KandyPens Crystal Dab Vape Pen Review. The Features, Build, Design, and More About this Vaporizer

    KandyPens Crystal Dab Vape Pen Review. The Features, Build, Design, and More About this Vaporizer

    The Kandypens crystal is an improved vaporizer that uses herbal waxes, shatters, and isolates. The pen can be used with CBD and THC products. The pen is a suitable device that has been made from durable material and is very light and portable, making it reliable on the go vaping pen.

    In addition to portability, the pen offers you a powerful battery to have the pen running the whole day. Considering the pen has a well-designed chamber and coils, the device is easy to clean, and the unique installment of the coils gives the best vapor quality.

    Contents of the Kandypens crystal kit

    • 900 MAh battery
    • Two metal mouthpieces with glass tips
    • One quartz atomizer
    • Keychain dabbing tool
    • Branded carrying pouch
    • USB charging cable
    • Users instruction manual

    Once you have confirmed that all these tools are in the box, you can quickly assemble the components in under one minute. Unfortunately, the glass mouthpieces and the quartz atomizers will need to be purchased separately, which appears to be a disadvantage to many vape users. 

    Kandypens crystal features

    The Kandypens Company was founded in 2014, and since then, the company has made for itself for being the best provider of wax devices. The company has close to twelve vape pen categories that are all aimed towards waxes. The crystal vape pen is the most recent addition to the dab vape pens. 

    Inside the Kandypens crystal, you will get a well-designed coil and chamber system that gives the best vapor quality. The chamber is made from quality quartz material, and the coil is located underneath to improve the vaping experience immensely. 

    The other notable feature that makes this pen outstanding is the battery and the settings. The battery used in this vaporizer is mighty and can give you back-to-back vaping sessions lasting a whole day. The power management is not constant, so it mostly depends on how it is being used. The LED light on the battery will let you know when the pen needs to be recharged, plus the settings allow you to switch between timely vaping sessions and the manual control over the sessions.

    Considering that you have manual control over the sessions, you can use the pen as long as you desire. The high controllability feature on the vaping sessions is a huge advantage for the user. With the ordinary build of the pen, you can easily carry it around because it only weighs one pound.

    It has a height of three inches, and it can fit anywhere. The solid construction ensures that the pen can withstand all the commotions of traveling, which is excellent for people who like carrying the device around.

    The pen has a rounded design which makes it comfortable to hold and use. In addition, the 510 connection of the pen is very compatible with most carts, so that you can use any dab atomizer of your choice.

    Build and design of the Kandypens crystal

    The design of the Kandypens crystal is robust and very compact, but it may feel a little underwhelming. The pen feels good when you hold it in your arms, and it appears to be well built, but you will feel like something is missing.

    The pen would have been perfect with a stair tool or wax holding compartment that would differentiate the other competing brands. The price tag is quite premium, but it would have been better if the quality matched the price tag.

    The external casing of the pen is made from stainless steel, and you get medical-grade electroplating. The mouthpiece has a splash guard added to the base that will help to prevent the entry of hot liquid into your mouth. The pen has four LED lights that will let you know the battery level, and also there is a lifetime warranty that covers the batteries.

    The battery is a 900mAH cell that uses the single button control feature. You can use this button to switch the device on and off and toggle the four pre-set voltages. The LED lights are complemented by the K logo below the button that lights up to show the voltage level the pen is running on. 

    The coil design of the pen uses bucket quartz make that has a wide opening which makes it easy to load. Many vape pens in ten markets use coils located inside the coil and directly touch the wax in the bowl. For the crystal dab pen, the superior design lets the heating elements sit under the quartz bucket. This means that the coils never come in contact with the wax. Instead, it only heats the bowl, which then heats the wax.

    Additionally, the coil uses an adjustable airflow ring responsible for controlling the amount of air that enters the coil. This is good for varying the intensity of the draws.

    The mouthpieces of the device are made of only stainless steel and glass. Therefore, compared to the other wax pens, you do not get plastic or silicone seals that would contaminate the flavor and purity of the extracts. 

    How to use the crystal vape pen

    1. Press the power button five times to unlock, and the LED indicators will flash to indicate activity.
    2. Press the power button three times to navigate the temperature settings
    3. Remove the mouthpiece to show the quartz bowl below
    4. Add a little wax into the bowl and load a small amount to avoid overfilling
    5. Place the mouthpiece on the device
    6. Press and hold the power button to activate the pen

    Performance of the Kandypens crystal dab pen

    The more robust battery of the crystal dab pen makes it unique compared to other pens under the same category. The battery allows the coil to be faster, stronger, and more responsive. It has an instant heat-up time and keeps a steady temperature supply inside the bowl.

    The vapor quality from this pen is undisputed because the pen uses neutral material coils and mouthpieces. This means that the flavor is well preserves, and you can quickly feel all the flavor profiles used in pen. 


    There is a higher blend performance between the flavor and the intensity when using the mid settings of red and green. If you push the pen to its highest power limit, then you will get an intense experience, but as a result, your mouthpiece will get warmer and uncomfortable if you do not give it a cooling time.

    The airflow dial of the pen worked counter-intuitively. You will not have to too fully open it to allow more air and get more vapor; it works oppositely. The pen has the coils heating up to produce a certain vapor amount, and when you let in more air, it dilutes the vapor. Therefore, closing the rig will allow less air, and the vapor becomes more dense and potent. 

    It is unusual to find adjustable airflow features in a dab pen, and the Kandypens crystal makes perfect sense by allowing customization to some limits. For example, when tweaking the adjustable airflow and temperature settings, the pen can give various intensity and flavor tastes.

    Pros and cons of the crystal dab pen


    • The pen is portable 
    • The coil design produces excellent vapor
    • The separate chamber and coil make it easy to use
    • The battery life of this pen is outstanding
    • The battery is 510 compatible


    • The pen is too expensive
    • The single atomizer is not favorable
    • The glass mouthpiece gets hot after a while


    The crystal vape pen sells itself as one of the most legit dab pens that you can buy. The pen is straightforward and can be used by beginners, and very powerful to favor advanced vape users. The pen makes dabbing very straightforward and reliable.

    The airway of the pen is free from glues, dyes, plastic, or silicone seals that may affect your vapor quality. The quartz bowl, stainless steel design, and mouthpiece work together to give the best flavor of vapors that you cannot resist.


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