Jupiter Vape Pen: The Ideal Vape Pen Complete Review

    Jupiter Vape Pen: The Ideal Vape Pen Complete Review

    Since the introduction of vape pens into the vaping industry, these devices have increased their popularity. Many people believe that vape pens deliver fruity-flavored vapor, a contrast to traditional cigarettes that produce bitter flavor. In addition to fruity-flavored vapors, vape pens can produce nicotine but in the same way as you smoke cigarette.

    Here, we take a look at Jupiter Vape Pen. We provide relevant information you need to know about this product.

    What is Jupiter Vape Pen?

    Jupiter vape pen is a simple and dependable draw activated vaping device. This means you activate your favorite vapor from the cartridge by simply inhaling. Therefore, you can’t accidentally activate the device through accidental pressing of the power button while in the pocket or bag.

    This vape pen suits most of 510 thread cartridges. They come along with the USB cable which you can charge through the port. Jupiter is a trusted company that manufactures quality and trusted vape pens. You can only purchase a quality product from Jupiter which provide easy-to-use functions.

    Stylish and highly dependable

    Jupiter vape pen can provide you with quality hours of vaping experience. Its portability gives you flexibility to vape at home or on the go. You can freely choose from different designs featuring sleek, slim, flat and boxy. Jupiter designs their vape pens in different colors to suit your preference.

    The vape pens have powerful batteries that can run strongly for several hours like the Silo and Jupiter Palm. To recharge, you simply connect the USB charger in the USB port and plug on the main power source. The small-sized design allows you to easily handle the device. It perfectly fits in your purse, backpack or pocket.

    Jupiter Liquid 6 Slim Battery

    Also called the Jupiter L6 battery, Jupiter Liquid 6 battery is slim and very powerful. It looks like a stick but a very quality device. It is the most popular of vape pen battery which can power a line of 510-thread oil cartridges. It features the screwed connection of M7 thread. It suits most cartridges that involve breath actuated power supply.

    Features of Jupiter Liquid 6 Battery

    You activate Jupiter L6 battery by inhaling. Meaning it doesn’t have buttons that which can cause accidental activation while in your pocket, purse or bag. Jupiter batteries have fixed voltage output of about 4V. Increased power output means increased performance of the Jupiter Liquid 6 battery. As a result, you experience a richer vapor that has higher dosages with shorter draws.

    You can use auto activation easily. All you need to do is twist the compatible 510 bas airflow cartridge, then inhale. That simple! Jupiter Research & CCell technologies provides a revolutionized Jupiter liquid 6 battery.

    The VPM has a USB charger to provide you with much needed convenience. Charging the Jupiter vape pen takes approximately 1-2 hours. You can charge the device with a standard USB 2.0. You can freely choose from different colors including white, black and silver.

    CCell M3 Battery

    CCell M3 comes as another highly reliable vape pen batteries produced by Smoore Technology. Smoore Company designs Jupiter and CCell batteries and allows them to brand and sell the products under different names. Therefore, M3 has the same basic battery features like the L6

    You can choose from the six color options and now has a retail packaging. The CCell M3 is guaranteed Authentic CCell brand. It comes in different colors including rose gold, silver, rainbow, gold, white and black. It has a tank volume of 1.0ml and a customizable mouthpiece.

    CCell TH2 Oil Cartridge

    The TH2 Oil Cartridges are Guaranteed Authentic CCell brand. The cartridge use unique premium ceramic atomizer, a glass tank and wood or ceramic mouthpiece of your choice.

    You can screw the mouthpiece on or off and is leak-proof. The TH2 Oil cartridges are available in 0.3ml, 0.5ml and 1ml capacities. The TH2 series provides a luxury user experience and the use of glass ensures better anticorrosion and good flow of oil. Screwed in the mouthpiece using silicon bottom makes it secure from possible leaks.

    CCell cartridges have special engineering to provide you with the most flavor, vapor and biggest cloud. This is for several viscosity and high viscosity without compromising.

    Disposable design guarantees zero maintenance, great leak-proof with high hygiene. It doesn’t need pre-heating.

    CCell M6T Oil Cartridge

    CCell M6T Oil Cartridge is a single use type of oil that features premium ceramic atomizer. It features medical and food-grade material and has earned a lot of popularity with great reputation. This is because of premium quality design while providing competitive price.

    The CCell M6T oil cartridge has a highly customizable mouthpiece with standard 510 thread batteries. Many customers like this oil cartridge because of the special concentrate atomizer with a ceramic heating element, disposable design and the polycarbonate housing. It has a unique engineering that helps in delivering a powerful vapor and largest clouds with no compromise.

    They have disposable design that promises zero maintenance high hygiene standard and leak-proof ability. You can have a pure flavor with powerful potency up to the last drop. The cartridges suits connoisseurs that love luxury experience with carefree life moments. Provides you with a free selection between 0.5ml and 1.0ml capacity and you can easily fill. After you have capped, you cannot remove the mouthpiece.


    Jupiter Palm Battery

    Jupiter Palm battery is a special vape kit designed to use with oil cartridges. The kit includes a Jupiter palm Battery, a micro USB charger and two magnetic cartridges. Also called Jupiter CCell Palm, features a design that accepts several 510 threaded cartridges. It has a discreet design that easily and comfortably fits into your hand’s palm, hence the name.

    This kind of battery is easy to operate as you can easily activate it through drawing vapor. You don’t need to press buttons to fire it up. This ideally helps protect it against accidental activation when in your pockets, bag or purse.

    Before you start using the battery, you need to screw the cartridge on through the provided magnetic adapter. It has a powerful 550mAh battery that can keep you vaping the whole day.

    Installing the cartridge

    Screw the 510 cartridge in a clockwise direction into the magnetic adapter until you hear a snug. Don’t make it so tight. Then slide your cartridge into a power supply so that the magnet snaps in position inhaling on the cartridge mouthpiece activates a power supply. When inhaled, the LED illuminates, indicating activation.

    CCell Silo Battery

    CCell has gone a milestone ahead in a vaporizer technology and introduced newest CCell Silo Battery. You only need to slide in an oil cartridge of your choice just like the CCell TH2. It has 500mAh Lithium-ion battery that powers rich flavors. It is button less therefore, you inhale the vapor to fire it up. The convenient Micro USB cable allows you to easily charge it. The CCell Silo battery consists of an easy loading magnetic connection that allows all vape cartridges. It comes with 2x magnet adaptors.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How can you clean the Jupiter Vape Pen?

    For a vaporizer to perform well, avoid condensation. Always keep the contact pins in the device. Clean and dry the base of the cartridge. To clean it safely, disconnect the cartridge from a power source. Using a damp cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol, wipe the contact points. Allow the contact pins to thoroughly dry before you can start using it again.

    For a long lasting cartridge, avoid dropping it. Never expose the device to moisture and don’t try to make repairs or modifications.

    How can I tell whether the Jupiter vape pen needs recharging?

    The vaporizer won’t activate when the power supply is low. That means you need to recharge the batteries. Charging the Jupiter vape pen is quite simple. Simply insert the USB cable in the port and plug it to a power source.

    When plugged to an active power source, the cartridge indicates a LED light. Once it is fully charged, the light flashes several times and then goes off.

    How can you know when the Jupiter Vape pen cartridge has no liquid?

    When you no longer receive vapor from the cartridge after activation, it means it has no liquid. Because of the headspace, the cartridge can still give out vapor even when the reservoir is empty. There is usually an out of view oil that remains absorbed in the atomizer.


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    Jupiter Vape Pen has an impressive performance and you can make it your favorite accessory. They come at a budget-friendly price and with fast delivery upon placing an order. The lightweight makes the Jupiter vape pen highly portable and convenient on the go.

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