IQOS 3, IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3 Multi, IQOS 2.4 review and instructions

    IQOS 3, IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3 Multi, IQOS 2.4 review and instructions

    The IQOS is a tobacco product that gives flavor by heating the tobacco and not burning it. It is a small electric operated kit that heats up cylindrical tobacco pods which resemble a cigarette that has been cut in half. One reason why this device has come as a new wave is because it has a heat control system which maintains the temperatures at a certain point to avoid combustion or production of smoke.

    Users of this unit will not inhale smoke, you get a smooth flavor, free from tar and the carbon monoxide. The PMI Company describes their product as a steam like machines. In simple terms, an IQOS is a mix of vaping and smoking only that there are no fumes being produced.

    The only factor that creates a bigger difference between an IQOS and the rest is that with this, you are actually inhaling tobacco in the form of steam. This is the best way to smoke without so much craving and smells.                                  

    To smoke an IQOS HEET, you need to have an IQOS device. They exist in different versions and we will look at a few of them in this article. Here are some of the names you will be seeing as we proceed

    • IQOS 3
    • IQOS 3 Duo
    • IQOS 3 multi
    • IQOS 2.4               

    IQOS 3

    The IQOS were the third series of the IQOS to be released into the market. They were the 3.0 and the multi. The IQOS 3 is a well-crafted metallic colored unit which has come off as an impressive device overall. The IQOS 3 was added to succeed and make improvements on the IQOS 2.4 which has the 3 label but available in four distinct colors which are very attractive.

    The 3 still borrow the concept of a standalone HEET holder which needs to be placed into the charger on the side. Once you insert it, it is held into position by a magnet so you do not have to twist or turn.

    The recently released IQOS does not bear any compatibility to the accessories from the previous versions. Everything looks different even the newer USB connector. There is also an improvement of the charging time which has an increase life cycle. You can still charge from your holder even as you use it. There is no changes in the single button operation since there is no Bluetooth compatible app to use. 

    You can buy the IQOS 3 in four standard colors, in blue, black, white and gold and you can remove the caps and the chargers covers if you want to mix the color variations. 

     IQOS 3 Duo

    The IQOS Duo can be referred to as a hybrid device formed by combining all the features from the earlier versions of the IQOS, from the IQOS 2.4, 3, and multi. It can easily accommodate two HEETS and still works with the same charging system.

    Once you have charged your Duo unit, you have the option to burn up two HEETS but it is not compulsory. The battery will have two light indicators to show that there are two HEETS inside. 

    The IQOS 3 Duo is available in all the signature colors of the IQOS, but it also has an extra copper color which many people will find very convenient. It has been available in the replaceable covers and this unit is selling higher just like the gold version. The IQOS Duo has a shortened charging time but still holds in so much power within. If you want to smoke through the day, this is the device for you.

    When using this device, you will realize that it has an even heat distribution feature which supplies more heat. It brings a good experience which makes this device a one of a kind. To enjoy this device better, you need to get used to having it. The newer features seem to give this unit a full experience which barely makes people pass on it.

    IQOS 3 multi

    The IQOS 3 multi is a very impressive and innovative device that brings along its accessibility features. It does not come with the old school pocket charging device and it is more of an all-in-one device. The packaging of the IQOS 3 multi is still the same, with the box still being one.

    The only difference is when you open the box and realize that everything inside is different. Using the device does not need you to open or close anything, there is only a small opening where you should push down your HEETS from. 

    The device materials do not look cheap either, it goes beyond the usual plastic frame and has more of an aluminum look. The whole unit is perfectly sized to be enough to put in a man’s jacket or backpack pocket. It might be somewhat long but you should not worry about it breaking while it is there.

    The two parts are removable and you can see the one button from its light feature. The top part has a magnet which is built to move freely. You might find it hard to use in the beginning but after a while you find it quite constructive.

    To use the device, you need to open the latch and push in the HEET, press until you feel a vibration. When it vibrates again, it shows that you have heated for 15 seconds and when it vibrates again in the fifth minutes, you need to put in another HEET.

    IQOS 2.4

    This is the first device that ever hit the streets from Philip Morrison International. It is an innovative unit that aimed at bringing a new wave in the vaping industry. To start using the device, you need to charge it for nearly three hours for the pocket charger to be fully charged. After it is done, place your holder in the charger for nearly four minutes then take out the holder. Put in a HEET then hold the power button for a few seconds to let it get heated. 

    When you take the first puff, you will feel a warm like steam hitting your mouth. The initial hit might give you a little cough but there is no burning going on. It heats the tobacco and glycerin at higher temperatures of about 660°F which releases a nicotine filled steam. Once you exhale, you will not see any smoke or odor. 

    Most of the flavors to use with the IQOS 2.4 are menthol-based and you will find that they cover up for the bad smell you might experience. Though it has a mild burn smell, you can still feel it for some time. Generally this device feels somehow good to use compared to vaping and smoking                                  



    The UpOx pod system uses a precise etchip coil which has an improved heating area. The mesh coil resistance is good for giving you a flavorful puff from the first time you use the device.

    The device is compatible with mainstream liquids from the other brands. This device is recommended for people who like getting quality at affordable prices   


    The IQOS devices have proven their worth and are definitely a good investment. You can buy a full 10 pack of HEETS and they can last you for up to four weeks if you are vaping moderately. If you really want to get rid of combustible tobacco consumption means, you can trust the IQOS to serve you better.

    It has a smooth hit that produces no smoke or odor. This means that it beats the vape pens and cigarettes or bongs. We would like to believe that there are better devices of the same variation will hit the market. You will feel so much relaxation with this device.


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