Koko Vape: A Guide to Koko Vape Devices

    Koko Vape: A Guide to Koko Vape Devices

    Vaping is now taking the world by a storm by helping many addicts to change their smoking habits. About 7 out of 10 smokers prefer to quit smoking. This features amongst the best decisions to make in improving your well-being. Most deaths come as a result of smoking or secondhand smoke. Vaping helps in curbing the smoking vice because it has less harm to your body than traditional smoking.

    In this review we feature Koko Vape. Follow us as we take you through the review. 

    What is Koko Vape?

    Koko vape refers auto-draw vaping devices which you activate mainly through inhalation alone. Designed by Uwell, KOKO vape devices are highly portable, made to comfortably fit in your pocket. Unwell manufactures a line of quality KOKO vape devices to satisfy your vaping needs. They include the Uwell Caliburn KOKO Vape kit, the caliburn G 18W pod system, caliburn KOKO Prime Pod Kit, etc.

    Build Quality and Design of Uwell Caliburn Koko Vape Kit

     Uwell Caliburn KOKO Pod kit is amongst several best-selling KOKO vape products. It has quality features that makes it unique from other vape devices. It is in a form of a square, measuring 67mm by 43mm by 12mm. it weighs 33g only, making it quite ultra-portable vaping device. Comes with the lanyard that allows you can even hang it around your neck. The cartridge features a durable plastic design.

    The Koko has a minimalist design that lacks any button. Built with integrated mouthpiece, you directly inhale from the vape device.

    This vape pod kit has a pocket-friendly design that you can carry along everywhere you go in your pocket. You can vape while at home or on the go. Has a sleek and discreet profile together with its resolute construction that features aluminum alloy and the PCTG materials. This makes the pod kit highly durable.

    Inhale activation indicates an easy to use device. You simply activate by inhaling through the mouthpiece once the vapor production is ready. It has LED battery indicator that shows the amount of charge remaining. This enables you enjoy vaping without stoppages. It also features several inbuilt safety protections to ensure your device lasts longer.

    It has smooth and sleek machining with Koko branding imprinted on the two sides of the device. It has two gold plated contacts with two magnets that features a plastic cover. The device has a tiny airflow valve located inside the cover of the device.

    The 2ml pods ok Koko vape are refillable severally before you can opt on changing them. To refill, you remove the mouthpiece which reveals the two fill ports. The process is quick and mess-free. The two 2ml capacity pod cartridges use the top filling system, ideal for reduced leaks.

    Uwell Caliburn KOKO Pod System carries a highly-durable battery with a capacity of 520mAh. This power helps the device deliver incredible flavor of the real Caliburn. The replaceable pods of Koko vape are cross-compatible with original Caliburn. It has a resistance of about 1.4 ohm for an astounding mouth to lung vape.

    How do You Fill the Pod?

    Disconnect a mouthpiece from the pod

                  Fill the desired e-liquid through any of the filling holes

                  Replace the mouthpiece back to the pod

                  Leave it for at least five minutes so that the coil fully saturates

                  Replace the pod back to the device then take a draw


    Two 2ml refillable pods

    520mAh battery capacity

    One button design

    1.4 Ohm resistance

    Top fill design

    LED indicator light

    Micro USB charging port


    Has a very good build quality

    Lightweight and highly portable

    Has long-lasting coil

    Good in producing quality vapor

    Has fast charge

    Good for new vapers

    Uwell manufactures several other products too.

    Uwell Caliburn G 18W Pod System

    Uwell Caliburn G 18W pod system is a new product that has 690mAh battery. The battery provides enough power for all-day vaping experience. The device features an adjustable airflow system with the ability of holding around 2ml of nicotine or e-juice.

    It features durable Zinc-alloy construction. The chassis has high-resistance to light drops and falls. The top of the device includes an attachment of 2ml refillable pod with a leak-proof top fill system. You can use either e-juice or nicotine salts.

    Using the dual-firing system, the new Uwell Caliburn G can fire with single intuitive firing button. This gives you more flexibility of use with this vape device. In addition, the Uwell Caliburn 18W Pod System features Type-C USB port. This reduces charging time so that you can have enough time enjoying vapor of favorite flavor.


                  Built-in 690mAh rechargeable battery

                  Zinc-alloy chassis design

                  G coil series

                  Draw-activated firing mechanism

                  2 airflows (MTL and DTL)

                  Magnetic Pod connection

                  2ml pod capacity


                  Provides fast charging

                  Highly portable and flexible to use

                  Produces good vapor

                  You can easily use the Uwell Caliburn G

                  Comes with two convenient refillable pods

                  Has fixed coils

    Caliburn Koko Prime Pod Kit

    This comes as the latest pod kit by Uwell and of Caliburn series. Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime features similar compact design of the original Caliburn Koko vape device. You have the 690mAh built-in battery that powers your favorite e-juice vape. It has a maximum output of 15W. It provides an amazing balance between the power and output.

    With removable coil option allows you to configure your vape. You can mate it with Caliburn G pods as well as coils. A vaper of any experience level can use this vape device, perfect for those who want to switch from smoking habits.

    Features a durable PCTG construction and you can opt to swiftly personalize the entire external decorative panels. Just like the Koko Caliburn, Koko Prime device needs an inhale activation firing simple operation. This makes it an easy-to use device.

    Designed with an innovative dual airflow system, you can therefore alternate your inhale by means of rotating the insertion of the pod. You can comfortably switch from loose to tighter and to the restricted draw.

    Like the sister device, the Koko Prime vape device has a 2ml e-liquid capacity which you can quickly refill. You only remove the mouthpiece and refill the pods through a silicone stopper top fill. With the plug-and-play design, you can conveniently replace and install the coils without a big hassle.

    The Koko Prime vape has high compatibility with Caliburn G coils. You can have the 0.8 Ohm mesh coil or the 1.0 Ohm standard coil. We suggest that you mate the Caliburn Koko Prime with PG e-liquids that have 50% or above to enjoy optimum results.


    690mAh battery capacity

    2ml e-liquid capacity

    0.8 Ohm mesh coil or 1.0 Ohm coil

    USB-C charging

    Refillable 2ml e-liquid pod

    Interchangeable decorative panels

    Dual-airflow System

    15W output

    Inhale activated

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Koko Vape

    How does Koko vape device work?

    All or most vaping devices have a common fundamental way of operating. We call them e-cigarettes, meaning they use power from a battery. With Koko vape, the battery powers the coil heating element which turns the e-liquid vape juice into aerosol. Different manufacturers have designed different devices to apply this familiar principle in their own unfamiliar ways.  A simple concept adopted by many variants in a different way.

    What if I receive a faulty Koko Vape device?

    In case of a faulty Koko vape device, you can arrange with a customer care representative for possible refund or exchange. You should accompany this with the following:

    1 Your full name and the order reference number

    2 A brief overview of the vape product you wish to return for a refund or exchange. You should state clearly the reason why you think it is faulty

    3 If you have taken some steps of alleviating the fault

    What if I receive an incorrect KOKO vape product?

    If you receive an item that doesn’t match your order, immediately raise a concern so that the issue can be rectified. The returned item should stay in an unused state and under the discretion of the supplier.

    How long can a Koko pod last?

    A caliburn pod can last between 1 and 2 weeks of vaping but depends much on how you use it. You can know when your pod needs replacement. The most common sign shows when you feel a slightly burnt taste.

    How can you make Koko vape pods last longer?

    1 Avoid dry firing. Always keep the tank a third full and regular checks to confirm the level of the liquid

    2 On the first fill, allow the wick to soak well before use

    3 On the first fill, take some shallow puffs between 3 and 5 without activating your device

    4 Use e-liquids with lower VG unless the coil has a design that suits 70% VG liquids

    5 Avoid using very sweet and dark colored liquids as they form a lot of residue on the coil


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    Koko vape provides an excellent flavor and a smooth draw. With Koko, you rarely can experience performance issues. It produces a flawless and consistent draw activation firing. The pods do not show leakages and have a solid battery.


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