WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Kandypens Gravity Vape Pen Review. A Complete Review and Instruction Guide of Kandypens Gravity Vape Pen

3rd Jul 2021 | 94 | upends v

What is the Kandypens gravity vape pen?

The Kandypens gravity pen is a portable vaporizer that can be used for vaping wax and dabs. The pen comes with two atomizers that use different styles. The pen has been optimized to use a full ceramic coil atomizer, a flat-disc atomizer or a dual-quartz rod atomizer. The flat-disc atomizer is put there to be used for low-heat vaping. The battery on the pen has four built-in temperature pre-sets.

The heating ranges of the pen range from 300F to 430F. You get one button that can be used for turning on the device, firing and for temperature control. The battery has been made to mimic the “K” logo for the Kandypens logo. The switch on the device also has flashing color simulations which coordinate with the heat settings. The sandblasted finish of the pen gives it a comfortable and stylish grip that looks so appealing. 

Contents of the Kandypens gravity kit

  • 1 x dual coil quartz atomizer
  • 1 x coil-less chambers
  • 1 x connector for chambers
  • 1 x mouthpiece 
  • 1 x tool for dabbing
  • 1 x Kandypens gravity battery
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x carrying case
  • 1 x user manual

Features of the Kandypens gravity

The gravity pen is a sleek design pen and a three-piece wax vape. The pen has a single button design just like most of the standard vape pens in the market. The button’s purpose is to turn on the device, to toggle between the temperature settings and also for turning off the device.

The gravity pen has a form factor that can be competed to the galaxy vape pen, which is another Kandypens wax pen. The only difference is that the gravity had a lot of improvements.

The gravity pen is one of the three part vape pens in the market. You get a battery, an atomizer and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is detachable and it is remove for purposes of refilling the chamber. The carb cup has been built to have a small opening at the side to give a better airflow. The air hole is the most notable difference compared to the galaxy.


The battery has a LED tip which also takes the iconic Kandypens ‘K’ logo. The tip lights up when you press on the firing button. The button uses a 510 threading to connect to the atomizers. This means that you can use other branded atomizers and tanks. 

The most unique feature about the Kandypens is that you get a lifetime warranty for every purchase. The battery uses a very unique USB charger that is fitted in the hard-shell external case of the pen. When you include the atomizer, the Kandypens has some of the best vaporizer in gravity and galaxy brands.

The atomizers have been perfectly built to work better at low temperatures. It takes a bit longer to heat up but it is even faster using the rod design of the quartz atomizers. The extra atomizer uses dual-quartz rods that have been covered in titanium wire that gives the pen a quick heating up time giving more huge clouds.

Design of the Kandypens gravity vape pen

The gravity vape pen uses a simple and very straightforward design that makes it a simple to use device. The single power button is used to activate and deactivate the battery and also control the heating temperatures.

To start the device, you click on the power button five times to switch on the device and then to adjust the temperature, switch it three times. 

It is amazing that the pen is among the vape pens that have the memory feature that can remember the last temperature that you vape on. It will begin at the last temperature when you get to switch it on again.

The device does not java any magnetic connections, it uses the 510 threads. All a user needs to do is take off the mouthpiece and top cap to reach the loading chamber.

You can easily take out the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber. It has been built using a glossy finish that takes an hour glass shape which makes it a better fit when vaping. The device is equally light and portable which makes it ideal for vaping on the go. 

Kandypens gravity battery

The Kandypens gravity uses a lithium-ion battery that has the ability to last for up-to three hours when fully charged. The battery life is heavily dependent on the type of atomizer you have put into the battery. The flat disc vaporizer for low batteries uses less power making it suitable to last for up to 100 sessions.

When you are using the rod-quartz atomizer, you can expect the battery to last even shorted. This is because such coils use so much power and heat up faster compared to the others. When using the ceramic coils, the battery drains even quicker. The main determinant for battery power lies on the temperature settings.

Using the ceramic and quartz coils 

The two atomizer choices give vape users a versatile selection of two different styles. The most common types associated with this pen are the ceramic and quartz. These materials are best for the wax and dab vaporizers such as the gravity. 

The quartz dual rod atomizer is a very popular heating element. When using both of these devices, you are sure that you will be pleased as a cloud chaser and flavor chaser. The main catch in using gravity vape pens is that the two atomizers have leak-proof seals that protect your was.


With the leak-proof features, people can use the pen without spillage and leakages. The most challenging part about using the gravity pen is the cleaning and maintenance of atomizers. The chamber can hold 0.5 grams of wax but to get a good performance, you only need a small amount.

To burn out unwanted substances such as oils and chemicals, dry burn the pen to remove such impurities from the factory. The device can be switched to the highest temperatures and then pressing the button to liquefy any residue at the bottom of the coil.

Vapor quality of the gravity vape pen

The selection of temperature pre-sets on the pen will allow you to calibrate your vapor to the most preferred section. The low settings are good for providing the best flavors but the vapor is less visible.

This is a good selection from people who are looking to get very discreet sessions. Most users prefer huge clouds and that is why it is good to utilize the higher temperatures. 

With the higher temperature selections, the pen gives some impressive amounts of vapor. This does not differ so much from the performance of the Kandypens galaxy especially with the dual-quartz atomizers. The notable difference comes in when using the ceramic atomizer. The coil is designed to serve both flavor and efficiency. 

The dispersion of heat is evenly distributed in the quartz coils compared to the coiled ceramic ones. This also means that your wax does not get so hot to a point of overheating your pen. You will therefore not achieve the same quality of vapor with an atomizer as you would with a coil. 

Pros and cons of the gravity vape pen


  • Excellent vapor production
  • You get two options for atomizers for better vaping
  • The heat settings are flexible
  • The pen does not clog when using
  • The finish of the pen is discreet
  • The piece is affordable
  • Battery lasts long


  • Not designed for beginners because the atomizers are confusing to use
  • The atomizers need to be primed before being used


The Kandypens gravity pen is very portable and a very discreet wax vape pen. This offers the user versatility and consistency in performance. The pen comes with two distinct atomizer styles and vapers can easily use them.

The ceramic disc is good for vaping at low temperatures while the quartz coils are good for higher temperatures. The four heat settings on the pen give the users and ideal temperature but can easily drain your battery. This device is generally a good performer considering it costs less than $100.