WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

K Vape Pen. A Guide and Review of K Vape Pen 2021

12th May 2022 | 403 | upends v

What is the K vape pen?

The kandypens K vape pen is the newest dry herb vaporizer released by kandypens. The pen adds onto the list of many awesome products that kandypens have released into the vape market.

The pen has improved features such as a cylindrical 0.5 gram ceramic heating chamber, four temperature pre-settings that can hit a maximum of up to 428F. Has an improved 1100 mAh battery that has a pass thru charging feature that is accompanied by a glass mouthpiece that has a cooling technology.

The mouthpiece has an integral feature to the vapor path and has  a brilliant design that will assist in dispersing hot vapor into a more suitable and flavorful hit even when vaping at higher temperatures.

And as you would expect with a kandypens product, the vape device comes with two extra mouthpieces.

Contents of the k vape pen kit

The K vape comes with a beautiful corrugated box with the branding Kadypens ‘k’. You get everything that you need to start vaping such as isopropyl alcohol and tools, the only thing you do not get is the dry herb itself.

In as much as you can get two mouthpieces in the kit, unfortunately you cannot buy extra mouthpieces from their stores in case you need a third, fourth or any extra mouthpiece. The pen also comes in one uniform color that is purely black.

Here are a few contents of the kit;

  • K-vape pen battery 
  • 2 x vape glass mouthpieces
  • 2 x shower head screes for the mouthpieces
  • Cylindrical cleaning brush
  • Micro USB charger

Features of kandypen k vape pen

  • Readily compatible with dry herbs
  • Has a hybrid conduction and convection heating system
  • Has four optimized pre-setting for heat output
  • The mouthpiece is fitted with a cooling technology
  • The mouthpieces features upgraded glass hardware
  • Pen body is made of anodized aluminum body
  • The pen is a variable voltage pen
  • Heating chambers are larger
  • 25 second pre-heating feature
  • Honeycomb filter design for smooth hits
  • Straightforward pen that is easy to use
  • Zero combustion on the chambers
  • Micro USB charger
  • Pass through charging
  • Simple design that is portable
  • Lifetime warranty on the device on parts 

Design and build of the k vape pen

The k vape pen battery is also designed to operate using a single control button that has the adjustable four pre-set temperatures that are assisted by LED indicator colors that show various setting selections. The bottom is like a flush cut part but it is similarly raised just a little bit so that your fingers can feel it.

The button is equally good a responding and you can feel it getting clicked. The four temperature pre-sets are presented by colors such as Yellow for 350F, green for 375F, Red for 400F and blue for 428F.

The battery of the pen has a five-minute automatic cut-of time which is meant to save the battery from damage and also taking care of your dry herbs not to get burnt when you are not using the pen.

The ceramic chamber is the similar chamber that you can find in basically any vape pen. It features a long cylindrical shape to allow for increased consistent and even heating of substances in the chamber. The k vape pen can hold up to 0.5mg but it is better if you load you chamber with 0.3 g of substance to allow for improved airflow. The chamber can easily fit 0.5 grams but that would be overloading, and could easily be less effective.

The mouthpieces on this device are what makes the vape pen shine compared to similar vape pens which use the mouthpiece directly over the ceramic chamber. To begin with, the mouthpiece is very comfortable to use and it features a thick glass that is flattened on its sides to transfer less heat.

The glass material feels durable and even if you drop it a couple of times, you can barely see signs of cracks or chips. The durability of the mouthpiece could also be assisted by the anodized aluminum material that is the holder of the unknown K vape vapor path.

Below the mouthpiece base, you get a screen that looks like a screen and can easily help you to disperse the heat of the vapor. Interestingly, the vapor does not go into the mouth immediately, inside the mouthpiece, there is a honeycomb piece that transfers the vapor in a zigzag pattern to help it cool further.

How to use the K vape pen

To begin, you need to take off the mouthpiece and to do this, you have to pull up and twist it slightly at the glass part. When you need to put it back on, place it in line and then push it down till it feels like it has gripped into position. There is a little tab that hold everything firmly.

The next step is to get the grinder and finely grind your herbs into a suitable consistency then proceed to load it into the chamber. The chamber should not be packed super tightly so it is better to consider the 0.3 grams we talked about earlier in the article. Tamp down the ground herbs a little bit then place the mouthpiece back on.


Turn on your device by pressing on the power button rapidly five times. To navigate through the four temperature pre-sets you will need to hold down the power button and let it scroll through the different settings. You will have to be patient for twenty five seconds for your pen to pick up the set temperature and you will get a line of flashing LED light on the upper side of the battery. When the flashing stops, you are good to go.

Performance of the k vape pen

When you load 0.3 grams on the tank, you can get through close to three sessions. You can start from the lowest temperature at 375F then move up to red 400F and finish off at 428F.

You will not easily get hot spots on the herb and you do not even have to stir it because it has a nice and smooth airflow which is not very tight and not loose either. You get a mix of convection and conduction heating that improved on your vaping experience.


The flavor you get from the K vape pen is relatively average for any device that uses a ceramic chamber system. The only difference is that this pen has the honeycomb design and a smart vapor path that heightens the experience. Just like any other device that uses dry herbs, the mouthpiece plays a major role in how the flavor will turn out.

How to clean your k vape pen

With the ceramic chamber, you need to brush your pen after every session. The mouthpiece can be hard to clean but with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol, it will get better. You need to pay attention to how every part of your mouthpiece gets back together.

The mouthpiece has a slot that holds the screen which get screwed. When you unscrew it, you need to be careful it does not fall out. The removable parts can be easily cleaned using isopropyl to get them clean as new.

Pros and cons of the k vape pen


  • Design is simple and straightforward to use
  • The 1100mAh battery is very powerful and long lasting
  • Four temperature presets allow you to tailor your vaping experience
  • The conduction and convection heating allow for even heating of substances
  • The pen has stronger effects because it is a dry herb vape
  • You get decent flavors from the pen
  • The glass mouthpieces are well designed to allow the cooling features
  • You get a lifetime warranty when using the vape pen


  • The battery take too long to charge
  • The vapor production is lower than expected


The most likeable feature about the k vape is the heating technique and long lasting battery. The nicely designed mouthpiece also adds to the flavor of the pen and you actually get two of them in the kit. It is also good that the vape pen comes with a warranty in case your pen stops working or if some parts go missing.