Kangertech EVOD Vape Pen. An Ultimate Review of the Kangertech EVOD Vaporizer

    Kangertech EVOD Vape Pen. An Ultimate Review of the Kangertech EVOD Vaporizer

    What is the Kangertech EVOD vape pen?

    The Kangertech EVOD vape pen is a portable vaping device that was released to compete with other super-brand ultra-compact mods that have been built to resemble the standard type cylindrical vape pen design.

    By looking at the pen, you can see the superiority that the Kangertech technology has over other vape pens. This pen comes with a series of innovative features such as a 20mm diameter that provides more room to hold super performance coils. The battery comes with an 1100mAH battery that is superior enough to power such a powerful device.

    The pen might look so complicated but it is actually easy to use and it can easily be used by beginners as well as seasoned vape users. The pen has a sub-ohm cartridges which are so excellent when it comes to vaping good coils.

    The device also features and e-Go style battery that has a variable voltage setting that lets you control the temperature and power output of the pen. This enables you to get so much out of your pen and this is actually amazing.

    The battery is also entirely sealed off and the outer casing has an internally built battery. The top tank system is very efficient when it comes it using carts without having to face leakage problems. The top tanks also ensure that the cartridges sit on the battery well to heat the elements properly.

    This device is so easy to use and you just need to press on the power button five times consecutively to turn on.  To turn it off you just have to follow the procedure of the turning on the pen. The button needs to be pressed on to activate the airways to pass vapor. 

    The pen battery is fitted with a temperature control feature that regulates the temperature to protect your pen from overheating and burning your lips when it gets too hot. You also need to understand that is feature is also responsible for protecting your cartridges from burning.

    Features of the Kangertech evod vape pen

    • The pen has a higher capacity battery that is designed to give more power to the coils
    • The airflow system if the pen has been fully optimized to give a smooth vaping experience
    • The 510 threading connection of the pen makes it easy to fix the pen accessories
    • The pen can be easily cleaned on a regular basis
    • The pen uses some of the best quality hardware promising you a more long lasting vape device
    • The pen is easy to load your substances

    Design and build of the Kangertech evod vape pen

    The pen is a very outstanding pen and being a versatile pen that can be used for oils, waxes and e-liquids makes it even more attractive. This implies that you get value for money when you buy this pen. The airflow of the pen is controllable and you can do this by screwing the coil heads of the device at the top. 

    You can easily disassemble the top tank and the cover to make the device shorter if you want to mover with it around. The bold metallic finish is equally attractive because it makes the device more attractive. It has a fine texture and ergonomic design that you can easily grip on when using the pen.

    The outer casing if the pen is made from a stronger material meaning that even after many falls and slips, it can barely get chipped. The designers of the pen did a good job by having the battery being in build to avoid rattling and shaking even when the pen drops. The power button is well rounded and has a big size that makes it easy to use and operate. 

    When you take a keen look at the company’s projection of what they wanted in a pen, you can see that they wanted the top cap tightly screwed in the mod to ensure that your tank has the least kind of leakages. It is even better that this pen can also stay overnight without having leakages of burns. It is fitted with a 15 second cut-off timer that would easily switch off the device when you are not using it. 

    Performance of the Kangertech EVOD 

    This amazing device is among the most outstanding sub ohm tanks that do not have RBA tanks. Using this pen means that you need to have pre made coils. In addition to the tanks, you cannot use other coil heads on this device because it has its specific coils

    The pen comes with a 0.3 ohm two core coils and the power rating of the coil is 20W. The pen fires up well when it is being used so the ratings are not really significant when doing the math here. The device will work well when the charge is at full capacity but after using it for a while, the output and vapor production drops dramatically. 

    The device is very much regarded to as being so portable. You could easily carry it around to wherever you want to go.it has a minimalistic design that is equally fully loaded and pretty at the same time. One thing about the pen is that you need to dismantle the pen by taking out the atomizer from the battery and loosen the upper part to recharge your device.

    The device has gained so much reputation for giving the best kind of flavors for a vape pen. The  vape is certified to give you a purified high-quality satisfaction and will keeping you wanting to get more and more of the pen. The coils have a good performance of coils that heat up your elements to give you the best vape 

    Pros and cons of the evod vape pen


    • You get a USB  charger in the kit that allows you to recharge your battery when you run out of power
    • The pen has an improved vapor production that is signature for the evod vape company
    • The vape pen has been adequately built to maintain and hold a good amount of flavor without tasting bland
    • The pen has a quick charging feature that can fully charge the pen in less than one hour
    • The pen design is simplistic and it has a good look to it that is appealing to the customer
    • The sleek design with a single button makes the battery easy to use and saves up on time
    • The pen has a functioning pass through feature that allows you to vape when you are charging the pen


    • The tank of the pen is slightly smaller and cannot hold an adequate amount of substances
    • The device can sometimes perform beyond the required limits causing problems to the user
    • The mouthpiece can be manipulated to improve on the airflow
    • The device could get hot when you use it for long hours making it uncomfortable to use


    FAQs about the EVOD

    Is the EVOD worth it?

    The EVOD is a good device, and it has amazing features that are attractive to users. You can use the device discreetly because it is simple, small, and highly portable. The ability of the device to be compatible with an app makes it easy to control.

    How do you charge the EVOD?

    The EVOD comes with a USB charger that you connect to the device. The device has a port at the bottom that can hold the charger which you will connect to a source of power either using a wall charger or a charging block in a car.


    After going through the kangertech pen, we can now have a clearer view of why it is a good pen. The pen is easy to carry in your hand and it has some of the best features that are designed to give better performance. The pen is optimized to be better for use with beginners an even advanced users. 

    With the pen’s quality smoke production, the pen has been highly soughted by cloud chasers who want to get more vapor from using the pen. 


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