JUUL In India: Price, Where To Buy

    JUUL In India: Price, Where To Buy

    For several years, 'vaping' devices such as e-cigars have been a subject of controversy and debate. However, Vaping devices represent an innovative solution to replacing and curbing the health risks of traditional smoking.

    Traditional cigars contain nicotine and other toxic substances and are capable of causing cancer. In contrast, vaping devices remove those harmful risks, leaving only heated nicotine combined with innocuous glycerin in pleasant puffs. They also offer a nice and pleasant-smelling vapor in a variety of flavors.

    While some e-cigars and vaping devices have electrical charge buttons, JUULs only have soft sizzles. JUULs are built in a way that is easy to use. They are slender in size, and this makes them portable and handy.

    However, due to the prevalent use of vaping devices among teens, some countries like the US have attempted to curb the use of JUULs. This is because JUULs are not as dangerous as all other substances. In a traditional cigar, it contains nicotine which can be addictive, but still, the UK's National Health Services approves vapes to curb and stop smoking.

    Over the years, tobacco studies have remained a major reason why vaping devices are the subject of heated debates. Some studies draw inconclusions on the harmfulness or harmlessness of vaping devices and e-cigars, while others simply endorse vaping as an effective means to quit smoking. Also, a few studies outright censor vaping, especially in adolescents. However, the issue with most of these studies is that they merely rely on limited data for their research.

    It is alarming that some of these half-baked studies have found their way to India, where the regulatory agencies have now banned e-cigars and vaping devices. According to the Indian Ministry of Health, vaping constitutes “a great health risk.” However, this bold statement has not provided any real statistical background for its conclusion.

    JUUL products are designed to cater to smokers’ health and habits, making some of the finest vape devices available. So JUULs, like most vapes, are made to help people quit smoking, but critics claim that this is not the case. According to them, the marketing strategies of vaping brands are targeted at young people who purchase the products. However, the ban on vaping devices will only encourage more black market trades and overdependence on harmful traditional cigarettes.

    So, this begs the next question.

    Where  Can I Buy JUUL Device And JUUL Pods In India?

    Luckily, there are still a few places and online stores to get your desired JUUL in India. Here is a list of some of them and a brief description of their products:

    1. is the website extension of Amazon in India that sell JUUL in India. Amazon is guided by 4 business principles; customer focus, zest for innovation, commitment to management excellence, and long-term innovation.

    Amazon endeavors to be the earth’s most customer-oriented company through its workplace and business products. They offer premium express delivery and return services with secure payment options.

    Some of their JUUL products include:

    • Nicofree Cigarette Safety Filters – Black for Cigarettes/Dokha/Medwakh Pipe (35 Filters)

    This product reduces the amount of tar and nicotine one takes in from the cigar. They come in 5 packs and are manufactured in automatic machine lines from food-grade plastic materials.

    • PUFF SMART Premium Herbal Hookah Molasses (3 packs)

    This product is 100% Herbal Molasses Hookah (zero-tobacco flavor). It contains 3 flavor packs (50 gm per pack). It has the Ziafran Pan flavor, which offers a refreshing smell.

    • PUFF SMART Premium Herbal Hookah Molasses (2 packs)

    This product is 100% Herbal Hookah Molasses (zero-tobacco flavor) which contains 2 flavor packs (50 gm per pack). Its “Zafran Pan” flavor has pure exotic natural essence and a smooth fragrance that gives off tasty puff-smart clouds.

    1. Vapehereindia

    Vapehereindia is an online store in India. They offer a 5% discount on all JUUL products 10% discount on all Caliburn Devices. However, there are no live images on the site due to government restrictions. So instead, they can be requested via WhatsApp.

    Here is a list of some of their JUUL products:

    • JUUL Pods Cucumber

    It has a well-garnished flavor made with nicotine which makes it unique. It also offers varying strengths based on one’s personal use.

    • JUUL Pod Fruits

    JUUL Pod Fruits are made with grape, peaches, and berries mixed with herbal flavor, which gives a unique taste.

    • JUUL Juice Salt

    They contain a 30ml Unicorn Bottle alongside a nicotine salt composition. These are also built with ultra-low wattage and have a pod-based system design.

    1. Vapour India

    Vapour India has an online store with various products ranging from JUUL to vapes and the likes.

    Some of their popular JUULs include:

    • JUUL Pods Menthol

    It costs Rs. 2,100.00, and its nicotine strength can be determined in the drop-down box below its price and quantity.

    • JUUL Pods Fruit Mix

    They cost about Rs. 2,500, and you can order your desired quantity.

    • JUUL Pods Virginia Tobacco

    Formerly sold for Rs. 2,500, Virginia Tobacco JUUL pods now go for Rs. 2,100.00.

    • JUUL Pods Multi-Pack

    They previously cost Rs. 2,400.0, but they now go for Rs. 2,150.00. They have a nicotine strength of 18mg, in contrast to most pods.

    1. Smoke House India

    It is also an online store in India where JUUL pods and other vaping devices can be ordered and delivered to you.

    Some of their listed products include:

    • DYB Lush Ice JUUL Pods

    They offer a cooling effect combined with watermelon flavor that gives users a soft throat-hit sensation. Embedded in each pod is 50mg of flavored e-juice nicotine. As a result, they typically last longer and can be consumed at your own pace.

    • JUUL Starter Kit

    The prominent feature of the JUUL Deluxe Kit is its magnetic USB charger. The more updated version of JUUL is the JUUL V3.

    They come in 50mg kit pods of tasty flavors such as Virginia tobacco, cool mint, mango, and vanilla flavors. There is also the 18mg kit available in golden tobacco, mint, menthol, and mango flavors.

    • DYB Blue Mint JUUL Pods

    They offer an icy feeling infused with a refreshing peppermint flavor. Each pod holds 50mg of flavored e-juice nicotine and is designed to optimize durability and ease of use. In addition, these JUUL pods are ultra-portable and require little to no technical know-how.

    • DYB Grape Ice JUUL Pods

    DYB Grape Ice JUUL Pods contain perfectly ripe grapes infused with a tasty icy menthol flavor. They offer a great draw sensation and throat-hit experience.

    Each pod contains 50mg of flavored e-juice nicotine and is also designed to ensure that the pods are durable and easy to use. These pods are ultra-portable and require little to no technical know-how to function.

    • DYB Iced Strawberry JUUL Pods

    DYB Iced Strawberry JUUL Pods are super portable and can fit the palm of your hands or your pocket. Each pod also contains 50mg of e-juice nicotine.

    1. Indian Vape Store

    This is also another popular online vaping store in India. They also offer free delivery services on prepaid orders.

    Some of their popular JUUL products include:

    • JUUL Starter Kit – (4 Pods Kit)

    JUUL Starter Kits go for Rs. 3,699 on the site. Unlike most vaporizers, they are easy to use. The Pods operate without the need for technical know-how.

    • JUUL Pods Multipack

    JUUL Pods Multipack is available for Rs. 1,900 on the Indian Vape Store. If you regularly change flavors and would like to explore more vaping flavors before dedicating yourself to a particular JUUL in India, the JUUL Pod Multipack is an ideal option. It has the 4 popular flavor options of most JUUL in India, including cool mint and Virginia tobacco flavors. All you need to get started is to plug in your preferred pod flavor and start vaping.

    • JUUL Pods Menthol

    These go for just Rs. 2,000 on the site and offer varying benefits based on each user’s consumption needs and vaping preferences. These Pods come in a tasty and refreshing menthol flavor.

    • JUUL Pods Cucumber

    JUUL Pods Cucumber goes for Rs. 2,399 on the site. They offer a unique flavor taste experience that gives you a refreshing vaping sensation. Users also get to select their preferred nicotine concentration.

    • JUUL Basic Kit

    JUUL Basic Kit goes for Rs. 3,500 and cons with a rechargeable device and USB port. However, they do not contain JUUL Pods.

    1. in

    This is also an online store where JUUL pods and other vaping devices are sold in India. Here are some of their popular products:

    • Jell Cases

    This vape accessory is compatible with JUUL, JUUL Pods, and third-party pods. They are designed for easy use and ultimately offer a great throat-hit sensation. Jell Cases JUUL Pods are designed to promote a luxurious vaping experience.

    • DEEJ Co.

    These are slim leather holders that are compatible with JUUL devices. They are typically slim and sleek. DEEJ’s slim leather holders offer smooth handling during use. They are also easy to apply and remove.

    They firmly grip one’s JUUL Pods and are luxuriously designed with strong original leather.

    Best-Selling Items of JUUL Devices and JUUL Pods in India

    Here are some of the best-selling JUUL in India that you can try out:

    • JUUL Starter Kit
    • JUUL Basic Kit
    • JUUL Pods Multipack
    • JUUL Pods Cucumber
    • JUUL Pods Menthol
    • JUUL Pods Fruits
    • JUUL Pods Virginia Tobacco

    Now that you know where to buy the best JUUL in India, nothing holds you back. So you can visit some of these stores to get back those memorable vaping experiences.


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