WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Is Vaping Vegetable Glycerin Safe?

29th May 2021 | 3 | upends v

Vaping has gained popularity in the recent past, and it is still new to some individuals. Different smokers who have heard of vaping are on the lookout for any information associated with vaping. We are also learning more and more by gathering different information for you on vaping topics.

When vaping, apart from the vaping equipment you are using, you need to fill the vaping equipment with a specific e-liquid that will transform to an inhalable vapor when subjected to heat by the heating element. The inhalable vapor carries the required nicotine that quenches your cravings.

The e-liquid does not contain nicotine alone but just a medium that allows nicotine to travel on it. One of the most popular solutions in an e-liquid is the Vegetable Glycerin, abbreviated as VG. VG is one of the healthiest options for vaping.

In this article, we shall focus on VG and know which percentage of VG is good for vaping.

What is VG?

VG is a colorless or brownish liquid that is sweet-tasting and odorless. It is found naturally on any living organism. It is a substance that is used in different sectors like in the food industry and a sweetener, pharmaceutical industry in drug formulations, in the beauty industry in making skin-care products, and many other sectors.

Is Vaping VG Safe?

VG is mixed in proportions with PG to give you a balanced vaping experience. Studies indicate that VG is safe to vape as it is also used as a food additive in many foods. It also indicates that VG is safe when consumed at ingestion rather than in aerosol form. However, inhaling VG is completely harmless.

study in 2010, looking at the effects of PG and VG solution, indicated that there are risks like immune disorders on children and affects developing respiratory that can lead to disorders like asthma, eczema, and hay fever. These are mostly associated with children, and this is why vaping is not recommended to under-age vapers.

As you start vaping VG e-liquid, it is important to note that the cases of VG-associated allergies are limited as compared to those of PG, making it the best alternative for vaping. In case you are allergic to coconut oil or palm oil, then there is a possibility that vaping VG may be allergic to you but on a rare occasion. Diabetics also report few cases of possible problems in metabolizing VG but when consumed in high amounts.

Vaping an e-liquid with high VG content also is associated with dehydration that is characterized by a sore throat, increased thirst, and even dry mouth. If at all you choose to vape high VF e-liquid, then make sure you drink a lot of water and take vaping breaks to cut on the high VG effects.

After finding VG good for vaping, you need to understand that VG is thicker, which means that it creates a build-up of deposits that can reduce the lifespan of your vape atomizer. The E-liquids with high VG clog up the coils fast and may not work well when used on some other tanks. 

If your atomizer is old, it is more vulnerable to clogging than new ones. If you are also using smaller coils like clearomizers, you need to take care of vaping high-VG e-liquid to make sure you don't compromise on the vaping quality.  

If you have a problem with vaping VG, then let's continue reading:

Which Device is Best for Vaping High-VG E-Liquid?

If you decide to use an e-liquid with high VG levels, then you must be careful about the kind of vaping equipment you need to use. As stated earlier, VG is thick in nature and may easily clog your vape equipment. Here are some of the equipment that you can consider or avoid;

Sub-Ohm Tanks

There are some tanks that operate at high voltages. The tanks like SMOK TFV Series come with a unique coil with high resistance rating than standard clearomizers, thus designed to deal with high VG juice.

The Sub-ohm tanks make use of high battery strength and take up the e-liquid more fast, giving you the vape you want. They are less clogged with the high VG juice and thus recommended for vaping.


The rebuildables are the vaping equipment that you can build on your own, including coils that offer you the flexibility of vaping any VG level on your e-liquid. As you build your Rebuildable vape device, make sure you do the cotton wicking properly to make sure you get the best vape experience. 


These are the common style of tanks for vaping. They come with resistors that operate with power below 15 watts. These coils cannot cope up with vaping high VG e-liquid, and if you use them, you might experience a poor quality vape with an unpleasant dry or burnt hit.

If you own a Clearomizer, then you need to use it with a 50/50 VG: PG ratio e-liquid.

What is the Best VG/PG Ratio to Vape?

Apart from the VG, there is another key ingredient in most vape e-liquids which is the PG (propylene glycol), which is commonly used in proportions with VG, in toothpaste, on pet food, on beauty products, and nicotine inhalers.

Any e-liquid that you prefer for vaping has a different PG: VG ratio that gives you a different vaping experience.

Different VG and PG levels in an e-liquid you vape determine the experience you are going to get. Here are some of the scenarios on different vaping experiences on different PG and VG levels:

Throat Hit Experience: you will prefer to vape using a high PG vape if you enjoy a harsh throat hit. When the PG is high, you get a strong throat hit and an intense flavor, whereas the high VG vape e-liquid gives you more vapor.

If what you want is to have a smooth throat hit, then you need to vape using an e-liquid with high VG content. The high VG e-liquid allows you to vape at high power for you to get high vapor. As you vape at high power, you need to make sure that you remain within the recommended limits to avoid damaging the vaping equipment and to balance your vape.

Cloud Chasing: this is a unique vaping technique that involves inhaling a huge cloud of vapor and exhaling a dense cloud. Cloud chasing can be a game whereby the vaper who exhales a large cloud of vapor becomes the winner. If you intend to use your vape e-liquid for cloud chasing, then you need to go for an e-liquid with high VG content.


Is VG the only chemical in E-liquids?

Not really. As mentioned earlier, e-liquids come with proportions of PG and VG. Apart from the two chemicals, a standard e-liquid also comes with other additional chemicals that include flavorings, Nicotine, and colorings. These chemicals are mixed in proportions to make sure you get a high-quality vaping experience.

Is VG Safe to Vape?

As indicated earlier, VG is considered a safe chemical for drinking, eating, and even applying on your skin. However, some indicate that excessive inhaling VG may not be good for your lungs.


The science of VG and other chemicals on e-liquids is easy and important to understand. An e-liquid with high VG content is good for cloud chasing but requires special vape equipment to make sure you get the best experience. Apart from the VG content, you need to go for an e-liquid with other chemicals balanced for a balanced vape experience.