WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Kado Vape: A Full Guide to A Vaporizer

4th Jun 2021 | 866 | upends v

With the rise of vaping worldwide, a lot of innovation has brought about quality and modern vaping devices. The new technology has made many smokers transit to vaping as a way of easily quitting smoking. The vaping industry now features various box mods, vape pens, pod systems and vape juices.

In this guide we feature most important things you need to know about Kado vape. Kado brand has featured in several media outlets for providing premiere vaping products. It provides all the vaping needs you need and the accessories. Both beginners and vape professionals use Kado products. Let’s have a look! 

What is Kado Vape?

Kado vape refers to a vaping brand that has existed since 2012 and produces several vaping products. From Kudo brand, we have a line of premiere products like vape pens, pod systems, e-liquids and box mods. The brand offers most in demand e-liquid on the market, from highest to premium brands.

Kado features several devices from several known brands including ASPIRE, SMOK and more. At Kado one-stop-shop, you can find all favorite brands in a single place.

Kado Stealth Ultra-Portable Pod System

This ultra-portable pod system appears as the latest entrant in the open pod segment. It integrates a rechargeable battery and refillable pod cartridges.

Design and Build Quality

The Kado Stealth Ultra-portable pod system is packed with lots of useful features. You can choose from a wide color range of Champagne Gold, red, blue, green and gunmetal. It measures 75mm x 46mm x 8mm.

It comes in a good-looking black box with an image of the ideal product on it. The overall packaging of this packaging looks really good with everything kept secure.

Once you unpack the device from its packaging, you find everything included in this Kado vape kit. This include the Kado stealth Ultra-Portable System, a single 2ml refillable pod, a micro USB cable used for charging, user manual as well as a warranty card.

Although it comes with just a single pod, it has a well-placed price tag. It has a sleek looking design with a noticeable rubber grip. Its back part has the rubber grip with a shiny plastic at the front. The color accent is what makes the pod system look really presentable.

When not in use, Kado stealth ultra-portable pod system won’t fire accidentally. This is because it doesn’t make a connection that triggers the firing. Also, it features a small sticker included that clearly indicates waiting for 10 or more minutes after refill before vaping.

The Kado vape stealth ultra-portable pod system features an integrated 450mAh rechargeable battery. This provides required power to generate rich vapor from your favorite e-liquid.



Designed in a rectangular shape, the Kado stealth looks pretty compact. Thus, it conforms to the portable nature. You can carry it along wherever you go, either in your pocket or bag.

You need few and easy steps to start enjoying your favorite e-liquid flavor. As indicated earlier on, you need to wait for some time before vaping after refilling the pod. To fill the pod, you have to locate the fill port, found at the base of the pod.

The pod requires one way insertion and you can fix it on the Kado stealth easily without any issue. The mouthpiece of this Kado vape is located off the side, but with time, you get used to. Most vaping devices have a centralized mouthpiece for convenience.

Holding the Kado vape Stealth Ultra-Portable pod system in your hands feels much comfortable. It provides perfect grip in your hands with the front grip ribbed. This increases the comfort level of griping. Furthermore, the device is quite lightweight, featuring a zinc-alloy and rubber construction. Thus, it can last longer.

A charging port appears at the side to offer much convenience than at the bottom. In order to charge, you use the provided USB cable to connect to the device and plug to the power source. You can charge on your computer or through any device with USB port provision. When charging, the LED light appears and when fully charged, it shows a steady green light until you disconnect. When vaping, the LED light appears.

This device features the draw activated firing system, similar with most pods on the market. It makes it suitable for both beginners and professional vapers. You can have a wonderful vaping experience using Kado Stealth Ultra-Portable Pod System. It has no connection or leaking issues and is quite simple to assemble and use.


Like several pod systems on the market, the Kado Stealth Ultra-Portable gives mouth-lung vaping experience. Direct lung vapers from RTAs, RDAs, sub Ohm Tanks and more can’t find this befitting.

Kado Stealth provides you with a great draw mouth to lung vaping. You experience a tighter draw but quite smooth without any turbulence. You need to take some time and become relevant with the mouthpiece positioning.

The Kado consists of a great wattage output of about 8W with a 3.6V output. The coil provides a resistance of about 1.5 Ohm, great for mouth to lung vaping experience. The pod holds 2ml e-juice, a good supply for your vaping needs. You can ape the whole day without need of refilling the pod again. You can only refill it once if you have had frequent vaping.

Kado Stealth Replacement Cartridge

The Kado Stealth replacement cartridge features an all-in-one vaporizer. The replacement cartridges can accommodate 2ml capacity that utilizes your favorite nicotine e-liquids. This can be between 30mg to 60mg. the replacement magnetic cartridge features a design for the MTL vaping style. It has 1.5 Ohm atomizer range and features the proprietary connection.


75mm x 46mm x 8mm

2ml e-juice capacity

450mAh rechargeable battery

Refillable cartridge

Draw activated firing mechanism

1.2 Ohm atomizer resistance

Replaceable cartridge

Micro USB charging port

Power button


Great build quality

Smooth draw

Easy to use

Has a compact design

Provides an excellent flavor


Includes only one pod

An off side mouthpiece

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Kado vape

Why should I regularly clean the Kado vape?

For better performance, you need to clean your vape device. It helps in clearing the built-up residue within the atomizer which can ruin the e-liquid taste. The clog sometimes can cause clogs in the air vents, leading to overheating. This can also produce dry hits. Cleaning your Kado vape device regularly ensures a long-lasting coil.

Regular cleaning also helps you to have flavor. The core value of vaping lies in flavor sensation. You need to clean both the coils and the vape tanks. This ensures you receive a fresher and tastier vapor from a cleaned device.

When should you clean the Kado vape tank?

The vape tank primarily holds an e-liquid which comes out as your favorite vapor. This usually combines with an atomizer to come out as a single unit. To clean the vape tank correctly, follow the few steps below:

Remove the tank base and top and remove the remaining e-juice. During the disassembly, take note of the pieces and know where each goes.

For a quick clean, use warm water to run through the tank. Using a faucet, run the warm water for at least 20 seconds or more. This helps in rinsing away the e-juice residue.

For deep cleaning, use high-proof alcohol to wipe the vape tank. Apply unflavored alcohol in the process to dissolve the stubborn e-juice deposits. Use a damp cloth with alcohol to clean the dirty areas. Wipe and rinse using warm water. A jewelry cleaning machine can also serve the purpose.

Use a paper towel to run through the vape tank and then air dry for about ten minutes. Then reassemble and refill.

How does the Kado vape operate?

A simple vaping system contains five functional parts: a tank, delivery device, mods, air intake and sensors.

Kado tank holds your vaping e-juice which is vaporized. It also has a wick that transfers the vaping juice to an atomizer.

The delivery device can come in three different systems: atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer. The atomizer has a coil which atomizes or vaporizes your vaping juice into vapor which you inhale. The cartomizer looks similar to an atomizer but consists of a material near the coil which soaks the juice to provide a longer vaping experience. The clearomizer features a clear tank and a wick system just like an atomizer.

The mods have batteries. Internal batteries look smaller than the external ones. Internal batteries don’t last longer, unlike external batteries. Batteries transfer current to the coil to heat your favorite juice into vapor.

Air intake gives provision for the breath to transfer vapor from an atomizer to your mouth.

Sensor responds to the inhalation hence provides vapor.


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For the price, Kado vape devices have a wonderful design and performs better. They produce rich flavor and vapor for the entire day vaping.