WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Joyetech eGO-T review and instructions. Features, Specifications, Build, Design, and More

18th Sep 2021 | 77 | upends v

The eGo-T is an electronic cigarette series under the ego division of the Joyetech vape company. This devices is well known for being among the pioneer devices to make it to the public with the introduction of vaping as a smoking alternative.

It features a simple design and packs a punch in vape, making it a favorite among vape users. Even today, many people use the device especially if they want to experience the device that introduced them to vaping.

The eGo-T features a one-button design and is a direct voltage device with an 1100mAh battery. It is still a 510-threaded unit which is connected to a CE4 tank which is usually included in the package. The tank is made of plastic and is built with a tiny fill port to allow easy refills. The tank holding capacity of 2ml can hold in vapor for longer periods making it a good unit. It also uses USB for charging and a single charge can last for close to 1000 puffs.

Features and specifications

  • Refillable tanks, atomizers and clearomizers
  • LED indicator on  the button to show when the device is active
  • Liquid capacity of between 1 and 2 ml for more usage
  • Automatic timer to shut down after longer usage periods
  • Timely press button to activate and deactivate the device
  • Delivers up to 1000 puffs everyday

EGO-T build and design quality

The eGO-T is a very simplistic designed and just like before, it still maintains its structure despite the vaping industry going through a design revolution over time. The unit also works like many vape pens which are in two sections that is the battery and the tank. The battery shaft is built with one button and users have to press it to fire up the device.

The battery has a rubber finish making it comfortable for the user to hold. The power system also uses the same tubular shape just like the earlier versions of the ego vape pen. The bottom is flat and rounded, and there is no LED light that tries to mimic the lighting end of a cigarette.

Perhaps this was the main reason why people liked the ego, it was not trying to be a cigarette like the cigar-a-likes.  The device is unique like the ego and operated in a way never seen before. It is however easy to use and what people are definitely looking for.

The ego battery is designed for users to use their preferred e-juice and this was something not all vape pens were offering. Early vape pens and cig a likes were self-contained, the user could not make any changes on the nicotine flavor or strength of the existing liquid in the tank. This is how eGo revolutionized the industry with their refillable tanks. You can use tanks, atomizers, cartomizers or whatever you wish to use, as long as they have the 510 thread for connection, giving this unit high-end versatility.

The power unit design is brushed metal and has an excellent weight to it--- not too light and not too heavy. The button is fitted with a LED device to show when the device is turned on and when it is in use. When the battery is charging, the switch lights up. It measures 2.9 inches without the tank installed, and 3.4 inches when you insert the tank. The CE4 tank placed on the power unit comes in variations of either 1.1ml or 2ml, depending on where you buy it, either online or from Joyetech.

Battery and charging

The eGO-T has an 1100mAh battery and it may seem to be less efficient compared to devices like the SMOK R80 which are built with a 4000mAh internal battery. Most modern devices have come up with higher power outputs and the eGO-T is mostly average compared to the rest. Only that most of them are variable voltage and have temperature control features.

The eGO-T has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1100mAh, which is mostly the standard capacity for such vape pens. You can enjoy some amazing power outputs for up to eight hours without having to recharge your unit. On a full charge, the battery output can be at 3.7v and you can enjoy some good vape.

The battery however takes some significant time to charge from 0-100 and this could be anywhere between three to five hours.

The CE4 tanks vapor production 

The CE4 and CE5 tanks that are sold with the eGO-T batteries slightly differ from the original atomizer styles which were available in the old-school batteries. Most had the threaded tops of either glass or stainless steel. The newer versions came with unique designs, and they are mostly polycarbonate, durable and also lightweight. 

The tanks is also clear and it has fill lines that let you track your liquid usage. The wicks are made out of silica and you can see them through the vape tank window. All these features are designed to give the vape pen more vapor production abilities. The flavors are smooth and you can feel them at different temperatures.


The coils sold in the eGO-T vape pen come in two variations, one with resistance of 2.6ohms and 2.8 ohms respectively, this is good for mouth-to-lung experience. No modifications are available for the unit, but they are not necessary since they are consistent and perform better.

The power output is sufficient for providing a satisfactory vape, but does not give so much clouds. Therefore do not expect huge clouds of vapor billowing from your mouth anytime you take a puff. 

The battery capacity is also adorable, meaning you can use this device as an all-day vaping kit. The tank can also be filled adequately to allow vaping for a very long time, especially for moderate vape users. Heavy vapers may have to refill their tanks quite often since the juice-capacity gets low. If you prefer a bigger tank capacity, you may need to attach other 510-threaded tanks which carry more juice for longer vaping periods.

The overall handling of the unit is impeccable and amazing. However, first-time users could have to deal with spillage and leaking problems when refilling the tank for the very first time--- due to the smaller fill port. The appropriate way to refill is by using a needle-tipped bottle for refill and add the liquid into the container. Since it is the only way to make use of a smaller fill port.

Pros and cons


  • The device is easy to use
  • The vapor production is amazing and sufficient
  • Lightweight device that is easily portable
  • Flavor production is unmatched
  • The throat hit is great and satisfactory
  • Battery is built to last for longer periods


  • Charging takes longer time to complete

Alternative Vape: UPENDS


The uppen is a magnificent pod system from UPENDS that offers a good alternative for cigarette smoking. The Uppen is built with the Ethcip 2.0 flavor master coil which gives an original vapor and flavor with the first puff.

The coil has been tested and can work with all types of mainstream liquids giving more versatility. The Uppen cap also has an antibacterial protection feature which keeps your liquids safe from oxidation even if you go for longer periods without vaping.                 


The eGO-T vape pen is the newer version of the earlier eGo vape pens that were the original products from Joyetech, released some years back. It is still a smooth functioning unit and there are no special updates on the device.

This unit is therefore a starter unit, which cannot be used for long-time vape users since it does not come with any special features for adjustments.

The battery unit and the CE4 tank are very consistent in vapor production. The unit can last for up to a whole day when being used but even with the smaller capacity, you can add a bigger 510 threaded tank.