WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Juul UK: All Vaping Needs At One Place

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About Juul: JUUL was created with adult smokers in mind- right from shape, technology, and flavor. It was co-founded by Adam Bowen and James Monees. JUUL devices include a temperature control system and employ nicotine salts present in tobacco leaves rather than free-base nicotine, which is used in most e-cigarettes. These characteristics are unique to JUUL, and they allow you to be free of the ash mess.

JUUL Labs Quality & Standards

JUUL Labs is concerned about the quality of its goods. They develop items with compliance in mind, testing them throughout the development process and after they are put into production. Let us now look at the standards for each parameter

Device Standards

  1. Battery: All of the battery packs go through rigorous testing, including impact and drop testing, as well as forced failure, to ensure that they are reliable and meet international safety standards like IEC 62133, IEC 60335, and UL 1642.
  2. Electrical Testing Standard: They test for electromagnetic compatibility, ensuring that the product meets or exceeds the criteria for both radiating and securely absorbing energy (immunity).
  3. Radiated Emissions And Immunity Testing And Standards: International radiated emission, immunity, and safety standards such as IEC 60335, CISPR 22, and IEC 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/8/11 are tested and met.
  4. Hardware Reliability Standards: The devices are tested for reliability and safety in real-world scenarios like impact and drop testing on a regular basis. Regarding the usage of hazardous compounds in electrical and electronic equipment, they adhere to the European Union's RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive.
  5. Ingredient Standards: A Country specific list of ingredients that are prohibited in mated by JUUL. In the US, ingredients listed by the FDA as disqualified are not added; Outside of the US, they comply with the specific country’s guidelines.
  6. Vapour Testing Standards: The vapors on a regular basis to guarantee that it reaches the high standards. To maintain consistency in flavor from batch to batch, they use trained taste panels. Toxicological testing is conducted on both the e-liquid and the resulting vapor after it has been vaporized using our heating devices.
  7. Supplier Controls Through Supply Chain: They have agreements with their suppliers that require them to test the components they sell to our manufacturing partners rigorously and precisely.

Let us now learn about JUUL and its components.

As mentioned earlier, JUUL was designed as an alternative for cigarettes. There are no buttons or switches on this device; simply insert a JUUL pod, and you are ready to go. The user will find that temperature controls, nicotine salts, and varied intensities fit their needs.

JUUL Pods: The disposable, snap-in JUUL pods make customizing the user experience a breeze while figuring out what works for them. There are no messy refills; simply insert the JUULpod into the device's top and puff.

JUUL Ingredients: JUUL Labs developed its exclusive nicotine-containing e-liquid composition after years of research, which is combined under tight quality control methods by industry-leading U.S. partners. The bulk of the e-liquids are made using pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. They produce an aerosol that contains nicotine, benzoic acid, and flavorings when heated. We always use pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and benzoic acid, which combine to form a nicotine salt that mimics the sensation of smoking. The flavoring is a combination of natural and artificial components that give each JUUL pod its own distinct flavor profile.

Let us now look at the various products:

JUUL Pods:


With JUUL's Mint Pods, one can enjoy the crisp, refreshing flavor of mint. Each puff has a light, refreshing flavor and a pleasant aftertaste. This is the Pod for you if you're a previous smoker of traditional menthol cigarettes who's made the switch to vape. It has an oh-so-satisfying flavor that is far superior to any menthol cigarette you've ever had.

Virginia Tobacco

If you're switching from regular cigarettes to an e-cigarette but still enjoy the tobacco flavor, JUUL's Virginia Tobacco pods are for you. These pods contain e-salt liquids that offer the distinct, classic flavor of American-grown tobacco. The flavor is comparable to the best traditional tobacco. It has a pleasant aroma and taste.

JUUL Pod Fruit

These pods have a unique flavor that combines the sweetness of grapes, peaches, and berries with the succulent flavor of herbal elements to create a genuinely unique flavor. The flavor is reminiscent of a fresh harvest of summer fruits, and the salt e-liquid is silky smooth.

Classic Tobacco

If you prefer the classic tobacco flavor, JUULs Classic Tobacco pods will not disappoint. The components in these salt e-liquid pods provide the timeless flavor of tobacco, yet it's considerably smoother than regular cigarettes. These pods taste and feel similar to JUUL's Virginia Tobacco pods; however, they have a milder flavor and throat impact.

JUUL Devices:

Slate JUUL Device

This kit includes everything you'll need to make the switch away from combustible cigarettes. A USB Charging Dock and a two-year limited guarantee are included with the Slate JUUL Device. JUULpods are not included in this package.

JUUL Starter Kit

The kit includes Menthol for adult smokers looking for a non-cigarette option. Every element was created with adult smokers in mind, resulting in a product that stands out from any e-cigarette or vape device on the market. Four JUULpods with a nicotine dosage of 18mg/ml are included, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Portable Charging Case

You can charge your JUUL Device while on the go with the JUUL Portable Charging Case. It has multiple charging options and is portable. The JUUL device is available for purchase separately. Using the included cord, charge your case in a USB port. A fully charged case has four LED lights, indicating that it can charge your JUUL Device numerous times. It is compatible with all JUUL devices.

USB Charging Dock

Bring your USB Charging Dock with you wherever you go, and you'll never run out of juice. It is small, has no tangled cables, and has a streamlined design Charge using any USB port on your Mac, PC, or other devices. To charge, put your USB Charging Dock into a USB port, place your JUUL Device on the magnetic dock, and let it charge for an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does a JUUL Device’s battery last?

A completely charged battery will last roughly a day or as long as one JUULpod.

Q2. How long does a JUULpod last?

Although JUULpods do not have an expiration date, they are best to use them immediately after purchase to ensure quality. The amount of nicotine may decrease over a period of time. After a year, the flavor quality may deteriorate. This is due to the oxidation process, which affects all e-liquids.

Q3. Do I have to clean my JUUL device?

JUUL devices are simple to clean. Use a dry cotton swab to clean the charging contacts and the inside of the JUUL device.

Q4. How Long Does the Warranty Last?

JUUL Devices and JUUL Portable Charging Cases have a two-year limited warranty from the date of retail purchase by a person over the age of 18 from www.JUUL.co.uk or an Authorised JUUL Labs merchant. A list of authorized JUUL Labs stores may be found at www.JUUL.co.uk/locator. This Limited Warranty is not transferable to anyone else.

Q5. How is the buyer’s age verified?

When you create an account on JUUL.co.uk, you must provide government-issued, legitimate identification, which will be used by JUUL Labs' age verification team to verify your age. The clearance procedure can take up to 24-48 hours. You won't be able to place an order until the age verification is done.

Q6. Will personal information collected during age verification be stored or shared?

JUUL Labs will securely retain your name, date of birth, and ID number to ensure that age and identity verification are only necessary once. They do not disclose this information to anybody other than JUUL Labs and its third-party identification service provider. The data is never used for marketing purposes without the customer’s permission.

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  • 25*26*105mm Dimensions
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • 2 mL/ 4 mL (Standard) (TPD)
  • 5V/2A Charging using USB Type-C
  • Output wattage of 14W and 28W
  • 5 ohms- 0.8 ohms


JUUL is a reputed brand known all around the world for its quality and credible products. These products are not to be used by minors and are primarily to be used by adults. If you are looking for an alternative, you can always refer to UPENDS products.