WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Innokin Goby Review: Features, Design, Functions and Alternative Vape

19th Aug 2021 | 87 | upends v

What is Innokin Goby?

Vaporizer platform offers the cleanest alternative to a traditional way of cigarette smoking. Instead of exposing yourself to harmful residues, a vape device can deliver a satisfying draw without combustion.

Innokin Goby is a lightweight starter kit that has sharp retro styling. You can buy this starter kit at an affordable price. Just like most of the Innokin products, the Innokin Goby focuses beginning vapers. The product is marketed in the United States as Goby and as JEM everywhere else. In this review, we shall just term as Goby.

The Goby has a detachable tank and replaceable coils. The shape, size and weight of this product makes it look like the AIO and not a regular-sized kit.

It is stylish, compact and easy to use e-cig kit hence suitable for starters.

Contents of Innokin Goby

Goby battery

Goby coil

Goby tank

Micro USB charging cable

A start guide

Features of the Innokin Goby Starter Kit

Black, Red, Blue, Purple and grey colors

Mouth-to-lung flavor delivery

1000 mAh internal rechargeable battery

5-level wattage adjustment – 10, 11, 12, 13 & 13.5W

Convenient top-fill

1.6 ohm coil

2ml tank – TPD compliant

Adjustable airflow control

When you look at the Innokin Goby starter kit, it feels very light and very stylish. The device weighs 60 grams only when filled to the brim which is quite lighter than larger tanks on the market. It has well-placed buttons just like the Joytech eGo AIO and the Eleaf iStick series.

The Innokin Goby tank uses the Goby 1.6 ohm atomizer heads as replacements. The coil rates at 10 – 13.5 watts. It comprises of 2.0ml of liquid capacity. The package also includes and additional coil as well as an extra glass tank. This isn’t come with similar products on the market.

The tank is ideal for Mouth-to-Lung vape enthusiasts and is very easy to fill from the top. It has large and practical filling ports. However, it lacks the practical mini USB port placement at the base of the battery. Nonetheless, because the device appears long and thin in structure, it makes a lot of sense charging the device on the side. A USB port located at the base of the device can sometimes cause a lot of issues.

With just three clicks on the power button, you turn the device on or off. The two extra buttons helps in scrolling between five power presets of 10, 11, 12, 13 and 13.5 watts. If you press the power button with device already on transfers the power to a coil and at the same time highlights the power preset together with the battery indicator LED.

Battery Life and Charging

With a battery capacity of 1000mAh, this device can provide vaping for a full day before a next charge. The battery power might sound low but because of low power needed for the coil, it can take you through an entire day of vaping.

With a power set of 13 watts, you can manage vape two full tanks before the next charge. If you set it between 10 and 12 watts, you can have a better battery life. However, the battery looks quite small for most of atomizers on the market. The 510 connection works well with mods of the same connection.

To charge the Innokin Goby starter kit, simply insert the micro USB charging cable in the charging port. The convenient USB charging port appears on the side of the device. A green light shows a fully charged battery. Yellow light indicates 50 percent of battery power left while the red light shows you need to recharge the battery soon.

Performance of Innokin Goby Starter Kit

You can wrongly judge the Goby device based on its size. But, this starter kit can provide an amazing satisfying vape. Even though you may not right something about its vapor production, but the tiny tank of the Goby starter kit is surprisingly great. The 15 mm tank produces a cleaner flavor compared to some mods with bigger tank capacity. The coils can produce great performance without struggling.

The Innokin Goby features a total of three 1mm airflow openings on both sides of the tank. A one hole opening can give a satisfying MTL vape that is not very tight. If you wish to emulate a traditional cigarette, you can make further restriction, thanks to the adjustable airflow. If you adjust for full airflow, you still receive mouth-to-lung vape but with airier variety. Although you can possibly receive a direct-to-lung vape, it is better if you look for dedicated devices out there.

Although the Goby starter kit has different settings in terms of airflow, a single hole airflow works perfectly. The various settings can give slight vapor draw, the 13 watt is still perfect choice altogether. Chain-vaping with higher power setting on the battery can warm up the tank slightly better but not extra-ordinary.

The top-fill of the Goby starter kit is very easily and quite convenient as it doesn’t show any leaks after refilling. It doesn’t provide dry hits with the 70 VG e-liquid. However, something like 50/50 is ideal for a device of this caliber. The Goby coil tend to last longer providing consistent quality flavor.

Pros and Cons of Innokin Goby Starter Kit


Small in design and lightweight hence portable

Has a classy overall appearance

Easy to use

Comes handy with and additional glass

Provides five different useful adjustable wattage levels

Has durable coil life

The coils provides quality flavor with very little break-in needed

Fully adjustable airflow

Good battery life for the device

Easy and convenient top-fill


Gets a little hot with chain-vaping at 13 watts and more

Just a single coil option provided

The mod has no standalone value

Innokin Goby Vs Joytech eGo AIO Starter Kit

The eGo AIO is an all-in-one device with a wonderful anti-leaking design and 2ml e-juice tank capacity. It is designed with a childproof systems of a pressure twist cap as well as five-click power button. Just like the Innokin Goby, it is simple and very convenient to use. It comes in 5 distinct colors just like the Goby starter kit.

The eGo AIO has a better battery life of 1500mAh, a difference of 500 better than the Goby. The two starter kits also share the same tank capacities of 2ml. Goby looks smaller and lighter in weight than the eGo AIO and produce a better satisfying vaping experience.

FAQ about Innokin Goby

Which is a suitable e-liquid to use with the Innokin Goby starter kit?

The Goby is a compact mouth-to-lung vape device which is compatible with PG-based e-liquids. The PG-based e-liquids gives a throat hit with quality performance with the high nic-strength. MTL tanks utilizes thinner e-liquids with 50% or higher PG. this ensures a pleasant and satisfying throat hit with an enjoyable flavor.

What should I do when the Innokin Goby starter kit starts leaking?

A leaking Goby device can be because of a wrong assembly procedure. Take the device apart and start assembling once again carefully. Anything loose during the assembly can cause leakages. This can be because of the coil not well-screwed, the tank part not well positioned and maybe a loose O-ring.

How do you replace the Innokin Goby coil?

Release the tank off the battery and hold the top and base firmly, then unscrew. This removes the glass and top section of the pod. Remove the old coil and replace with a new one. Put few drops of favorite e-liquid inside the coil and reassemble the entire parts. Refill the tank and allow it to settle for 5 minutes. Then start enjoying with a lower power as you increase along the way.

Alternative Vape: UPENDS



The UpOX comes as the new arrival from UPENDS offered in four distinct colors. It is a good alternative super-value mini pod system for the Innokin Goby starter kit. It has an outstanding performance that outshines most of the pod systems on the market. The UpOX pod system has an attractive minimalist design that provides ease of use with durable features. It is an ideal vape pen for vapor enthusiasts trying to switch from traditional daily tobacco intake.

The cotton used in the UpOX coil has a great balance of liquid absorption and fiber density. The Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil provides compatibility with most mainstream e-liquids in the world.


The Innokin Goby is an almost perfect vape device for beginners transiting from traditional tobacco intake. You can get this starter kit at an affordable price and enjoy a great throat hit. The battery power suits its size and the device design offers ease of use with beginners.