WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Juno Vape: The Full Juno Vape Guide

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Vaping means inhaling of rich vapor using an electronic cigarette commonly known as e-cigarette or any vaping device. E-cigarettes use battery to produce power that converts e-liquid into rich vapor which your body absorbs through your mouth to lungs. Cartridges hold liquids that contain different flavorings, nicotine and chemicals. The inhaling is what we call vaping.

For years now, vaping has become popular with both beginners and frequent vapers. Since the introduction of vaping, around 2003, the use of e-cigarettes have risen so rapidly. We look at Juno Vape in this review. 

What is Juno Vape?

Juno vape is part of Twelve Vapor, a buffalo-based Company. Juno vape is draw activated closed system pod mod that looks almost similar to MyJet and the Von Erl. This starter kit comes with three 1.6ml prefilled pods. It has a 380mAh inbuilt battery power which you can easily charge. Charging is through the micro USB port located at the base of the device.

Juno has a smooth black matte finish minus hard edges seen its competitors like the Phix, Juul or MyJet. Only Juno makes the replacement pods and the elements line comprises of 4 standard flavors. The Signature series provides 12 more options that have the name of the zodiac signs.

Twelve Juno Gallery

The kit of Twelve Juno Gallery contains 1 Juno pod mod, 3 Juno pods, a micro USB cable and a user manual.

Notable Features of Twelve Juno

Twelve Juno has a less flimsy packaging compared to other pod mods. The pods have silicone coverings to compensate for the leaks at the base. It is an all-in-one device, simple to use and can fully satisfy beginners and advanced vapers.

It has a sleek and black chassis which balances a streamlined design. It promotes high visibility based on viewing the reservoir of the pod. The dimensions of Twelve Juno include 109 x 18.5mm x 10mm when fully assembled.

Twelve Juno has an integrated plug and play pod system for your convenience. It has a proprietary double 24K Gold Plated pin connection that lies between the pod and the battery. Each Juno Pod system has a prefilled capacity of 1.6ml. You mate this on voltage-based output of between 1.3 and 1.5 Ohms atomizer resistance range.

The e-liquid in each pod is 36mg of nicotine which gives out a stronger vaping experience compared to competitors. It has a sturdy appearance than the Von Erl. It has a slighter boxier design for easier gripping. The pod system has a slightly beveled mouthpiece, designed specifically to assist with spit back.

It provides a better battery life extension than most pod system in this category. It has a maximum battery rating of 380mAh and a maximum charge rate of 800mAh. LED light indicator on the device provides a feedback regarding the battery charge status. When the battery lies between 100 and 16%, the LED light strikes green and yellow between 15 and 6%. Then appears red when 5% and below

Although in a small form, Twelve Juno package of three extra strengths prefilled pods fits users who need higher nicotine level. The pods click perfectly in place and don’t look very hard to refill.

Performance of Twelve Juno


Juno Vape uses the salt-based nicotine therefore, you feel a throat hit like that of Juul. Although it has a third lower nic level. It has a coil resistance of between 1.3 and 1.5 Ohm.  It has a fairly restrictive draw, quite tighter.

The Twelve Juno produces reasonable vapor, suitable for vapors who look for a stealthy pod system. It has a pretty hard hit on the throat with a little bit cooler temperature than other devices.

In order to have a decent vapor amount from the Twelve Juno, you need to inhale deeper. When you inhale deeper, the e-liquid might up via a chimney and to the mouthpiece. That’s why it suits vapors who don’t need a greater amount of vapor.

The Juno Vape has a total of 6 wraps with an internal diameter that measures 1.5mm. Made of stainless steel, you can jimmy it out from the negative and positive pin sockets. Forcing a new coil into the small slots is quite hard without damaging the metal. Juno makes use of cotton as a wicking material. You can easily re-wick than rebuilding an entire coil.

The Pods

Juno Vape pods come in an element collection of four flavors: fruit, tobacco menthol and desert. It also has a signature selection that features Blue Raspberry, Pretzel Graham, Strawberry Kiwi, Cinnamon Menthol, Cucumber Freeze, Mango, Mint Berry, Grape Apple and more.

Refilling the pods

It is very easy to open the Juno vape pods. They feature the same construction as that of Von Erl. Meaning you follow the same procedure of refilling. They have four small holes located at the pod’s base, at the connection point of the wick and the coil into an internal chimney.

Use a pair of elbow tweezers to gently push a black bottom of the coil from the pod via the four holes. This provides required leverage that helps in pulling the bottom out.

It needs a straightforward refilling process either by a syringe or the unicorn bottle that works fine. After removing the bottom of the pod, fill the pod’s cavity and ensure you don’t go over a rubber housing. If you proceed beyond this point, the chimney might soak a lot of juice.

The salt-based e-liquid of Juno Vape has a lingering taste that softly quenches your taste buds. We recommend refilling the pods with the previous e-juice flavors.

Specifications of Juno Vape

Measures 109 x 18.5 x 10 mm

380mAh battery capacity

800mAh charging

1.6l pod capacity

1.3 to 1.5 Ohm coil resistance

Cotton wicking material

18/36 mg/ml nicotine strengths

16 different flavor pods


Has a robust build quality

Has user-friendly micro USB port

Has salt-based nicotine to give an extra punch you need

You can easily fill the pods

It is a stealthy device


In-house flavor range is quite limited

Hard-to-see battery life indicator

Pods easily leak

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I charge my Juno vape?

If you take a look of the device, you can see a small LED light on the body that indicates charging. It also shows the level of the battery when vaping. When vaping, you can miss seeing this light. It is positioned at the lower of the pod unlike other devices.

The LED light appears 10mm from the Juno base. It appears green when the battery level is between 100 and 16%. When at 15% battery level, the LED light turns yellow and goes red at 5% or less to alert you that it needs charging.

Charging is simple. It comes with a micro USB cable that is compatible with the small USB port on the device. Fit the micro USB cable in the USB port and plug into a power source to start charging the pod.

How do you replace the Juno pods?

Juno Vapes are all disposable which mean you can throw them away after finishing the task. You don’t have to worry about messes around. After buying a new pod for replacement, you simply click it into position and continue vaping. Disposable pods eliminates the need of carrying along bottles that contain e-liquids for refills.

Can you refill Juno Pods?

You don’t necessarily refill or re-use Juno pods, maybe through the DIY techniques. Once used, you have to dispose them off and look for a replacement.

How long does a Juno pod last?

Pre-filled Juno vape pod holds a maximum of 1.6ml nicotine salt e-liquid. Pods usually provides a total of 400 puffs. Based on you vaping behavior and how you deep or shallow you inhale, a single pod can serve you few days. Juno vape pods have transparent window that allows you monitor e-liquid level when needed.

How much nicotine content does Juno pod has?

Juno vape come in different levels of nicotine strengths. This include 48mg, 36mg and 18mg. few limited edition Juno vape flavors feature 50mg. The varying nicotine level contents of Juno vape comes as a personalization option that you can’t find with other devices. This can help vapers cut down on nicotine consumption.

Where can I buy a Juno Vape?

We have several online retail shops that sell Juno vapes and other vaping accessories. All you need to do is look for reviews of best-selling sites of Juno vape pods and make an order. Some of the best-selling shops include UPENDS, vape hut, good guy vapes, Kure vapes and more.


At UPENDS, you can find high performing vaping devices at competitive wholesale prices. Amongst the quality products at UPENDS include Uppen vape pen, Uppor, Uppor Plus, UpOX and more.


Juno Vape provides you with the most easiest and cost-effective way smokers can swiftly transition from cigarettes. The large pod capacity and powerful battery can provide you with all-day vaping.