K-Vape Pro Disposables (Kandypens): Review and Instructions

    K-Vape Pro Disposables (Kandypens): Review and Instructions

    Vapes are rapidly replacing cigarettes. This is all thanks to the fact that vapes are far healthier to use than cigarettes even with the fact that they give almost the same satisfaction that cigarettes give, or much more.  With so many cigarette smokers expressing their interest in switching from smoking to vaping, one major challenge they face is not knowing the exact vape product that is good for them or the one that best suits them. To make choosing the right vape easier for vapers, we would be looking into the full review of K-Vapes Pro Disposables made by Kandypens, and the instructions in this article.

    1. KandyPens Company

    K-Vape Pro Disposables is produced by the very popular KandyPens Company. The company was established in 2014 in California, USA. KandyPens Company is one of the vape companies you can trust when it comes to quality products and varieties of vape products. They also have excellent customer service and there are amazing offers for their customers. KandyPens have won so many awards for its exceptionality and they have over 15 various models of products that you can choose from. The K-Vape Pro Disposable is one of them.

    1. K-Vape Pro Disposable

    This product is the first-ever herbal vaporizer that KandyPens Company made. It uses a high-technology innovation that combines both convection and conduction heating methods. The product has very good quality and it is quite friendly to use and control. It also comes with a ceramic heating chamber that makes it possible for it to steadily produce pure and fresh vapours all through the vaping period. This Ceramic Heating Chamber holds up to 0.5grams. In addition, the device comes with two glass mouthpieces that make it possible for you to switch between them while cleaning. It also comes with four different customizable temperature settings that allow you to customize the temperature level as you wish. This vape comes in a really good design and it is very durable. The glass mouthpiece features a cooling technology; all working together to give you a highly pleasurable and satisfying vaping experience.

     The content that comes with the pack of K-Vape Pro disposable includes a K-Vape battery device that has 1100mAh capacity, an Accessory Pack that includes two replacement screens and two mouthpiece covers (one is short and the other is long), MicroUSB chargeable cable, and a manual and a cleaning brush. 

    2.1 Features of K-Vape Pro Disposable

    2.1.1 Battery

    The battery that comes with this device makes it possible for it to perform effectively and to last well. K-Vape Pro comes with a battery that has 1100mAh capacity, which makes it possible for it to last up to about one hour. It also features a USB charging port and comes with a USB charger that makes it possible for you to charge it easily each time its power runs out. As a way of rewarding their customers, KandyPens Company offers you a warranty that is up to a lifetime on the battery- this even further shows that the battery has good quality.

    2.1.2 Mouthpiece

    The mouthpiece that comes with the device has thick glass and features a filter that is designed to trap stray herbs. It is durable and it does not involve any complexities to use. The mouthpiece is directly on the chamber- which makes the device unique as compared to some other vape products. There are also showerhead-designed screens at the base of the mouthpiece, these screens help to freshly release the heat of the vapour into the air.

    2.1.3 Ceramic Chamber

    Just like many other vaporizers out there, K-Vape Pro comes with a long ceramic chamber that takes the shape of a cylinder. This shape makes heating the herbs much more easy and more consistent. The Ceramic Chamber can comfortably hold up to 0.3 grams of herbs at a time, this allows you to enjoy the richness of the herbs per each fill, and it makes it easy to use by people that are new to vaping. It should be noted here that filling in too many herbs in the chamber at a time can tighten the airflow and make inhaling the vapour hard.

    2.1.4 Temperature

    We noted earlier that this device comes with 4 different customizable temperature options. Once you switch on the device, it heats up within 20 seconds and you have the option of choosing the temperature you want. The temperature options that come with the device include 350°F- which is indicated with a yellow light, 375°F- which is indicated with a green light, 400°F- which is indicated by a red light, and 428°F- which is indicated by a blue light. The device also features an automatic shut-down that allows it to switch off automatically when it is not in use. 

    2.1.5 Performance

    Generally speaking, the performance of this device is good and enjoyable. The 4 preset temperature levels that come with it add to an added good performance. It works very nicely when you do not add more than 0.3g of herbs to the chamber at a time, doing otherwise can cause the airflow to be tight. The battery power of 1100mAh makes it last up to 6 sessions- though many vaporizers come with a higher battery capacity these days, to allow them last longer. K-Vapes comes with a USB-charging port and a charger so you can charge it anytime you want to use it even if the battery had previously finished. One major clause we noticed about the device is that its vapour production is low, especially when compared to many other vaporisers out there. Above all,the K-Vape Pro disposable is a good one to have.

    1. Pros

    Easy to Use: One major feature that most vapers, especially newcomers, look out for when buying their vape products, is ease of use. No one likes complexities, the K-Vape Pro device is very easy to use and assemble, and it even comes with a manual that has instructions on how to use it.

    Four Customizable Temperature Options: This is a great feature of the device, you get to easily choose the temperature that best suits you at each particular time. There are also led lights that reflect each temperature level, making it possible for you to know what level of temperature is in use.

    Portability: This device is very portable so you can comfortably carry it in your pocket when going out, without you having to feel any discomfort from the weight of carrying it.

    Warranty: The device comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery, there are also other amazing discounts that the company offers you. On top of this, they have excellent customer care service.

    Affordability:The device is not expensive to buy, even with its very good quality. You do not need to have a huge purse of dollars before you can purchase it.

    1. Cons

    One major disadvantage we noticed with the device is its vapour production. The vapour production of this device is low, so you might not enjoy it if you are a vaper that particularly likes huge vapours.

    1. Using K-Vape Pro Disposable

    This device is not difficult to use at all. The first thing you need to do is to remove the mouthpiece by pulling it up and twisting it a bit towards the glass part (if you want to close it back, you only need to put it back and push it down till it is firm). After you have removed the mouthpiece, grind your herbs with a grinder and carefully load the ground herbs in the chamber (Be careful not to overload the chamber with herbs so that it won’t tighten the airflow). At this point, put back the mouthpiece. The next step is to turn the device on by repeatedly pressing the power button, five times. To choose the temperature that you like, press down the power button and watch the LED light change colour when it is set to your desired temperature. Once you have chosen the temperature level you want, release the power button and go ahead to enjoy your vape once the LED lights stop flashing.

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    K-Vape Pro is a product of KandyPens Company and it is a good option for vapers, both new and old. The device is easily customizable as it allows you to choose between four different temperature levels. It comes withaa1100mAh battery and also a USB charging port. It is easy to use, comes with a manual, and is easy to carry around.


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