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K-Vape Disposable Dab Pen: Your Companion for Dry Herb Vaping On the Go

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If you’re on a budget and looking for an easy-to-use disposable vape pen for dry herbs, don’t forget to check this review…

What is a K-Vape Disposable Dab Pen?

The K-Vape Pro Disposable Dab Pen by Kandypens is a new portable vaporizer for dry herbs. This new device is a small and lightweight vape that comes with an affordable price tag. Most dry herb vapes have a somewhat similar design but this one comes with a slightly different and practical design. The company came up with a vape pen that brings a simple yet practical design. It is also awarded ‘2023 best portable dry herb vape under $100’ by The Vape Guide.

Designed and developed in the USA, It features a hybrid heating method that uses both conduction and convection heating for providing a great dry herb vaping experience. This is a disposable device which means it has to be replaced once the e-liquid depletes. It features a cylindrical 0.5-gram ceramic heating chamber and packs a 1200mAh battery with pass-thru charging. It comes with a comfortable glass mouthpiece that has a cooling technology and the mouthpiece is an integral part of the device.

Let’s check out more about the K-Vape Pro…

K-Vape Disposable Dab Pen Specs and Features


  • Product Type: Disposable Vaporizer
  • Compatibility: Dry Herb
  • Body Material: Glass
  • Display: LED Indicators
  • Temperature Settings: 4 Levels
  • Battery: 1200mAh Internal Battery
  • Charge Time: 1-2 Hours
  • Heating Method: Hybrid
  • Oven Material: Ceramic
  • Oven Capacity: 0.3gram
  • Heating Method: Hybrid
  • Heat Time: 30-40s
  • Charger Type: Micro-USB

K-Vape Disposable Dab Pen Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and Simple to Use
  • Compact and Portable
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Even Heating
  • Cooling Technology
  • Strong Effects
  • Four Preset Temps
  • Nicely Designed Mouthpiece
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Battery


  • Low Vapor
  • Disposable Adds to the Waste
  • No Adjustable Airflow

K-Vape Disposable Dab Pen Review

Here’s what to expect from the K-Vape Disposable Vape Pen…

Design and Build Quality

The K-Vape Pro has a cylindrical-shaped body that is manufactured by using anodized aluminum. It makes the vape pen tough and scratch-resistant, adding to its build quality and durability. The device is around 4 inches tall and weighs 2.75oz, making it easy to carry and comfortable to hold. It has a simple design that makes it an ideal travel companion compared to standard box-shaped dry herb or weed vapes.

Despite being a budget vape, it has a good design and build quality. It only has a single button to control its temperature and power. The button is also well-placed in the center and there is an LED indicator to indicate the battery life. Moreover, it has 4 voltage settings and basic functions like auto shut-off, pass-through charging, etc. Talking about the mouthpiece, it has a nice tapered mouthpiece that comes with cooling technology.

Performance and Vapor Quality

The K-Vape Pro provides great performance in its category and heats 0.3g of herbs in around 30 to 40 seconds. It features a funnel-shaped chamber and provides around 5 to 8 good hits. However, there is a small issue as the mouthpiece and the battery gets hot. Although the glass mouthpiece with a honeycomb screen makes the vapor feel fresh and less harsh. Coming to its battery, it is designed to last for up to 5 to 7 sessions which is a little shorter compared to average vapes. The vape pen supports pass-through charging so that you can use it while it’s plugged in.

Talking about its vapor quality, it is decent and caters to the needs of both beginners and intermediate vapers. For experienced vapers, this device could be basic as it does not have advanced features or controls. However, the vapor production is good and it is cool and is mostly cool but also gets warm on the highest settings. It produces a smooth and flavorful vapor for those who are starting to vape herbs.

Ease of Use and Portability

It is not at all difficult to use the K-Vape Disposable Dab Pen as it is a device with a simple design and basic features. Load up the chamber, hit the power button, wait for it to heat up, and you’re good to go. This vape pen is designed for that customer segment who are starting with vape herbs or weed as it does not produce much vapor. Therefore, it is ideal for beginner and intermediate vapers who are looking for a simple device to vape herbs. The disposable vape pen is small and fits well in most pockets or bags.

Overall Experience

If you’re looking for an entry-level dry herb vape pen, you can consider a K-Vape Pro Disposable Vape pen. What most K-Vape Pro users like about the device is the even heating it provides, the nicely designed mouthpiece, and the long-lasting battery. The warranty on the battery is like a bonus.

What’s in the Box?


The K-Vape Pro Disposable Vape Pen comes in nice packaging with the branding of the Kandypens ‘K’. Here’s what’s included in the box…

  • K-Vape Pro Battery Device (rated at 1200 mAh)
  • 2 x K-Vape Pro Glass Mouthpiece Units
  • 2 x Shower head Screens (attached to the mouthpiece)
  • Cylindrical Cleaning Brush
  • Micro USB Charger

How to Use the K-Vape Disposable Dab Pen

It is extremely simple to use the K-Vape Disposable Dab Pen and here’s what you need to do…

  • Open the package and remove the mouthpiece.
  • Use the chamber to load your herbs before replacing the mouthpiece.
  • Now turn on the device by pressing the button 5 times.
  • Hold down the power button to scroll through the preset temperatures.
  • When the LED light indicates the color of your chosen temperature, you can release the power button. The temperature settings are color-coded: Yellow for 350°F, Green for 375°F, Red for 400°F, and Blue for 428°F.
  • When the LED light will stop blinking, just start inhaling from the mouthpiece.
  • The device shuts off automatically after 5 minutes.

FAQs About K-Vape Disposable Dab Pen

What are the temperature settings for the K-Vape Disposable vape pen?

There are 4 color-coded temperature presets to choose from, including Yellow for 350°F, Green for 375°F, Red for 400°F, and Blue for 428°F.

Can my disposable vape expire?

Yes, a disposable vape can expire as it comes pre-filled with e-liquid that may degrade in quality over time. Also, it may stop working due to the battery losing stored power.

How long should I hit an average disposable vape pen?

Though you should go by the instructions as written on your device, it is recommended that there should be no gap between the lips and the mouthpiece and you should take a slow draw for around 3-5 seconds.

How do I maintain my disposable vape pen?

Although disposable vapes require less maintenance, they will add to their lifespan if you can take care of a few things. Take smaller puffs to increase the puff count and store it at room temperature.

What are the pros and cons of using a K-Vape Disposable Vape pen?

The K-Vape disposable vape pen is simple to use and comes with a long-lasting battery. It has four preset temperatures and a nicely designed mouthpiece. However, it produces less vapor compared to similar products on the market.

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