen cannot match what you would expect from a modern vape pen. It has approached the design with a simplistic appearance and it could be possible that they totally planned for having this. The pen takes a more traditional outlay and their main aim was to focus on functionality. 

    The designing of the pen manipulated the use of average grade aluminum casing and coating from the body design to mouthpiece hardware. It has a metallic black finish that is nice looking and holding this pen in your hand gives you a slightly rough texture meaning that it cannot easily slip out of your hand. You could effortlessly carry it around for daily usage.

    Adding to the pens simplistic design that is easy to use, they chose to install a single button that controls very activity of the smoking machine. This device functions for activation and deactivation of the pen and at the same time you can use it to scroll through temperature settings. The pen can heat up your elements in less than ten seconds and you can easily fix up your tank ready for action.

    Build and design quality of the kratom vape pen

    From the pen’s mouthpiece, you can see that the device is already a magnificent vape pen. It has a pre-fitted dab tool that would not be easily available in other vape pens falling under the price and design category.

    This tool makes a very significant difference because it saves you some space when carrying the device around. You can easily take off the mouthpiece if you want to do a detailed cleaning of the pen.

    You need to watch out for you mouth piece after long usage because with the dry herbs, they can easily clog your mouthpiece. Clogged mouthpieces means that you will be struggling to take puffs and it could even be useless after a while.

    In as much as this pen sounds easier to clean, you will have to clean it more often and it is even more convenient that you do that.

    When we look at the coil technology of the Kratom vape pen, you get a perfectly crafted ceramic coil that does not struggle to produce vapor. The coil has a good size and holds a good amount of dry herb which will actually be convenient for any user.

    You also need to be careful because the coils easily get cracks on them when dropped. When cleaning your device make sure that the environment is safer.

    Performance of the Kratom vape pen

    Most of the dry herb vape pens produced do not always disappoint when it comes to performance.  The kratom is one of the pens that does a good job. The kratom does not require to dismantle the whole thing as you vape because it has one of the best hits.

    The tanks are better when filled with a good amount of herbs and it will give you the better flavor. Filling up the tank to the brim could restrict the airflow making it even harder to get anything from the pen. The vapor released is warm but it is not harmful to your internal organs.

    The vapor produced is not average so that means that you are getting something worth your money.

    With its built in 300mAh battery, you will not be wrong saying that the kratom vape penis a good match for seasoned users. The battery is a good performer when it comes to maintaining the amount of hits delivered and it saves your battery at the same time.

    The battery capacity is not a perfect fit for the pen because it runs out quickly even after a full charge. The battery though can to a full charge in less than one hour so it is not bad after all.

    In general terms, the pen is regarded as one of the most convenient vape pens ever built. The pen is very amazing and it has an appropriate size that is fit for the market.

    This pen could the best choice to make and the small and stealthy designs make it an important addition to vape collections. The pen can be easily concealed and you can take a few puffs before the smell sells you out.

    The 510 connection for the kratom vape pen is compatible with the cartridges and they make your vaping experience worthwhile. You are promised to get the best quality when you use the initial kratom products. 

    Pros and cons of the Kratom vape pen


    • The pen is small and compact in design which is good for portability
    • The pen has a simplistic design that is easy to use
    • You get four adjustable pre-sets when using the pen making it a perfect choice
    • The outer casing of the pen is made from quality material for better grip
    • The pen takes less time to charge 


    • The vapor production of the pen is quality and stands out
    • The 650mAh battery would have performed better if it had been more than that 
    • The pen needs a lot of frequent cleaning and maintenance.

    Uppen Plus

    The UPENDS Uppen Plus also adopts the same Etchip coil that is found in the Uppen. This coil technology ensures that you get the extreme taste and experience of the Uppen plus. Delivering an original, fresh and smooth taste, you get ultimate satisfaction from the first puff.

    The Uppen Plus metal cap effectively protects the e-liquid from getting exposed to air when it is not used. You, therefore, get a fresh, original flavor even after several days of not vaping.


    The kratom vape pen has undergone a lot of improvement stop become a good vape pen. The pen has a unique set up that will show you the difference in functionality and reliability. Considering the pen is a kratom vape pen, you can only use it for specific purposes because it has been optimized to work to certain levels.


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