Innokin ITC Review: Features, Performance, How it Functions and Alternative Device

    Innokin ITC Review: Features, Performance, How it Functions and Alternative Device

    What is Innokin ITC?

    Innokin is a largest and most popular designer and manufacturer of very handy vaporizers in the world. Amongst the quality MODs they’ve manufactured include the Innokin MVP Pro, Innokin Cool Fire, etc. The Innokin iTC comes in as their latest innovation of a quality MOD in the market today.

    This is the first ever Temperature Control vaporizer that uses all the wire types.

    This device features the Temperature Control Technology. This promises you premium flavors as you would like to vape and enjoy. Every flavor comes with its own unique temperature. And with the temperature control, you experience a better and safer vapor. You no longer have to experience a burned wick when you exhaust your favorite e-liquid. The Temperature Technology also takes away the issue of a dry hit.

    This technology comes as the first ever to provide real and very precise vaping temperature control. Therefore it eliminates burning as well as dry hits thereby maximizing the battery efficiency.

    Once you adjust the temperature, the device automatically adjusts and retains accurate temperature perfectly. The ITC can open the gates to greater wattages to remove dry burning hit to increase its efficiency and longevity.

    Content of Innokin ITC

    Disrupter MOD

    1x InnoCell Battery

    Micro USB Cable

    User manual


    Features of Innokin ITC

    Prefilled cartridges with a threading connection

    Revolutionary Vaporizer Temperature Control by Innokin Technology

    Accurate Innokin Temperature Control to 5C

    Innovative new technology uses all standard wires – Kanthal, Titanium, Nichrome, Nickel and Titanium

    On and off power button to fire the up the vaporizer

    LED screen display that shows temperature

    UltraFast 0.2 seconds from click to vapor

    VDC output with ClearWave noise cancellation

    Precise Coil Resistance reading

    Ultra-low standby power consumption

    Uniform Coil heating eliminates hotspots

    High quality stainless steel 510 threading

    Design of the Innokin ITC

    From the appearance of the Innokin ITC, you can clearly see that it is a sturdy and portable device. It is compact and very strong in design which can withstand few drops. The size can easily fit your hand and you can as well carry along wherever you go.

    It doesn’t look very fancy but quite bold, something men can appreciate.

    This MOD has the capabilities of measuring temperature with a 5C margin error. It can function in kanthal, titanium, nichrome, nickel and titanium TC mode including all standard resistance wires.

    For perfect functioning of the temperature control, you must use it with the iSub TC tank. Different forums state that the Innokin ITC uses a different sensor on the iSub TC tank to measure the temperature.

    This device guarantees total accuracy without possible guessing, caps or cuts. Once you set the temperature, the e-cigarette sets and maintains the temperature accurately and perfectly.

    It has a fine grip finish with curved edges and the overall design looks like a tank. It has dreamy buttons located on one side of the MOD. The well positioned buttons are handy and quite responsive. They feel comfortable to touch without a rattling sound.

    Compared to other Innokin products, the ITC has an improved overall build quality. The threading is quite durable.

    When you buy the Innokin ITC, you receive a USB charging cable, an adaptor, Innokin stickers, an instruction leaflet and a battery disposal guide.

    Ease of Use

    Using the Innokin ITC MOD is quite easy and very liberating too. This is because it doesn’t have very many complicated features. It has just three well-positioned buttons that provides you with ease navigation. You can use various navigation shortcuts for easy operation.

    Although it has a small OLED screen display, it is very clear and shows the figures brightly. It flips in response to how you scroll through the menu. You have clear sight on every vapor you inhale.

    How to use the Innokin ITC

    In order to use this MOD, you have to first unpack it from the casing. Usually, it comes with a battery in a separate casing. It also has a battery checker attached to the main casing. It helps you check the battery power before you can insert it in the device.

     You can simply activate the Innokin ITC MOD by simply pressing the on and off power button. You need to press the power button three times. The mod provides ways to adjust the voltage by 1V increments and change the wattage by 5W increments.

    Increasing the wattage to a higher level sounds beneficial especially if you are not familiar with settings. Nonetheless, sub ohm vaper enthusiasts can find the ITC so amazing.

    The power button allows you to switch off the device when not in use to save power. If you don’t use the device for more than five minutes, it automatically goes off. This preserves the battery for the next use.

    Battery Life

    When the device runs out of power, the USB charging cable allows you to recharge the battery again. The device provides a straightforward charging process. The three lead stops blinking when the battery is fully charged, displaying constant three green lights.

    The charge time doesn’t take a lot of time and lasts longer to provide you a quality vapor.

    Delivery of Innokin ITC

    The Innokin ITC has a very unique vapor draw with a different experience from other devices. It utilizes the real temperature control method which uses, not only Nickel, but other but other types of wires.

    Only one company has claimed the adoption of temperature control which was the Smok XPro M80 Plus mod. But this didn’t really work perfectly.

    It has a top-notch tank optimized to function perfectly with the MOD. It provides a smooth draw with a reliable vapor production because of a powerful power output.

    The perfectly designed tank allows easy assembly and you won’t experience any form of leakages or spills. This device doesn’t produce any dry hits or burn at all and with slower draw and timely hits provides perfect vapor.

    It comes with a powerful battery that last your vaping experience the whole day without recharging. The good thing is in case the battery dies, you have can vape while charging because of the location of the charging port. The charging port is perfectly positioned on the sides.

    It has a quality vapor production with a firing of as low as 0.2 ohms. With sub ohm tanks, you can expect a quality and great vapor production with this device. Thus, it is an ideal MOD that can help you quit the analog cigarette smoking.

    Pros and cons of Innokin ITC


    It has an excellent design, making it quite portable

    The device provides a quality and quantity draw

    Has a perfectly designed and comfortable mouthpiece

    The mod doesn’t heat up easily even with prolonged vaping

    Measures temperature with 5C margin of error

    Operates in kanthal, titanium, nickel and kanthal


    The appearance doesn’t look pleasing to some vapers


    How do you charge Innokin ITC?

    The charging process is quite simple. The ITC comes with a USB charging cable which you fit in the USB port provision. The lead indicator stops blinking when the battery is fully charged. The charge can take you the whole day.

    How does the Innokin ITC work?

    This device uses the temperature control technology to deliver a controlled vaping experience. The innovative latest technology uses all standard coil wires like kanthal, nichrome, titanium and nickel. You can set and maintain a perfect temperature for your desired vape.

    How do I turn on/off the Innokin ITC?

    Switching on and off the device is quite easy. It has a single power on and off button. To switch it on, you push the button thrice and once to turn it off.

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    It is an ideal size pod system that can comfortably fit into your palm. It features an ergonomic grip and feel. The Uppor provides a hygienic rich vaping experience through an antibacterial mouthpiece. It inhibits bacteria growth for an extra enhanced hygiene.

    The pod provides a reliable magnetic connection. Both the pod and the battery snap together safely and securely. This cancels any form of physical fasteners.


    The Innokin Company has took the temperature technology innovation to another level with the ITC. This has shown a lot of dedication to ensure you enjoy quality vape you can comfortably regularize.

    You can receive quality and rich vapor without dry hit or burn with the Innokin ITC MOD. It can measure temperature with 5C margin of error.

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