WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

IQOS Heatsticks Review and Instructions. A Complete Guide About the IQOS Heatsticks

18th Sep 2021 | 1324 | upends v

When the IQOS was introduced to help people quit cigarette, PIM aimed at giving a product that does not produce any kind of smoke or vapor. With the IQOS device in use, they had to come up with a way that would make it easy for vape users to inhale tobacco through heating only, and zero burns or smokes. Only a flavorful puff that can easily satisfy the craving for nicotine and tobacco. This is how the Heatsticks came into place. 

The Heatsticks are made up of only ground tobacco and a mix of propylene glycol, which have a very good way of producing the steam that you need to inhale. There are so many things involved in a heatstick, and they are mostly different and vary from country to country where Heatsticks are sold. Most of these are mostly flavorings and chemicals used in the production. 

Build of the IQOS Heatsticks

The Heatsticks are the tobacco elements that you are supposed to put in the hinder device for you to inhale. They come in small sizes so that they can firmly sit on the blade for easy burning. When you buy a pack of Heatsticks, they can be either in 30s or 40s.

What you have to do is ensure after a smoking sessions, replace the heatstick even if it is not fully vaped on. And also if you have already been through 20 cycles of heets, then you need to clean your holder device before to get rid of the residue that is left in the chamber. 

The Heatsticks have a filter tip design which works similarly as the filter available in the cigarette. But there are a few difference. The heets do not give any kind of smell or discoloration. The heets are small in size and are meant to last for only six minutes, which is the average time it would take a combustible cigarette to burn.

Averagely, you get only fourteen puffs from this device before you need to replace them. When a hit is almost getting depleted, the device will signal by vibrating and you need to insert a new one. 

IQOS heatstick flavors

There are different flavor types of the Marlboro Heatsticks and since they started as 4 regular, 3 menthol and 5 mints, we now have twelve flavors that users can choose from. They are classified according to their richness, fragrance, strength and how strong the menthol is.


The regular flavor has been available ever since the IQOS were released into the market. Before the newer version known as rich regular was introduced, it was the go to flavor for users who wanted to experience a stronger and more robust vape taste. Comparing the regular to the rich flavor there is an after taste that can be felt, and it has more of a tar profile. The flavor generally feels good for unification.

Balanced regular

Besides the regular flavor, this is the second flavor that has been in the market since IQOS made it into the smoking and vape industry. It is more of a smooth and lighter version of regular since it has a light taste to it and is more subtle compared to its counterpart. This device therefore serves well people who are used to smoking less strong cigarettes and want to chain smoke.

Smooth regular

When you first open the package, you will feel a tree like scent which resembles that of the Marlboro cigarettes. It is an impressive flavor which is less tight than the regular and it is more smooth and satisfying. The odor on this unit is more reduced and it will highly favor people who do not like the odor from cigarettes. You will only feel the light tobacco smell of a new cigarette but not much when you inhale.

Rich regular

This is perhaps the strongest version of the regular and with an added crispy taste that has extreme sweetness. You can clearly feel the taste of the tobacco which gives an impressive taste like the one on tobacco cigarettes. The strength is slightly above the regular Heatsticks and with a deep and strong taste. The hits are smooth and very delicious since they have an extra smell factor.

Simple exhilaration

This is a menthol-based flavor of the Heatsticks and is very regular since the introduction of Heatsticks. The menthol strength you will feel when using this device stays the same across all menthol flavors. It has a refreshing feel to it but not as stronger as the rich in menthol products. This is definitely recommended for people who like a lighter menthol taste without any flavors.

Refreshing Mint

If you like flavors that are slightly menthol and sweet, this is the right selection. Ever since IQOS was put up in the market, this device has been growing side by side in terms of popularity. Although it does not refresh like the menthol, the scent is moderate and very gentle with sweet sensations.

Stimulating straight menthol (Black Menthol)

This is by far the strongest variation of the menthol flavor. The flavor is fearless and with a packed menthol taste. It has a line of stimulation which is satisfactory and lowers the sweetness to greater levels. Strength stimulation is the main point this flavor exists. 

Purple menthol

This is a mix of berry and menthol. When you open the flavor package, you get a smooth and classy scent which feels like refreshing wine. The refreshing sensation is a combination of menthol and grape which gives a strong taste just like the tobacco. It is a good flavor which has so much perfection just like the original menthol flavor.

How to use the Heatsticks

The Heatsticks are the reason why people enjoy the IQOS. It is like the main ingredient behinds the device’s performance. To use this unit, you have to pop open the covering lid on the holder which is rounded. Insert one heatstick in the area which has the blade.

The blade is responsible for ensuring that the stick is heated to give the flavors. Proceed to click the holder to turn it on. It will indicate a color code to show that it is preparing to fire up. When switched on, it will stay active for six minutes and at this time you need to take up to 14 puffs before it goes off.


It automatically shuts off once the six minutes have elapsed and also runs out of flavor. You then have to repeat the same process when replacing the Heatsticks. 

Pros and cons of the Heatsticks


  • They are good for people who do not like odor from smoke
  • They produce a smokeless vapor which cannot raise alarm
  • They are easily portable and you can carry them anywhere you want to go
  • They are suitable for people who are looking forward to quit smoking cigarettes
  • They can deliver more puffs when your device is adequately charged


  • The flavor production on these heets are inconsistent
  • They do not fully burn and you will find the heatstick stub in the same size you placed it in
  • There are no flavor variations since they all have to be tobacco based
  • After sometime there will be some deterioration
  • The process of replacing a heatstick is cumbersome and can damage your unit
  • If you turn off the holder before five minutes are over, you will need to insert a new heatstick



The Upcott uses an inventive and simplistic structure that makes the unit much cheaper than the others. It favors versatile vaping at a price that works best for other people.

The unit cokes with a 4.5ml tank which is also three times the regular pod size. It saves you up to 50%, accommodating everyone who wants to get into vaping as a beginner. It is a recommended device.


The heatstick are very effective for people who are looking for a way to cut out smoking without having to inhale smoke from vaping. The heated tobacco delivers the same kind of high without affecting your lungs or throat. These heets are strong and last for the same amount a cigarette would. If you do not like heavy smoking, you also have the option for lighter flavors.